Control BB-8 with your smartphone, roll along the ground and enjoy some fun sound effects, augmented reality stories and more. Check out our initial thoughts on this toy over on Android Authority. I might add that Edgar, who wrote the post, got his hands on this droid at CES 2016. We’re serious fans around here.

Once the courier company confirms that the case is valid, they will compensate, and we will pass on this compensation to you. The compensation varies from case to case and is different for each delivery company. In some cases you will need to pay to post the broken item back to in order for us to send out a new piece.

In terms of performance, the Spark is nothing short of spectacular, at least in the price/performance ratio. You see, with roughly 15 minutes of flight time and up to 2 kilometers of operating range (only when you’re controlling the Spark with the dedicated controller. List of drones with best flight range is here), It’s quite clear the folks over at DJI exceeded everyone’s expectations.

This is for the drone only with all electronics installed so you can be back up and running in no time. The OFDM module is already wired installed along with the camera vibration board and bumpers installed we include in the accessory kit the gimbal locks extra bumpers, landing gear pads and a prop tool.

Glad that there is this store in San Anselmo.  Ian, the owner is a great guy and takes the hobby scene very seriously.  He has a good selection and can order just about anything for you.  He has special ordered a few things for me and the prices are just like the internet and I am supporting a local brick and mortar store!!!!  Nice to be able to walk into a mom and pop hobby store and feel welcomed.

HEADLESS MODE: When enters into headless mode, you do not need to worry about the direction. When you need to recycle a UAV using the key return function, you can easily control the four-axis aircraft and easily recycle the UAV by simply touching the application interface button.

What can I say? am I a sucker? hmmmm you be the judge.. I was about the head out to Aruba on a cruise, thought it would be cool to some sky footage of the mountains.. or at least a few selfie pics…. So lets start with the arrival of my drone….

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned usability as one of the necessary features of selfie drones. And the Yuneec Breeze delivers on that promise. If you’re not an experienced flier, you can just tap a button on the app, and the Breeze will come back to where it took off from and land automatically. No stressing about crash-landing the quadcopter.

In terms of specifications, you can expect roughly 15 to 20 minutes of active flying and approximately 800 meters of operating range. Unfortunately, it does not come with a camera but possesses a GoPro mount (you can even buy a 3-axis GoPro gimbal separately) which will surely satisfy your aerial photography needs. So, with all that being said, at such a low price point, I consider 3DR Solo a proper steal!

Our subcontractors are well-known companies, and are quite experienced in the mini drone tech field, making our work plans and budget expectations well-planned in order to accurately estimate the development process through to shipping.

Through your building experience, you will have help from our experts with the easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly guide. You can also watch our Official Video Build Diary on Youtube or take a look also at our exclusive Sky Rider Drone Forum and discuss with fellow modelers. Even as a model-making novice, you can build this unique quadcopter model together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go. 

Controlled by App, available for both android and ios phones. using the gyro sensors allows you to fly the drone by tilting your phone, or you can use the on-screen joysticks. No memory card slot available on this model, Videos and pictures you capture are stored directly on your phone’s memory.

Finally, I should also mention Karma Grip, a nice little addition which will transform your aerial photography platform into a handheld or body-mounted one. It keeps the same image stabilization capability but adds an extra capturing method which is a great solution for outdoor activities.

Most selfie drones are controlled using an APP you install on your smartphone or tablet, with programmed flight modes. Like “selfie mode” to make taking pictures and videos easy for anyone. Great for newbie pilots who want to focus on getting that perfect selfie “DRONIE” rather than worry about positioning the drone.

While the exterior of the Mavic is vastly different from other DJI drones, the underlying components and software have a lot in common. For starters, they both have the downward facing optical sensors allowing the drone to stabilize itself and hover midair even when it is a bit windy around. This also gives the Mavic the ability to hold its position indoors where there is no GPS signal.

1. Usually, motor with red and blue wires is usually a forward motor, while the reversed motor presents black and white wires. Diagonal direction motors have the same steering, adjacent motors have opposite steering.

The PhoneDrone was designed by Indiana-based xCraft, which is the same company that brought us the hovering/fixed-wing X PlusOne drone. The company’s latest quadcopter can be flown in a few different fashions.

