“Selfie Drone avec caméra HD”

Discover fun activities and huge discounts in your city with Groupon. Check out great deals on things to do from kids activities to nightlife; try out new restaurants, spas, massages and hair salons near you, or plan a trip away from home. The ZEROTECH Dobby is another smartphone-controlled drone, this pill-shaped drone with folding props is … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone avec caméra HD””

By Jami Bridges on May 22, 2018 • French

“Pocket Drone Trifecta”

Because maintaining a quadcopter in a static position is an incredibly difficult thing. You’ll need to give the rotors just enough power to not climb with an upward thrust, not drop with gravity … and if it’s windy, do small adjustments to keep the drone steady. PNP/PNF (plug and play/plug and fly) : cela signifie « brancher … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Trifecta””

By Carmella Mack on May 18, 2018 • French

“Selfie En Drone”

First off, this little birdie supports an outstanding 4K UHD camera with WiFi app control. The quality is outstanding, as well as the various autonomous flight modes which can come in handy more often than not. Regarding its features, Wingsland S6 is not shy by any means – return to home, follow me, orbit around me are … Continue reading ““Selfie En Drone””

By Wayne Franco on May 17, 2018 • French

“Meilleur Selfie Drone Uk”

Comme tout drone intelligent qui se respecte le Phantom Pro Plus possède plusieurs capteurs de positionnement pour pouvoir stabiliser au mieux l’image et garantir la meilleure expérience de pilotage possible. These new models with integrated cameras come in flat, foldable and compact designs, made to be more portable than larger models with comparable features and … Continue reading ““Meilleur Selfie Drone Uk””

By Jami Bridges on May 14, 2018 • French

“drone de poche Afrique du Sud”

Je sais que les deux derniers drones que je vous ai présentés se déclinent encore en d’autres versions : Le DJI Inspire 1 Classique mais DJI a maintenant arrêté la production je vous conseille donc plutôt le Inspire 1 V2, le DJI inspire 1 V2 Pro et le DJI inspire 1 V2 RAW par exemple qui embarquent une meilleure caméra … Continue reading ““drone de poche Afrique du Sud””

By Tom Cooley on May 10, 2018 • French

“Pocket Drone moteur”

I’ll start off by mentioning that Traxxas unfortunately doesn’t come with a camera. On the bright side, you can order it with a dedicated gimbal that allows you to mount a high-quality action camera that can turn this drone into a proper aerial photography drone platform. Forget your smartphone, control this drone with your bare … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone moteur””

By Jami Bridges on May 10, 2018 • French

“Tx Juice Pocket Drone Australie”

Dans la vidéo, ce smartphone se déplace comme un drone de chez DJI alors qu’il bien moins équipé que ces appareils. De plus, la disposition des hélices qui sont intégrées dans le smartphone avec une telle finesse est tout simplement impossible, déjà que les constructeurs cherchent à économiser de la place en supprimant le port … Continue reading ““Tx Juice Pocket Drone Australie””

By Carmella Mack on May 9, 2018 • French

“Meilleur Drone avec caméra pour garçon de 10 ans”

You can control this wildly fun little device from about 20-30 meters away, and the flight time is 4 to 5 minutes. The battery for the transmitter is 3 AAA’s, and these are not included. Definitely more of a toy but a very fun one at that, the Mokasi pocket drone is ideal for a … Continue reading ““Meilleur Drone avec caméra pour garçon de 10 ans””

By Lenore Shelton on May 9, 2018 • French

“selfie Drone Kickstarter”

One thing that’s great about this drone is that it’s really only double the price of what some retailers would sell for just a high-quality USB charging device. It’s really all about pure fun in a small package, and is perfect for those in cold climates that want something to fly around a gym or … Continue reading ““selfie Drone Kickstarter””

By Tom Cooley on May 6, 2018 • French

“Selfie Drone Au”

KIMON Mini Drone , It has about 12 minutes of flight time. Its Shoot images in 6 selfie modes including the paranormal. In this mode, it shoots photos while recording the background. Uncommon features include a 16 MP HD 4K camera, GPS feature for creating a travel path. Si votre budget vous le permet, prenez une … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Au””

By Lenore Shelton on May 5, 2018 • French