“Cell Phone Drone Case”

On the downside, the LCD is excellent for seeing the clip coming from your device. However, it is distracting, and in case you are not focused you might find yourself view the video clip when you ought to be soaring the aircraft. Now the transmitter that does come with the ready to fly kit is … Continue reading ““Cell Phone Drone Case””

By Francis Mason on September 19, 2018 • English

“Selfie Drone Philippines”

One thing we still haven’t discussed is the camera. GDU Byrd Premium 1.0 sports a 12MPX CMOS sensor by Sony. 4K resolution is supported which means you’ll get to enjoy smooth and crystal clear ultra HD aerial footage. Smooth because this baby packs a 3-axis gimbal as well. All in all, for a price of slightly … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Philippines””

By Jessie Moss on September 19, 2018 • English

“Fu Qi Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Rtf”

Do you want to start flying a quadcopter, but don’t know how? Don’t worry; we’re ready to help you deal with that. We may not be able to provide tutorials on how to pilot unmanned aerial vehicles, but we can make the buying process easier for you. We have come up with a list of … Continue reading ““Fu Qi Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Rtf””

By Marianne Haynes on September 18, 2018 • English

“Best Pocket Drone Review”

With our proprietary vision recognition technology, we will be adding deep-learning based object recognition and tracking to PITTA, which will improve the autonomous flying accuracy over time. This will happen through firmware updates throughout 2018 – we will keep working on enhancing your experience with PITTA. Stay tuned for updates on the progress. This is … Continue reading ““Best Pocket Drone Review””

By Carmella Mack on September 18, 2018 • English

“Best Drone With Camera For The Price”

Start by raising the selfie drone between 5 and 10 feet off of the ground. Then face the camera towards yourself and ensure the desired background is behind you. If your drone has an advanced gimbal, it is recommended to set this at a level angle so that when it backs out it captures the … Continue reading ““Best Drone With Camera For The Price””

By Darryl Hines on September 17, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone Malaysia”

With its 7 kilometers of seamless operating range, and roughly 65km/h top speed, Mavic Pro makes sure to point out that it can be used for much more than just plain selfie shots. For instance, with such fast top speed, it can even be used for casual drone racing at the local park; and with such a huge … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Malaysia””

By Jessie Moss on September 17, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone Selfie Camera”

Parrot’s Mambo quadcopter has a set of pins on top that allow for attachments that include a small cannon, a grabber claw and now a 720p HD camera. The camera can record to a microSD card, but more importantly it lets you pilot by FPV or first-person view by streaming to your phone.  In terms … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Selfie Camera””

By Colette Kirk on September 17, 2018 • English

“Selfie Drone Mashable”

Another thing is how they fly and the way they are controlled. This type of drones allows you to control it using an app you install on your smartphone or tablet, this is meant to make these drones easier to fly and control even by newbie pilots who want to focus on getting a selfie … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Mashable””

By Harry Howard on September 16, 2018 • English

“Selfie Drone Price In Ghana”

Quite frankly, this drone isn’t exactly the easiest to fly drone out there since there are high end models that can easily sweep the floor with it. But, for the price it goes for, it is absolutely at the very top. It sports the same track controlled mode which allows you to draw out a … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Price In Ghana””

By Harry Howard on September 15, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone Gps”

This is an FPV drone with a bit of a different look: The quadcopters have circular guards above them, and it does give the budget drone an entirely unique appearance. It has features such as headless mode, and you can capture 720p video with the built-in camera. I bought this drone as a birthday gift … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Gps””

By Tom Cooley on September 15, 2018 • English