“Pocket Drone Quadcopter 124”

As mentioned earlier, the Drone is controlled using your smartphone over a WiFi connection. Its flight time is about 10 minutes or less, which is typical of small drones and needs about 45 minutes to fully charge. When it comes to features that rely on DJI GO app (both iOS and Android controlled drone although … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Quadcopter 124””

By Clyde Foster on May 20, 2018 • English

“Drone Cell Phone Holder”

Additionally, DJI GO app also allows you to launch and control Spark with your bare hands, allowing for an amazing handsfree experience. With simple gestures, you can control its flight which will serve as a great trick for family gatherings. These are great for pictures. The drone is light, small, and easy to carry. You … Continue reading ““Drone Cell Phone Holder””

By Clyde Foster on May 19, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone Fix”

Being the first real consumer drone from DJI the logic built in the camera software is different from other DJI drones. All DJI drones have auto focus allowing you to concentrate on flying, the Mavic however requires you to choose your subject first. This is because the concept of the DJI Mavic drone is to … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Fix””

By Francis Mason on May 19, 2018 • English

“Selfie Drone Manufacturers”

A foldable selfie drone is the new design rage with drones and quadcopters these days. The big two 900 pound gorillas are the DJI Mavic and the GoPro Karma. Both launched their own version of a foldable drone around September 2016. GoPro was first to launch with their Karma drone, a sports foldable quadcopter that … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Manufacturers””

By Clyde Foster on May 19, 2018 • English

“Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Spare Parts Protection Cover”

Topics: air-selfie-drone, camera drone, consumer-tech, Gift guides, gift-guide-2017, gift ideas, gifts-for-brother, gifts-for-sister, Mashable Deals, selfie drone, shopping-electronics, shopping-fun, Tech, unique-gifts This camera-equipped drone features a folding design, so you can slip easily into a backpack and bring it along with you on any adventure. The drone is also designed to be easy to fly, with … Continue reading ““Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Spare Parts Protection Cover””

By Marianne Haynes on May 19, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone Anura”

Unfortunately, cheap drones that are not equipped with GPS usually end up just like mine did. It flew away into the distance and I haven’t had much luck finding it. And I’ve looked everywhere. That’s probably because the drone remembered my last command input (which was full throttle and pitch forward) and flew further away … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Anura””

By Harry Howard on May 18, 2018 • English

“Selfie Drone Israel”

The X12 Nano by Syma has a distinctive look which includes a vibrant LED lighting at the model’s body front. You can find shape bumpers for safety around the corners, and it rests pretty far beyond the surface. The Karma has had its share of problems in development but GoPro now seems to have well … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Israel””

By Harry Howard on May 18, 2018 • English

“Pocket Drone 2 Review”

It felt a little slower than this in our test flight, partly down to the wind. The wings make it look like something Luke Skywalker would fly but, as you might expect at this budget, they are made from polystyrene. This keeps the craft light and easy to manoeuvre but does make it vulnerable to … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 2 Review””

By Clyde Foster on May 18, 2018 • English

“Drone Selfie Meaning”

ALTITUDE HOLD MODE: Thanks to the Built-in AIR PRESSURE SENSOR: Make sure the throttle stick at the middle position, when you push the throttle stick and then release, the rc drone will automatically set the height. Thus you can fly the drone easily and steadily. For video selfies, there are not many better drones than … Continue reading ““Drone Selfie Meaning””

By Carmella Mack on May 17, 2018 • English

“Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Spares”

“You have to maybe certify … provided you have a certain certification and you have a drone with these capabilities, then you’re allowed to fly it, so you can put all of these rules into the database,” he explained. Stands for Almost Ready to Fly. ARF drone packages do not contain transmitters or receivers. In … Continue reading ““Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Spares””

By Tom Cooley on May 17, 2018 • English