Whether you’re heading out on a flying adventure or storing your drone in the closet till your next session, don’t just shove your expensive equipment in an old duffel bag. Protect your investment with a quality backpack or case designed specifically to hold your drone. Your case should have a padded, foam interior with cutouts to snugly fit your drone and accessories, safeguarding them from drops and bouncing around in transit. If you plan to hike long distances with your case, choose one with dual padded straps to keep you comfortable on your journey.

This initially seemed like a cool little camera drone that I thought I’d really enjoy. It’s lightweight and small enough to easily carry in a pants pocket with the propeller guards removed. Setup is a quick and easy process: charge the battery, download and install the app, snap on the propeller guards, pair the device to the drone via wifi and operate. A micro-SD card is optional but recommended for best image quality. The drone has a small white LED on the front just above the camera that illuminates when powered on but only seems bright enough for guidance rather than illuminating anything in front of the drone. The drone should preferably be used in areas with as much light as possible for best photo/video results. Outdoors on a bright sunny day is probably the most optimal setting. Once photos/videos are taken, they can be accessed directly from the device photo gallery, through a gallery built within the Flitt app or copied from an optional removable micro-SD card. The Flitt app also has social media sharing tools to directly share media online from within the app.

Når det gjelder kontrollert luftrom må man holde seg minst 5 kilometer fra offentlige flyplasser. Vil man fly nærmere enn det må dette koordineres med eieren av flyplassen. Man trenger også tillatelse fra Lufttrafikktjenesteenheten som har ansvaret for luftrommet.

I tillegg er det også stor vekst i antall søk etter dronebilder. Fra Adobe Stock ble etablert i 2015 frem til starten av 2017 økte antall søk etter dronefotoer i bildebanktjenesten med fem prosent. Nå sier Adobes prognoser at dette tallet vil øke kraftig i år, med hele 14 prosent, ifølge en pressemelding fra Adobe.

So, if you’re not only looking for a good selfie drone but for a sophisticated aerial platform that can be used for various other things, then DJI Mavic Pro is defintiely an option worth looking into.

Compared to the first two picks, the Syma X5SW-V3 has a few extra features. It’s still a great beginner’s drone at an affordable cost. Keep reading to see if these extra characteristics appeal to you.

It’s controller is a pretty standard Xbox-style format, and the HS170 Predator can fly for around 8 minutes on one charge. You can fly more than one of these at once because of the built in anti-interference system, and there are 6 aa batteries required. One word of caution is that there are more than 1 reviews stating that it just stopped working suddenly: when this happens with any electronics product, it is hard to say if it will happen in large numbers or not. Here are some stats on the HS170 that will allow you to decide whether or not you want to purchase.

Waypoints mode falls in the category of GPS features. As its name implies, this feature allows you to draw a path with several waypoints which your drone will follow. Depending on the drone you have, there will be lots of settings you can change to get the Waypoints mode to suit your exact needs.

You will then notice 2 subfeatures available, follow and self-circling. Select the latter and start recording – when the process is completed you will have a brilliant 360 selfie video all for yourself!

If you have the budget for it I highly recommend the DJI Phantom 3 Standard camera drone for beginners. The quality that it offers is exceptional and as a prosumer drone it has lots of exiting possibilities. With a high safety profile it is great for people just starting out.

The EACHINE E50 is an excellent budget selfie drone. It does not perform well at distance but in close proximity, it is sufficient and an inexpensive way to get going with a drone and take some cool selfies or dronies. The charge time is quite long but the collapsible limbs make this a true pocket drone.

1. Remove the blade guards. The provided props are very durable and all they prop guards do is add wind resistance (cut down on flying time) and provide a convenient spot for branches to catch if it goes near a tree.

You may be able to find a few that get a bit lower than this, but the JJRC 2.4ghz RC Quadcopter pictured here is just $9.95. It is a very tiny quad that gives you about 5 minutes of flight time, and has a control distance of about 30m.

The quadcopter also houses a precision barometer which allows stable flight and hovering, keeping the camera still and reducing vibrations for clear dronies. There is also a “follow-me” feature whereby you don’t even need to be holding a controller to capture the shot.