Casadonte Productions is a full-service HD / 4k video production and live event streaming company with offices in Dallas, Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We specialize in corporate communications, testimonial, marketing, product, and advertising videos as well live event streaming…

The biggest con, however, is that you will no doubt drain the battery trying to figure it out the first time because the setup is a tad extensive. To avoid this, always set up the drone and get used to it fully before you go out into the field.

The drones are said to be built tough. They can take a few knocks and still keep running solid. They assure people not to worry about crashes as they are said to be some of the toughest drones on the market. If you’ve ever thought about getting a drone, this could be the right one. You don’t need to have a bunch of experience when you start to use it, you just need to follow some simple steps to get the drone operating correctly. It’s said to be one of the easiest drones to fly and is ideal for people of all ages.

AirSelfie is designed for life on the go. Weighing just 61g and enclosed in a durable anodized aluminium case, your flying camera is lightweight, solid and exceptionally cool. AirSelfie comes with a special phone cover (available for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Huawei P9, Google Pixel), designed to hold and charge your flying camera.

Finally, we have reached the big guns. First up, we have the amazing DJI Mavic Pro, a small drone that packs quite a bit of firepower. In fact, it packs a lot better hardware than most other big boy drones featured on this list. With that said, it comes as no surprise that it’s priced at a premium price tag too. So, what does it have to offer to its users?

The Polaroid PL300 comes fully assembled with a 1000 mAh 3.7V Li-Poly battery and a 4GB memory card. Image resolution: 6000 x 4500, 2.7 Megapixels. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Pilots must be 14 years or older. FAA registration NOT required. Care: Wipe clean with dry towel/cloth and keep dry.

At this time, this is NOT a drone that requires FAA registration, and there are also 2 lipo batteries included as a bonus. The charging time is around 90-120 minutes, and the flight duration is 7-9 minutes.

The company was founded by a group of graduates from Berkeley University in California who’d been tinkering with robots. “Our passion for personal robotics led us to believe that there is a better way to capture and share the world around us,” explained chief executive Antoine Balaresque on Medium.

“It’s a call for other judges here in Morton County to understand that there might be things happening that you’re not seeing,” he said. “In my case, they tried to take my drone. If they would have taken my drone, I would not have video evidence that showed I never flew toward that plane.”

JJRC H47 Elfie Foldable Selfie Mini Drone FPV Quadcopter & Two Extra Battery. JJRC H47 Foldable SelfieMini Drone & TWO Extra Battery&Brown Upper shell. 1x jjrc H47 Quadcopter. The G-sensor mode enables the small quadcopter to follow the way you move your smartphone.

 The thing I like the most about the drone is that it has a Wi-Fi in so that I can connect my phone and see what is going on with the drone. The camera quality is good the drone is light and it is really easy to carry around

3D ROLL& LED LIGHT: 3D flips and rolls make the 360 degree rotations towards various directions to give you the spectacular performance; With LED light, more fun when you play it on a dark night,it will be a shining star.

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This post was originally published on our sister site Traditional RC toys rely on dedicated controllers to operate, but modern technology put an extremely capable smart device in your pocket and many manufacturers look to …

Functions: 3D rollover,Automatic Return,Camera,Emergency Landing,Forward/backward,FPV,Headless Mode,One Key Automatic Return,One Key Landing,One Key Taking Off,Sideward flight,Turn left/right,Up/down,WiFi Connection

The pinnacle of new selfie drones is, of course, made by DJI. Their awesome DJI Mavic Pro is the best selfie drone with high-end specifications across all departments. Some would argue that this is a mere selfir drone… and the are 100% right. DJI Mavic Pro offers so much more.

CCD sensors consume more power than CMOS, but they’re a lot more expensive to manufacture. This lead to the majority of small cameras (for example smartphone, tablet, laptop and so on) being CMOS and CCD only taking up a ridiculously small portion of the market. However, this does not mean CCD cameras are inferior in any way. At certain things (such low light performance) CCD sensors are actually much better than their CMOS counterparts.

DJI Spark has already brought a ton of innovative things in the field of selfie drones. With a 2-axis gimbal providing hardware stabilization and an exceptional full HD camera, it is able to capture selfies like no other drone out there. With that being said, just imagine what a stir on the market will we have once DJI Spark 2 gets released.