“Pocket Drone For Sale”

By Marianne Haynes on March 18, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Pocket Drone Quadcopter 124”

It isn’t as stable, speedy, or sturdy as the Nano QX, but for half the price, it’s close enough. It’s about the same size, and its is similarly simple to get around. Its battery is about the same, too. It’s another popular model, so replacement parts are plentiful and easily available. And while it can’t … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Quadcopter 124””

By Eric Vang on March 17, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Pocket Drone Unboxing”

If you’re buying a selfie drone then the range isn’t on your worry list. But, the battery is a completely different story. I don’t have to tell you twice that it takes an awful lot of time to take the perfect selfie. It’s an art! That’s why anything less than 10 minutes is a complete … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Unboxing””

By Eric Vang on March 7, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Pocket Drone 124c”

The big thing with the Parrot Bebop 2 is that it has an accompanying VR headset, made for FPV flying. (That’s First Person View.) As the drone scoots through the air, you can see first hand what the drone is seeing with the live-streamed video. A fun experience. Controlled by a companion smartphone app, available … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124c””

By Marianne Haynes on February 22, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Drone Selfie Mode”

I’ve already mentioned Traxxas has the potential to become a powerful hybrid. That’s due to its 2 flight modes – sports and film. In sports mode, this daredevil of a drone can reach amazing speeds of more than 50mph. The stability will greatly suffer when flying this fast, but it’s still better than most similarly … Continue reading ““Drone Selfie Mode””

By Marianne Haynes on January 14, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Selfie Drone Watch Price”

By Marianne Haynes on January 13, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Selfie Drone Bd Price”

If you happen to fly in FPV mode and you suddenly lose the signal you will be facing a tough task. In most cases, you won’t know your drone’s orientation which can make the task of returning it back much more difficult. If you face this situation, you’ll be happy to know there are 2 … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Bd Price””

By Eric Vang on January 10, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Beste Selfie Drone”

It’s safe to say that modern day drones possess a plethora of unique characteristics. If you are a beginner (and I suppose you are since you are reading this article), or you’re buying a drone for your kid, the most important one you should look for in your first drone is ease of use. Drones (especially … Continue reading ““Beste Selfie Drone””

By Eric Vang on January 6, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Fq777-124 Sak Drone Kalibrasie”

Introduced at CES 218, the new Uvify OOri is a mini drone that ignores the stereotypes of size, offering things previously only found in larger machines. In specific, we’ve never seen a drone this small that hovers so well, nor have we seen a drone this small that can fly as fast. In beginner mode, … Continue reading ““Fq777-124 Sak Drone Kalibrasie””

By Eric Vang on January 2, 2018 • Afrikaans

“Selfie Drone Singapore”

Quickly master quadcopter technology with this WebRC XDrone 2. Take it for a spin at up to 20 mph, and practice it smoothly thanks to the auto-stabilizing sensors, and then perform flips and tricks galore with this easy-to-use controls. This WebRC XDrone 2 features multirotor technology for maximum power and lift. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Singapore””

By Marianne Haynes on January 2, 2018 • Afrikaans