“Pocket Drone Frame”

As you can see from the image above, Altair AA108 has a miniature camera built into the tip of its nose. This is a well familiar design and there is nothing to add to it. As far as the camera itself is concerned, you are looking at a wide-angle lens (120-degrees to be more precise). … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Frame””

By Francis Mason on July 18, 2018 • Malay

“Selfie Drone Elite”

And the last “smartphone only” drone in this section of my article is made by Contixo. First of all, I have to mention that this little guy is incredibly easy to fly. As a matter of fact, its makers are claiming it is the World’s Easiest Fly App Controlled Mini Drone… and believe it or … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Elite””

By Eric Vang on July 18, 2018 • Malay

“Pocket Drone Hong Kong”

The warranty and remedies set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied. No reseller, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this warranty. We have had our drones drop from over 70 feet in the air on to concrete and … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Hong Kong””

By Francis Mason on July 18, 2018 • Malay

“Drone Terbaik Dengan Kamera Hd”

The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere. New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range. Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 27-minutes. ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart features make professional … Continue reading ““Drone Terbaik Dengan Kamera Hd””

By Desiree Charles on July 18, 2018 • Malay

“Drone Value Terbaik Dengan Camera Uk”

Jika ingin punya drone yang mampu memotret dengan kualitas baik, pilih drone dengan fitur kamera yang mumpuni. Jika ingin drone yang bisa terbang dengan mudah, pilih drone dengan fitur Ready To Fly (RTF). This is my first quadracopter purchase, so I didn’t know what to expect. So far, I’m very pleased. There’s a learning curve … Continue reading ““Drone Value Terbaik Dengan Camera Uk””

By Tabitha Murphy on July 18, 2018 • Malay

“Selfie Bot Drone”

GDU Byrd Premium 1.0 is the first in the huge lineup of foldable drones we have in store for you today. With a sleek appearance and great packaging that includes a high-quality controller, spare props, and several other accessories, it tries to make a name for itself in the upper tier brackets. Can it do … Continue reading ““Selfie Bot Drone””

By Jami Bridges on July 15, 2018 • Malay

“Selfie Drone Skiing”

First let us discuss what makes there drones special from the rest. Obviously, the major selling point of these drones is that they are relatively small and lightweight enough for you to easily put them in a backpack or even your pocket sometimes. This is achieved by making the arms, which hold the rotors foldable … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Skiing””

By Jami Bridges on July 14, 2018 • Malay

“Pocket Drone Diy”

parrot ar drone ar drone parrot drone rc drone mini drones uav drone micro drone cx20 drone camera drone storm drone flying drone dji phantom rc quadcopter drone mini parrot ar drone gopro drone hexa drone More… Keunggulan utama dari Voyager 3 adalah dilengkapi dengan 4K camera dan 3D gimbal dengan 360 degree view yang … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Diy””

By Tabitha Murphy on July 12, 2018 • Malay

“Selfie Drone Online”

The unit itself is very small, which is nice. Overall, though, I’ll probably be returning it. I don’t want something where I have to pay $70 extra per year so I can see the cell signal. That’s completely unacceptable. Turgeon, who was represented by Erica Shively and Doug Parr, testified that he was flying the … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Online””

By Eric Vang on July 7, 2018 • Malay

“Pocket Drone Buy”

Selain itu juga sudah terdapat kamera FPV dengan ukuran resolusi 720P dan kualitas gambarnya yang dihasilkan oleh kamera FPV syma X5UW juga sedikit lebih baik dari drone sebelumnya. Walaupun memang harga drone ini sedikit lebih mahal. Namun saat karena harga drone DJI sangatlah mahal dan tidak terjangkau untuk semua kalangan. Maka pada saat itu kalangan … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Buy””

By Tabitha Murphy on July 7, 2018 • Malay