Once you’ve downloaded the necessary app on your device, you can connect to the drone via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. The app also lets you save the video and photos from your flight on your device storage or to a cloud storage system.

Getting a drone that will suit all of your needs can be tricky, especially if that need is for selfies. But still, since this is an informative portal, I am going to help you with that. So, if you want to purchase a new selfie drone there are 3 things you should keep in mind:

Let’s not forget the portability of the Mavic Pro. This is thanks to its clever retractable legs. With the drone and phone in your bag, and a fully-charged battery, you’re always ready to take to the sky.

Even though it does not have a 4K drone camera like the 2 last selfie drones in this list (Wingsland S6 and Zerotech Dobby), it is still capable of providing you with quality aerial shots with its 13mpx FHD camera with 190-degree lens. It works with both Android and iOS devices and supports FPV transmission which, of course, allows you to see from your camera’s perspective in real time.

Available in six colors, the S6 can be customised with the addition of compatible accessories like a search-light and a harmless but hugely entertaining toy gun attachment that you can use to launch projectiles on targets.

Nasa’s new UAS (unmanned aircraft system) traffic management operation is intended to enable safe low-altitude drone flights within the next four years. At the moment, there is little to stop operators flying wherever they want. The agency would like technology that will automatically “geo-fence” drones to keep them away from sensitive areas like the White House, ground drones in bad weather, help them to avoid buildings and each other while flying and decide which drones have priority in congested airspaces.

Også dette er en stor drone, med en virkelig diger, Androidbasert kontroller med innebygget 7”-skjerm, og en minifjernkontroll for GPS-basert «selvfilming». Den har antikollisjonssonar foran og flere automatiserte flymodus, men ut fra det vi har sett av andre tester virker Phantom 4-serien å være hakket bedre på de fleste punkter. Lengre rekkevidde, høyere fart, mer stabil når den står i ro, ser hindre på større avstand (såfremt det er nok lys), visuell følgefunksjon som i mange tilfeller er mer nøyaktig enn GPS og ikke minst et bedre kamera. I tillegg er kameraet på Typhoon H mer utsatt ved krasj, siden beina løftes opp, mens de på Phantom fungerer som et slags «veltebur».

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Selfly’s drone is roughly the size and thickness of your phone. When it folds up, it snaps right onto the back of your regular smartphone, integrating with your mobile phone in such a way, you won’t even know you have the world’s smallest personal flying camera in your pocket with you!

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The second method is a delayed photo mode in which the drone will fly off and then capture an image after the timer runs out. This will give everyone enough time to snap the perfect pose, there’s no doubt about it!

Moving on, Wingsland S6 can go as far as 100 meters away from the controlling smartphone. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this birdie can be controlled only with the provided smartphone app (Android and iOS compatible). The included 1400mAh 2S LiPo battery is powerful enough to provide with decent throttle.

Her er våre tips om hva du bør se etter i en drone, og noen kjøpetips basert på hva vi vet om dronemarkedet akkurat nå. Vi har linket til nettbutikkene som har de aktuelle dronene billigst i skrivende stund.

Then start to pitch the drone away from yourself for a few seconds and elevate slowly, keeping the pitch and elevation equal. Some selfie drones have built-in features that will perform this movement for you. This should result in a smooth, professional-looking capture of yourself and your intriguing surroundings. Time to share your first ‘dronie.’

Cell phones have truly been increasing in popularity year after year for decades now. One study even shows that well over 200 million people within the US alone had cellular service in October of 2005 but that number has exponentially increased in the twelve years that have since passed. They are even more ubiquitous throughout Europe.

That’s right, this article is about the collision of two trending titans, the selfie world, and the drone world. The combination of ‘drone’ and ‘selfie’ has brought a new viral sensation known as ‘dronies.’

Powered by the DJI Go App, you can take selfies using gesture-control. You can even guide the Spark by pointing in a specific direction and also ask it to come back to you. The DJI Spark actually can land and take-off from your hands.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the fact that GoPro, a worldwide famous action camera brand, entered the drone market. Unfortunately for them, their entrance wasn’t off to a good start. They had to pull Karma off sale due to technical issues. A lot of people were enraged because of this but, luckily, GoPro fixed the issues relatively fast and now their Karma models are back on shelves… This time, for good!

Stands for First Person View and basically refers to a drone’s ability to provide its users with a live feed straight from the mounted camera. A lot of drones these days come with this option and people get generally confused when they see that there are 2 main types available. The first type is WiFi FPV

Most selfie drones are compact, foldable, and portable. They have integrated cameras that are on par or better than many smartphone cameras out on the market today. What’s more, they have control options that make taking pictures and videos as hassle free as possible.

With high-end drones, you will often hear the term gimbal. Most frequently, the term will be related to a 3-axis gimbal which holds the camera in place. These gimbals are basically sophisticated stabilization mechanisms which ensure the optimal stability of your aerial shots thanks to comprehensive hardware found inside. In most cases, they are powered by brushless motors (more on that below) and tend to cost a big portion of the drone’s price.

This drone is absolutely of the tiniest type you can imagine, and it is literally one of the cheapest drone options on the market. Having the one-touch return is awesome for such a little machine, because even if you are trying to navigate indoors, there’s a lot that can happen in even the most open of quarters.

Vær imidlertid oppmerksom på at utviklingen går rasende fort. For hver generasjon får de alt mer avanserte sensorer og muligheter for automasjon. Brenn ikke alle pengene i dag på en modell som du allerede fra starten vet har begrensninger du har vanskelig for å leve med . Om du avventer kommer det sikkert en modell til bedre pris med mer avanserte funksjoner. Konkurransen er hard og prispresset enormt for utfordrerne som vil inn på markedet.