“Pocket Drone Melhor”

That’s where the Spark kicks in. With a very aggressive price tag and excellent specifications, this could indeed be another major success for the drone giant. 2 kilometers of range and cca 15 minutes of flight time, in addition to the FHD camera, make up for an awesome package that’s already available for pre-orders. With all that being laid out … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Melhor””

“Selfie Drone Guardian”

Legal prison cellphones are “a major safety issue” that is getting worse, said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, announcing that the agency would support regulatory changes that would make it easier to jam cell phones inside federal Bureau of Prison facilities. Our products prime purpose is providing the user with a convenient and available option of taking … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Guardian””

“Melhor Drone Com Gps da Câmera”

Just a heads-up before answering the next few questions – there’s no “one size fits all” methodology on the line when it comes to GPS, Altitude hold, hardware stabilization and range. It’s all a highly subjective matter and instead of telling you what to buy, I’m going to give you my honest opinion about how … Continue reading ““Melhor Drone Com Gps da Câmera””

By Bernard Mitchell on May 15, 2018 • Portuguese

“Pocket Drone Juice”

Which brings me to the escape plan. How do you lose an R1 that has been told to follow you? Here’s what worked for me: Find a tree. Run around it very precisely, just fast enough to stay exactly opposite the drone, so the tree trunk blocks its view of you for seconds at a … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Juice””

By Gregory Barlow on May 14, 2018 • Portuguese

“Best Pocket Drone Review”

When it comes to controlling options, 3DR Solo grants you a responsive console-style controller as well as a dedicated 3DR Solo app for both Android and iOS platforms. With the app, you are able to unleash Solo’s full potential with a wide array of available features. These features include one touch aerial selfies, smart flight … Continue reading ““Best Pocket Drone Review””

“Selfie Drone Hk”

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“Selfie Drone S7 Review”

Operating range (when paired up with its dedicated controller) goes up to approximately 2 kilometers which is miles (figuratively and realistically) ahead of similarly sized competition. Camera is breathtaking too. You’ll get a full HD sensor that incorporates an integrated 2-axis gimbal for stabilization purposes. Needless to say, the image quality is brilliant and will … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone S7 Review””

“Black Magic Pocket Camera Drone”

Even though it does not have a 4K drone camera like the 2 last selfie drones in this list (Wingsland S6 and Zerotech Dobby), it is still capable of providing you with quality aerial shots with its 13mpx FHD camera with 190-degree lens. It works with both Android and iOS devices and supports FPV transmission which, of course, allows … Continue reading ““Black Magic Pocket Camera Drone””

By Darryl Hines on April 27, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drones À Venda”

Like I said above, this is not a one size fits all scneario meaning altitude hold is not essential for every selfie drone out there. However, mid to high end models all come equipped with them. This draws to a conclusion that altitude hold is somewhat of a huge deal, right? v) Communications (including electronic … Continue reading ““Selfie Drones À Venda””

By Clyde Foster on April 25, 2018 • Portuguese

“Pocket Drone 124 Problema”

2012 HOV Lanes in Novato (A1): Addressed congestion by adding HOV lanes through median widening, which included northbound HOV lanes from Highway 37 to north of Atherton Boulevard and southbound HOV lanes from Highway 37 to Rowland Boulevard. Voy a terminar con otro elemento de considerar a la hora de ciudad tu dron: las baterías. … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Problema””

By Bernard Mitchell on April 23, 2018 • Portuguese