Wiebe de Jager (@wdejager) is oprichter van Dronewatch en auteur van de boeken Dronefotografie en Dronevideo’s maken. Wiebe is gecertificeerd (RPA-L) dronepiloot en beschikt over het ROC-light. Wiebe schrijft ook over de wereld van 360º content op 360shooter.nl.

Although the Spark is not a foldable selfie-drone, you can see that it’s size is so small that it’s very portable. And just like the Mavic, it can take selfies simply by gesturing – so you don’t even need to be holding a remote control!

The F181 is an outstanding drone with a bunch of handy features such as headless mode, one key return, altitude hold and even one key 360 flips. Keep in mind though, one key return and altitude hold aren’t GPS-powered so don’t expect them to be as precise as those. Even despite that, I’m sure many will agree this is one of the best starter drones out there!

But these last few months – we’ve seen a completely new twist in the drone revolution. It started off primarily with the DJI Mavic and eventually, DJI followed up their success with the DJI Spark. Both of these drones feature high-specifications cameras and technology, WITHOUT sacrificing the portability.

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Autel Robotics has had a huge success with its X-Star Premium camera drone. It is not a surprising fact considering the sheer build quality alongside all of its top-notch features. The first thing you will notice about this camera birdie is its bright orange color. One thing is for sure – it definitely makes X-Star Premium stand out from all other top-tier drones. Is there anything else that makes it stand out in front of the competition? Why don’t we take a sneaky little peak and see for ourselves…

To top it all off, its range is maxed out at around 300 meters even with FPV on (yes, it supports great FPV experience if you pair it with a decent action camera), but at that distance, I doubt you’ll be able to see it quite clearly.

“I know this technology is so much smarter, but I’m just not sure it’s enough to overtake the behemoth that is DJI,” said Sally French, a journalist who the drone industry at her site, The Drone Girl. She was also shown a preview of the R1 last week.

Er zijn niet alleen vliegende drones. Ook voor op de grond zijn er spraakmakende remote control devices die zich aardig snel verplaatsen. Zo zijn er al modellen met een snelheid vanaf 7 km per uur. Sommige zijn zelfs in staat om over obstakels heen te springen. Ook zijn er modellen die zich zowel over de grond als door de lucht kunnen verplaatsen.

Once comfortable with Beginner Mode, familiarize yourself with Tripod Mode. Although this drone flies well indoors, my advice is to learn outside first—in windless conditions. After that, the sky’s the limit.

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