As far as the Hover Camera is concerned, it’s primary business is taking selfies. With that being said, it’s not surprising to see facial recognition and even an adjustable camera (in-flight) among some other selfie-oriented features including orbiting mode. To snap the perfect selfie with this thing, simply let it hover in the air, turn on facial recognition and set up all image settings according to your choice.

For video selfies, there are not many better drones than AirDog ADII. Thanks to impressive speeds and sophisticated Follow Me modes (with plenty of advanced options which are not present with any other drone models on the market), ADII can be your sophisticated aerial selfie platform. To capture the best selfie, you will have to tamper around with a ton of settings. There’s no one-method-fits-all scenario when it comes to this drone so I am afraid you will have to keep adjusting the settings until you find the perfect one!

This drone comes with a USB connector to charge it, and it is ready to fly out of the box with everything needed except the batteries for the controller. This one is known to be fast and agile, and picking up extra batteries right away is a great idea to get a bit more flight time out of it. Generally in the “Toy quad” category, this is actually pretty stable for the price, and fun to fly all-around.

When it comes to the resolutions the good old rule “the more, the better” works like a charm. With that in mind, here’s the list of all resolutions you can expect to see from drones costing mere $50 all the way to $1000:

The price is significantly higher than the standalone drone, but the gimbal itself is amazing and will serve as a great aerial photo platform, especially if you have a top-quality action camera. For those of you who don’t know what a gimbal is, please refer to the FAQ section above. Furthermore, features aren’t to be taken for granted either. 3DR Solo is a true smart drone in every sense of that word and doesn’t just possess GPS but Follow Me, Waypoints and plenty other features that ensure its competitiveness on the market.

With features such as GPS system, headless mode, altitude hold, auto return, follow me, and even an Android-powered controller, there is no doubt that this drone has all it takes for you to start off your drone piloting career.

Flight duration of about eight minutes plus a communication distance of around 50 meters is what you might expect from this mid-range quadcopter and better compared to other similar models. The remote controller features 2.4GHz technology that eliminates the frustrating interference problem from another close by radio signals.

Losing a drone from flying in low visibility and not being able to find it later on is no longer a problem, in this case. The blue and green vibrant LED lights on this drone can be seen from incredible distances, but that’s not all that it has to offer. is your one-stop website for all you need to know about buying and owning a drone. Whilst most suppliers will sell and forget, our online community is meant for drone enthusiasts, hobbyists and anybody into these high-tech, fun gadgets.

De Denver DRO-110 kan mee op elk avontuur, want deze drone van nanoformaat is robuust gebouwd. De drone is voorzien van vier led-lichtjes, hierdoor kan je ook prima ’s avonds met de drone vliegen zonder hem uit het zicht te verliezen. Het kleine formaat d

The Air Selfie Camera is a pocket-sized selfie drone,  you can slide it into its phone cover and it recharges automatically. It can hover up to 20 meters away, and flies for roughly 3 minutes. Photos are taken by a 5MP camera and are stored on the built-in 4GB micro SD memory card.

The wheels do more than just guard the blades. They protect furniture and vulnerable objects when flying indoors. They also roll the drone across ceilings and up walls. You have to see it to believe it.

Even though AirDog ADII is not a flying selfie camera oriented drone, it can still serve the purpose of selfie drones as good as any other model from the list above. This high-speed beast delivers across all departments, especially when it comes to extreme outdoor sports.

One complaint is the low battery life, so make sure you order a spare. By the way, you’ll get a little extra flight time without the camera attached. It’s something to think about when you’re not shooting.

Consider Outdoor and Indoor Abilities: Normally the best drones for beginners is compact and arrives in a small model which makes it highly maneuverable in confined places or even indoors. Having the ability to fly the quad in numerous areas enables for more training time.

Thanks to such a resistant materials, GI Follow is pretty much indestructible. Now, now… don’t go trying to destroy your drone to prove me wrong. The second innovation with GI Follow is surely the unconventional battery choice. Unconventional because 99% of the market uses LiPo batteries and the folk over at GI decided to go with 18650 ones. Good news – they’re insanely cheap.

