This quadcopter has 9GB of internal storage with no SD card, this means that the photos and videos are recorded and stored internally and do not have to be stored on your smartphone. A micro-USB port allows you to easily download your content from the drone to your laptop or another device.

Available in six colors, the S6 can be customised with the addition of compatible accessories like a search-light and a harmless but hugely entertaining toy gun attachment that you can use to launch projectiles on targets.

Mini drones have become quite popular in recent years, and SELFLY is a very simple one, so the technological challenge isn’t high. Since it uses existing technology in order to enable a new kind of mini drone use, compacting it into a phone case is possible to implement – we’ve done it!

Nylig lanserte 3D Robotics med det som kan være en utfordrer til DJI sin Phantom-serie. Dronen heter Solo og er beregnet for bruk sammen med et GoPro-kamera. Blant andre Elkjøp selger allerede dronen, men uten kamera eller Gimbal.

When it comes to specifications, there is no doubt that MJX Bugs 2W beats out the majority of its direct drones with camera competitors. The range on this quad is absolutely brilliant, reaching all the way to 800 meters. Flight duration is no pushover either. Enough with the teasing though, let’s flash some numbers. First of all, it needs to be said that MJX Bugs 2W incorporates a proprietary 1800mAh 2S LiPo battery. In fact, not just one but 2. Per battery, you can expect around 18 minutes of flight time. With 2 of them – poof… almost 40 minutes straight out of the box. Absolutely brilliant work MJX.. Keep it up!

[[VIDEOID:62f40b0f3948ed77866dacae624170d2]] I am very happy that I got the chance to review this drone. I think this drone is amazing. This drone is considering a battle drone, which means you can battle this drone with your friends. The drone offers a ton of features which including: follow me, turtle flip, FPV, pattern fly. For $70 dollars this drone offers a ton of features that make it worth checking out. This drone has about 5-8 mins of flying time. It is super easy to fly while using your smart phone. The smart phone app is well organized making it very easy to use. The drone is a great size making easy to travel with. I this is a great drone. I highly recommend this drone. I was provided a free sample in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Drones have been spotted near all of the New York area’s major airports, including John F. Kennedy International, La Guardia and Newark Liberty International in New Jersey. Last year, pilots on major carriers reported seeing drones 100 feet off a wing (Delta) and flying under the plane’s nose (JetBlue).

Det finnes mange modeller som lar deg kjøpe ditt eget kamera å montere på i ettertid. Det gjør at du kan få relativt god bildekvalitet fra en relativt billig drone. Et GoPro-kamera gir jo like god video uansett hvor mye dronen det sitter under koster.

Drones often come with spare propellers, and you can purchase additional spares separately, too. Keep in mind that half of a drone’s propellers spin clockwise and half counterclockwise to enhance stability, so you want a couple spare propellers of each kind.

This guide is for complete and advanced beginners. Whichever category you fall into I suggest you look for a quadcopter, also called a quadrotor. These are stable and reliable helicopters with four rotors built onto an H or X frame.

New pilots want to get as much flying time in as possible. Well, the ‘Fly More Bundle‘ gives you two extra batteries and a charging hub. There’re more goodies, but the batteries alone are worth the extra.