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There are still risks present around completion of the app and beta testing. One concern is the large number of Android devices and the amount of testing that must be performed. We understand new challenges can, and do, always arise in design, validation, tooling, assembly, and delivery. But we’re ready for the challenges.

Let’s start off with its 4K ready camera which is, who would’ve guessed eh, mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for ultimate stabilization. State of art camera system is one of the top reasons why this drone is so popular among real estate agents with drones. Feature-wise, X-Star Premium incorporates dual navigation systems (both GPS and GLONASS), SecureFly magnetic interference protection system (patented by Autel Robotics) and Starpoint Positioning System. This all allows the drone to maintain a ridiculously steady hover when shooting videos. Combined with a great stabilization system, it’s no wonder X-Star Premium is considered one of the best aerial photography drones at the moment.

AirSelfie is controlled using a free, intuitve iOS and Android app. Slide to take off, shoot photos, take videos, then land safely. Gain different levels of control with the easy-to-use selfie mode, selfie motion control mode, or flying mode. Delay snapping by up to 10 seconds using the timer (enough time to put your phone away), take multiple shots, then share directly on social media to astound your friends.

3. I can not stress this one enough, PAINT THE REAR OF THE COPTER A BRIGHT COLOR! If you can’t tell what the front is and what the back is you will have a hard time flying it. I sprayed some red on the rear pylons and landing gear. Made a world of difference in me being able to tell from a distance what my orientation is.

Finally they are mostly autonomous and fly on their own in several predetermined patterns. Meaning you can set the drone to follow you from behind, or focus on your face from the front or even do a flyby around; all of this is done even if you are moving around. The idea is that you simply tell the drone to follow you and you start your adventure. Pretty cool!

ONE KEY TAKE OFF and ONE TOUCH DOWN function: allow beginner to easy to fly the drone without any skill. One Touch Down function is most important to protect the drone when it is out of control or low battery power, the drone will fly down slowly and land on the ground automatically before the motors stopping.

The quad is powered by these absolutely tiny 2-inch props mounted on equally tiny brushed motors, the whole assembly here is protected at each end by these prop guards which is really helpful for when you bump into things especially when you fly indoors and trust me you will bump into stuff.

The DJI Mavic Pro Combo includes everything you need for ultimate portability. In this offer, you receive the Mavic Pro quadcopter along with a spare battery, spare propeller set, charging hub, car charger and shoulder bag.

Once again, Bebop 2 is the second generation of popular Parrot’s lineup of drones. It features a sleek, lightweight design with a great full HD camera featuring a 14mpx sensor. It is mounted on a built-in 3-axis electronic image stabilization ensuring the optimal photo and video quality in terms of both smoothness and stability. Both FPV and VR are supported, but we’ll get to that in a second.

It comes in a foldable compact design and is only about 1 pound in weight. You can also get an FPV (first person view) feed from your camera to your smartphone, so you can see what the camera is seeing in real time.

At just over 100 bucks this is yet another affordable drone built from durable elastic plastic. The material’s an important consideration as it helps to protect the craft from all those beginner crashes.

Forsvaret, oljebransjen, telebransjen, samferdselsbransjen, eiendomsbransjen og en rekke andre bransjer benytter seg nå av dronetjenester, i tillegg til all bruken knyttet til film, TV og reklamevirksomhet. På toppen av dette kommer den økende hobbybruken av droneteknologien.

Because maintaining a quadcopter in a static position is an incredibly difficult thing. You’ll need to give the rotors just enough power to not climb with an upward thrust, not drop with gravity … and if it’s windy, do small adjustments to keep the drone steady.

Don’t even get me started on the features. Truth be told, DJI Mavic Pro has it all. From obstacle avoidance, GPS, autonomous flight modes and even gestures. Whatever you might wish for, chances are high DJI Mavic Pro can provide.

Du kan ikke fly nærmere enn 150 meter fra personer, motorkjøretøy eller bygninger som ikke er under førerens kontroll, med unntak av under start og landing. Dette betyr i praksis at du ikke kan fly i tettbygde strøk. At en person, motorkjøretøy eller bygning er under førerens kontroll betyr at du må ha tillatelse av personen, eller eieren av kjøretøyet eller bygningen, til å fly nærmere. Hvis du skal fly nært personer eller motorkjøretøy, er det lurt å ha kontinuerlig kontakt med de det gjelder via radio eller åpen telefonlinje, slik at dere kan kommunisere hvis noe går galt, for eksempel hvis du mister kontrollen over dronen.

Quite frankly, this drone isn’t exactly the easiest to fly drone out there since there are high end models that can easily sweep the floor with it. But, for the price it goes for, it is absolutely at the very top. It sports the same track controlled mode which allows you to draw out a flying path but with a really intuitive app supporting it.

Our favorite DJI Mavic Pro is a primary example of this, your connected phone displays what the camera on the drone sees. Further, you can control the camera from the phone and you initiate most advanced flying modes from the app on your mobile device.

An inexpensive UAV can still take a good battering. The most important thing here is the availability of spare parts should you need them. Breaking something is less of a problem when you can replace it.

And now we have come to the four heavyweights in the new selfie drones market. The first model that fits in the top 5 drones in ths list comes from XIRO, a company which got famous for their XIRO Xplorer V model that quite good specifications and a relatively moderate price tag to its name.

– Jeg vil nok mer betrakte de mange forslagene som gode ideer, men ofte av mer populistisk karakter enn realisme for gjennomføringen, sier Martinsen, som har fulgt Amazons og DHLs prosjekter tett, og sett hvor mye ressurser utviklingen krever. 

Uten ulemper er den dog ikke. Staaker er kompatibel med de større kameraene fra GoPro, men kan ikke fjernstyre dem eller sende bilder til kontrolleren. Du må starte kameraet før dronen drar avgårde, og hvis noe går galt, som et fullt minnekort, ser du ikke det før etterpå. Og når du ikke ser hva dronen ser, blir det vanskelig å filme andre ting enn deg selv. Men for folk som har lyst til å filme seg selv på ski, terrengsykkel og lignende, ser denne helt klart ut som det beste alternativet på markedet, og vi håper å komme med en test av den.

Den veier kun 300 gram, og er mer bærbar enn for eksempel Bebop 2, spesielt takket være den betydelig mindre kontrolleren. Batteritiden på 10-15 minutter er dog noe dårligere, til gjengjeld er den alene i sin størrelse med å ha antikollisjons-sensorer og stabiliseringsarm (gimbal). Riktignok bare 2-akses, men det er langt bedre enn ingen akser (selv om 3 hadde vært bedre).

You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term.

This really is a fun drone to fly. It’ll surely help to improve your piloting skills in no time. It looks more like an aerodynamic airplane and less like a space craft, though I suppose looks are subjective.

The PhoneDrone can hit speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, according to xCraft. Flight time is rated at 15-20 minutes per charge — far better than most small drones — and the battery charges via USB.