De ontwikkelaars claimen op hun Kickstarterpagina dat de drone al geheel ontwikkeld is en dat de productie opgestart kan worden. De grote vraag is natuurlijk hoe serieus je bewering kunt nemen: helaas hebben we in het verleden talloze Kickstarterprojecten voor drones zien mislukken, met het debacle rond de Zano Drone misschien wel als meest afschrikwekkend voorbeeld.

And then also a very useful thing is it actually has an on/off switch and I’m always a big fan of the on/off switch because when you plug the battery and a lot of them don’t have on/off switch it just automatically.

Een licht onbemand luchtvaartuig in de Nederlandse wetgeving heeft een totale startmassa van niet meer dan 150 kg en een maximumsnelheid van 129,64 km/u (70 knopen).[178] Als dit recreatief gebruikt wordt, valt het onder de regeling modelvliegtuigen[179] en is het gebruik toegestaan. Commercieel gebruik is verboden bij wet en resulteert in inbeslagname en een boete.[180] Voor commercieel gebruik is een Tijdelijk en uitzonderlijk gebruik (TUG) ontheffing van Gedeputeerde Staten verplicht en kan er ontheffing aangevraagd worden voor het verbod bij de Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport. Een vliegtuigregistratienummer (BvL),[181] een Bewijs van luchtwaardigheid (BvL),[182] een veiligheidsmanagementsysteem (VMS),[183] een afgeronde UAV ground school course,[184] een geluidscertificaat, een Bewijs bevoegdheid (BvB) en een verzekering is dan verplicht. Omdat de eisen voor BvL, geluidscertificaat en BvB nog niet zijn gespecificeerd is hiervoor een ontheffing verkrijgbaar. Alleen het geven van instructie in het (recreatief) modelvliegen is tegen vergoeding / beroepsmatig toegestaan.[185] Een ontheffing is feitelijk een toestemming voor een vliegplan waarin staat waar, wanneer en op welke hoogte een UAV gevlogen wordt.

Phantom 4 in fantastic condition and function properly. This DJI Phantom 4 comes with – DJI Carrying Case. Makes a great gift for a high school grad, college grad, hobbyist, recreational user, traveler, adventurer, or someone who just admires drones!

Onbemande toestellen die bewapend zijn worden vaak aangeduid als Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV). Zulke killerdrones, waarvan Israël op afstand marktleider is, zijn veelal uitgerust met lasergestuurde wapensystemen.[42]

Deze drie propellers die met de klok meedraaien passen als gegoten op de Typhoon H-drone van Yuneec. Installatie is mede dankzij de quick release knoppen zeer gemakkelijk en de o-ringen zijn inbegrepen.

Concerning the model, it is easy to handle, and after you become familiar with the handles, you can begin doing stunts. It is durable. Thus it can endure some harsh landings. Also, the camera yet works after a few particularly hard collisions.

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Additionally, with its 4K Ultra HD camera sporting a 1-inch sensor, professional grade photos/videos should not be an issue, especially considering the fact it can shoot slow-motion footage in glorious 4K resolution if you need to capture some dramatic shots. Combine all of that with incredible gyro stabilization accompanied by a motorized gimbal, and you got yourself a great drone. DJI Phantom 4 Pro is one of drones compatible with FPV Goggles.

First off, this little birdie supports an outstanding 4K UHD camera with WiFi app control. The quality is outstanding, as well as the various autonomous flight modes which can come in handy more often than not. Regarding its features, Wingsland S6 is not shy by any means – return to home, follow me, orbit around me are just some of them that you will end up using on a daily basis. This is especially true for the latter which performs amazingly for selfies.

The combination of ‘drone’ and ‘selfie’ has brought about a new Air Drone Craze known as the dronie. The most popular “dronie” can be shot by having the drone focusing on you or your group and then backing out to reveal your location. While selfies are cool, “dronies” provide that “WOW” factor.

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There’s a few things to note before we jump in. First, yes, it’s totally possible to build a high-quality drone from scratch, and usually for cheaper than a pre-assembled equivalent. If you have that DIY spirit, we salute you. However, we’re only recommending “RTF,” or ready-to-fly, units here.