In the end, I would just like to point out one more thing and that’s weight. Believe it or not, Yuneec Breeze weighs less than a pound and is rather compact (when folded), allowing it to fit into virtually any type of backpack or purse. That makes it ideal drone for travel. All in all, Yuneec Breeze is definitely one of the best selfie drones available on the market.

Å fly en drone er en fantastisk kul hobby. Men gå ikke i fellen med å forvandle din hobby til en jobb uten å tanke deg om både en og to ganger. Bare for at dine Youtube-klipp får bra feedback er det ikke sikkert at du kan tjene penger. Med tanke på hvor mange droner som selges er konkurransen drepende med mange lykkesøkere. Regn med skambud for oppdrag og at du må konkurrere med svartflygere som ikke følger reglene. Don’t quit your dayjob.

In our time with Dobby, Zerotech tried to show us everything it could do. This includes voice enabled control (call it’s name, it’ll take off). You can also set Dobby to take off from, and land onto your palm. It’s not exactly the throw launched promised (but as yet undelivered) by Lily, but moving your hand upwards will see the drone take flight. Be careful of your fingers though, as Dobby nipped a pinkie from our demonstrator at one point.

All you do is unpack this drone, charge the battery, and then take to the skies. It’s going to give you a memorable first time flying experience. Seriously, this little UAV has “EASY” written all over it.

Compatible with VR goggles, this is another FPV flyer. Offering up remote control or control by smartphone, the DBPower UDI U818A is a little less capable than the U842, but offers a smoother flight for better aerial footage. The live video stream works up to 100 feet away and can be viewed on your smartphone, just place your phone in the holder on the remote control for easy usage.

Om du vil snakke med andre interesserte finnes det selvfølgelig forum på nettet og Facebook-grupper. Der kan man få mange gode råd både om spesielle modeller og tips for å fly, samt få vite om steder det er bra å utføre hobbyen sin på. De har kanskje til og med treff hvor man kan få klemme på andre droner og få verdifulle kontakter for fremtiden. Søk på termer som ”droner” eller ”flyfotografering”.

Irish YouTuber Eye In Sky captured footage last week of series filming in Ballintoy, Northern Ireland. However, the UAV videographer said he stumbled upon the shoot by accident. “Well, I was there to record the harbor — [Game of Thrones] happened to be in the way,” he wrote on his YouTube page.

As far as specifications are concerned, there is no doubt Yuneec Typhoon H is on top of the drones with camera food chain. This massive hexacopter, even though bulky, can still achieve good speeds. To top it off, it can also fly for quite awhile. 25 minutes for those of you looking for exact numbers. So yeah, almost half an hour of flight time nicely poised with 1.5 kilometers of operating range. All in all, the folk over at Yuneec definitely outdid themselves with this one. Yuneec Typhoon H is everything I thought it would be… and then some!

Registreringen skal bestå av trykte bokstaver og tall, og de skal vises tydelig mot underlaget. F.eks. DYMO-tekst eller utskårede plastfoliebokstaver godtas, avpasset etter dronens størrelse og plass til registreringsnummeret. Sprit tusj etc. godtas ikke.

If you take a sneak peek at Holy Stone F181W, you will notice that it sports a miniature camera on its bottom. We are talking about 120-degrees wide angle camera. It is capable of recording in, you’ve guessed it, 720p resolution. Thanks to F181W’s in-flight stability, there is not a lot of jello effect going on. However, the best thing about this camera is not its quality but support for WiFi FPV. It works like a charm – simply mount your phone on the controller, download the app and connect to your drone’s network. You’re good to go! It’s that easy…

Overall I’m very happy with this purchase. It arrived earlier than I expected with everything I need. I plan on getting more drones from them in the future. I haven’t had a chance to fly it very long because of the weather but I’ll upload a couple pictures I took with the drone.

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Det beste rådet er å begynne på leketøynivå. For det første merker du kjapt om du synes det er artig å fly droner. Om du med en gang innser finesser du savner og saker du skulle ville gjøre, er du trolig bitt. For det andre er det en rimelige måte å lære seg å kontrollere dronen. Etter å ha krasjet den et utall ganger er lommeboken glad for at du ikke valgte en dyr maskin med en gang. Og kunnskapene du tilegner deg er overførbare til din neste oppgradering.