“Pocket Drone Sale”

While Wizard have magicked up a strong shell to protect the motor from damage, you should still err on the side of caution when initially learning to fly. Reviewers commend its ability to take a knock, which should make it a great racing drone as well as one for viewing some quality aerial footage through … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Sale””

By Milton Sanford on April 22, 2018 • Dutch

“Pocket Drone Jy018 Review”

If you’re curious about the latter, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a drone manned by your phone. It doesn’t use your phone as a controller, mind you, but rather sends your actual phone skyward, using its guts for aerial glory. This quadcopter  hasn’t been designed for lengthy expeditions, instead, it is a perfect solution … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Jy018 Review””

By Tabitha Murphy on April 21, 2018 • Malay

“Beste video-drone voor minder dan 200”

The 2 MP Camera on the drone streams superb quality real time video on your phone and snaps wow pictures. It comes with an astonishing feature of adjusting high or low flying speed which is apt for the beginners. You can easily teach your kid to make 3D flips, 360 degree version, and much more … Continue reading ““Beste video-drone voor minder dan 200””

By Milton Sanford on April 21, 2018 • Dutch

“Pocket Drone Jy018”

Pricier selfie drones are equipped with GPS which brings a whole bunch of additional features you can play around with. Follow Me, Orbit, Cable Cam and so on… each of these features could give you a lot of room to work with.  Experiment with them and I’m sure you’ll find the optimal method for shooting … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Jy018””

By Ola Dickson on April 21, 2018 • Romanian

“포켓 드론 말레이시아”

66 안진영 / 항공우주산업기술동향 13/1 (2015) pp. 51~67 조 항 항공법 자체중량 12kg  이상 무인비행장치 자체중량 12kg  이하 무인비행장치 신고 및 변경 신고 §23  제1항 §23 의 2 O X주 1 비행제한공역 비행승인 §23  제2항 O주2 X주1 조종자 증명 §23  제3항 O주3 X 안전성 인증 §23  제4항 O주4 X 영리목적 사용 §23  제5항 O O 사고보고 §23  제7항 O O 조종자 준수사항 §23  제8항 O O 항행위험 초래행위 §85 O O … Continue reading ““포켓 드론 말레이시아””

By Darryl Hines on April 21, 2018 • Korean

“кишеньковий Drone Banggod”

Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg’s conversion rates. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter This is my first quadracopter so I didn’t know what to expect. So far, I’m very pleased. … Continue reading ““кишеньковий Drone Banggod””

By Sallie Kane on April 21, 2018 • Ukrainian

“Pocket Drone 124 Cena”

Nasa’s new UAS (unmanned aircraft system) traffic management operation is intended to enable safe low-altitude drone flights within the next four years. At the moment, there is little to stop operators flying wherever they want. The agency would like technology that will automatically “geo-fence” drones to keep them away from sensitive areas like the White … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Cena””

By Francis Mason on April 21, 2018 • English

“सेफ़ी ड्रोन एस 7 की समीक्षा”

इसमें विडियो रिकॉर्ड करने के लिए 13 एमपी का लेंस भी जिससे वाइड एंगल शॉट भी लिए जा सकते है। यह 4 मिनट तक उड़कर आपकी फोटो खींच सकता है। इसकी कीमत 130 डॉलर यानि 8,287 रुपए है और उम्मीद की जा रही है कि यह 2018 की पहली तिमाही में बिक्री के लिए अमेजॉन … Continue reading ““सेफ़ी ड्रोन एस 7 की समीक्षा””

By Harry Howard on April 21, 2018 • Hindi