“Selfie Drone With Gps”

We hesitated to add this here, the Mavic Pro, as with other DJI drones that can be controlled via smartphone, benefit greatly using the controller and smartphone in combination. Thing is, there is a WiFi mode that allows you to take control using just your phone. Range is limited, capabilities are not all utilized, but … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone With Gps””

By Winnie Callahan on April 28, 2018 • Javanese

“Selfie Drone Iot”

James began writing for music magazines in the UK during the ’90s. After a few failed attempts at a DJ career, he carved out a living reviewing DJ and music production gear. Now he lives in the Bay Area, covering drones, fitness tech and culture, though he keeps his DJ gear plugged in and on … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Iot””

By Winnie Callahan on April 23, 2018 • Javanese

“Pocket Drone Wiki”

Landing gear: some quadcopter models are compatible with advanced landing products that are wider and more stable than the original. Customized landing can also help you improve picture/video quality. Your smartphone already has a powerful processor and multiple sensors, so why pay for all those things over again when buying a drone? That’s the thinking … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Wiki””

By Charlie Ramsey on April 22, 2018 • Javanese

“Pocket Drone 124 Unboxing”

There high-low speed modes that can be changed with the transmitter, and with the kit you do get 1 USB charging cable. At this point, there are not that many reviews yet for this good starter drone, but we can agree with our staff that it looks like a fun one. Here are some stats … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Unboxing””

By Charlie Ramsey on April 20, 2018 • Javanese

“Best Drone With Camera For Your Money”

The Bebop does include automated flights modes as well, allowing to get cinematic shots. This drone shoots video at 1080p and has a maximum range of 1.24 miles. However, without a gimbal to stabilize the video, it uses stabilizing technology that offers stable video as seen on other drones. Chances are you already know about … Continue reading ““Best Drone With Camera For Your Money””

By Gregory Barlow on April 18, 2018 • Javanese

“Diy Selfie Drone”

“Whilst you’re connected to the network, you can fly it anywhere … except for a little bit more latency, it’s not more difficult to fly it in Sydney from Melbourne. Once you can talk directly to the drones, you have to talk to it via the network, then it doesn’t really matter where in the … Continue reading ““Diy Selfie Drone””

By Charlie Ramsey on April 18, 2018 • Javanese

“Best Cheap Drone With Good Camera”

The small, high-quality Mavic Pro controller is awesome. It does a lot despite its simple design. It feels as good as it looks too. You just attach your phone or tablet to the controller and you’re good to go. Using drones to carry that equipment for extended cell coverage at major events instead of trucks … Continue reading ““Best Cheap Drone With Good Camera””

By Gregory Barlow on April 16, 2018 • Javanese

“Ultimate Selfie Drone”

Stands for Almost Ready to Fly. ARF drone packages do not contain transmitters or receivers. In some cases, even the batteries have to be purchased separately. They are meant for more advanced users who know their way around drone parts. Introduced at CES 218, the new Uvify OOri is a mini drone that ignores the … Continue reading ““Ultimate Selfie Drone””

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“Pocket Drone Jy018”

Despite of its relatively moderate price the Dobby Selfie Drone even has GPS built in so you can use your smartphone with the installed app to draw flight path for the quadcopter to follow allowing you to shoot some sweeping videos of you or other objects. It also has downward facing sensors allowing it to … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Jy018””

By Charlie Ramsey on April 14, 2018 • Javanese

“Best Quadcopter Drone With Hd Camera”

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the entity that has the authority to craft regulations in many European countries. According to current EASA rules, a certificate is required regardless of the intended use. Just like in the case of US permit requirements, these are handed on a case by case basis. Free to download, the … Continue reading ““Best Quadcopter Drone With Hd Camera””

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