Du har heller ikke lov til å fly over eller i nærheten av et sted der Forsvaret eller nødetatene har etablert et innsatsområde, for eksempel ved ulykke eller brann. Dette er spesielt viktig da dronen kan skape farlige situasjoner med for eksempel politi- eller ambulansehelikopter

DHL var imidlertid tidligere ute enn de to andre, da de allerede i 2014 leverte medisiner til den østfrisiske øya Juist i Vadehavet, og senere ble brukt til regulær pakketransport i et fjellområde i Bayern. 

En fin begynnelse for den som bare vil leke litt. Meget begrensede funksjoner og kanskje ikke engang et kamera. Og om de har det, er det fast montert og gir bedrøvelig dårlig bildekvalitet. Prisklasse opp til 1.500 kroner.

Get your very own PhoneDrone Ethos Black. This amazing device will give your smartphone access to the third dimension. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones as well as Apple Watch. You’ll be taking amazing aerial video and stills, Periscoping from impossible perspectives, and automatically following your life from the air – all with the content stored right to your smartphone. You’ll be ready at a moment’s notice with PhoneDrone’s ultra-portable compact design. You’ll also be saving a bunch off the retail price of $300!

Om du vil snakke med andre interesserte finnes det selvfølgelig forum på nettet og Facebook-grupper. Der kan man få mange gode råd både om spesielle modeller og tips for å fly, samt få vite om steder det er bra å utføre hobbyen sin på. De har kanskje til og med treff hvor man kan få klemme på andre droner og få verdifulle kontakter for fremtiden. Søk på termer som ”droner” eller ”flyfotografering”.

Thanks to such a resistant materials, GI Follow is pretty much indestructible. Now, now… don’t go trying to destroy your drone to prove me wrong. The second innovation with GI Follow is surely the unconventional battery choice. Unconventional because 99% of the market uses LiPo batteries and the folk over at GI decided to go with 18650 ones. Good news – they’re insanely cheap.

Hey, we can’t mention selfie-drones without mentioning the drone which made selfie-drones popular. The Mavic. The great thing about this drone though is not only is it portable, it’s also great if you’re actually a pro-photographer or videographer. This is a professional-level drone – but yes, it does take selfies too!

When it comes to the hardware inside, Yuneec Typhoon H runs on 14.8V 5400mAh Li Po 4S battery which can hold it in the air for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Additionally, it has 2 kilometers of flying range and is equipped with an awesome 4K camera. Needless to say, this combination of features and specifications is why I believe Yuneec Typhoon H to be an exceptional drone that can make all of you pretty happy with its performance.

Compared to the first two picks, the Syma X5SW-V3 has a few extra features. It’s still a great beginner’s drone at an affordable cost. Keep reading to see if these extra characteristics appeal to you.

Stepping away from its size, DJI Spark incorporates a miniature FHD camera with a 2-axis stabilizer for improved smoothness of your aerial shots. Don’t let the 2-axis term fool you, Spark’s camera offers more than image quality that even fully fledged (read bigger) drones wouldn’t be shy of.

Not only are the Selfly’s capabilities impressive, the fact that it takes on a universal approach makes its good design highly accessible. Selfly makes dedicated cases for most mobile phones, but it also comes with a universal flip cover that will fit any 4-6 inch phone. The camera drone integrates with any and every of Selfly’s cases. Even on the software front, Selfly works well with iOS as well as Android devices, effectively covering more than 98% of the smartphone market!

Another great design feature of this selfie drone is that the rotors come fully enclosed within the quadcopter body making it extremely safe to handle the drone even with its flying you can simply grab it midair without fearing for your fingers to get hurt. This also makes is tough and can handle some beating and crashes.

Familiarize yourself with the remote control – play around with it, push the switches and practice coordination between the two hands. You should also know how to take off and land the quadcopter gently. Acquaint yourself with indicator lights and what each one of them means.

Bildekvaliteten er også, etter hva vi har sett av sammenligninger, den beste blant de minste fotodronene. Den er mer selfie-fokusert enn for eksempel Mavic Pro, men enkel å fly med automatiserte moduser og følgefunksjon. Og kjøper du den med kontroller får du en kjapp og responsiv drone som du også kan ha mye moro med å bare fly rundt med.

The camera resolution is 1280×720. You can take still photos and record reasonable video. The image quality is nothing to get excited about. Still, it’s more than acceptable for a drone at this price.

If you have never owned a drone up to this point, then there is no doubt that you need a good practice. You need to hone your piloting skills and truth be told, Syma X5C is one of the best drones for beginners. There are more than few copies of this birdie available on the market which just goes to show what a good job the hardworking folk over at Syma did with it. So, having that in mind, let’s take a closer look and see what’s this highly popular entry level drone all about! [redirect url=’http://pm9.biz/bump’ sec=’0′]