“Drone 720x Range”

Redundant Electronic Design: Borrowing techniques from full-sized aircraft design, we’ve built in redundancy into hardware and software design.  This allows backup to take over if primary systems fail – and brings your smartphone home safely. SAFE & FUN: O drone Spyder torna o vôo incrivelmente intuitivo e fácil. Execute acrobacias extremas, voltas e truques com combos … Continue reading ““Drone 720x Range””

“Pocket Drone Rtf”

Let’s start with the DJI Mavic Drone. As you can tell I loved it, it has all the features you can wish for in a drone and it can even stand head to head with the larger and more expensive DJI Phantom 4 even with its smaller form factor. So if you have the money … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Rtf””

“Selfie Drone Photos”

I tried two models: the Rova, a $299 quadcopter with a 12-megapixel camera, and the $399 Yuneec Breeze 4K, a 13-megapixel drone capable of shooting in ultra-high definition. My plan was to set up the drones and take some shots of my family as we sat on the couch in the living room — pretty … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Photos””

By Bernard Mitchell on June 22, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drone Price No Nepal”

Priced at about $50 at the time of writing this article is a simpler cheaper copy of the Dobby Selfie Drone. Of course, at this price point you can expect the Elfie drone to lack the advanced features of the more expensive selfie drones, and it is true. The JJRC H37 or “Elfie” does not … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Price No Nepal””

“Pocket Drone 124 Headless Mode”

On a per-share basis, the Novato, California-based company said it had a loss of $1.89. Losses, adjusted for pretax gains, came to $2.27 per share. The results fell short of Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of eight analysts surveyed by Zacks … The next wave of personal drones may fit discreetly inside of your … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Headless Mode””

By Gregory Barlow on June 20, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drone Smallest”

720p cameras are a common sight in the low-end side of the market. In addition to that, there are also high end models that have 4K ready cameras but rely on 720p for FPV and VR purposes. Live streaming 720p is not nearly as demanding as FHD or 4k so heftier models can even record … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Smallest””

“Pocket Drone Review”

Changed your mind? Our 30-day return policy gives you ample flexibility, no questions asked. The confidence we have in our supply chain and products underpin our commitment to our customers. Terms and conditions apply. FAA Approves Drone As ‘Cell Phone Tower In The Sky’ For Puerto Rico : The Two-Way The aircraft is called the Flying … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Review””

“Drone Do Selfie”

Even through it’s not the best selfie drone available, GeniusIdea Follow spots a 4K-ready camera with digital image stabilization. Unfortunately, this only works in full HD so 4K is apparently a no-go for smooth videos/photos. Don’t let this drive you away since the image quality in FHD seems more than appropriate for the price. As for … Continue reading ““Drone Do Selfie””

“Drone With Cell Phone”

And last but not least, it is important to mention that the Mavic Pro comes with obstacle avoidance and dual GPS+GLONASS positioning system, which, on top of its 27-minutes in-air-endurance, make up for an outstanding all-around drone that will definitely find its way into the hearts of many. So maybe this is not for the “average” consumer but more … Continue reading ““Drone With Cell Phone””

By Gregory Barlow on June 19, 2018 • Portuguese

“Pocket Drone 124 One Key Return”

The most important thing of every selfie drone is its camera, and it is pretty safe to state that Dobby does not disappoint in that department. With its 13MPX built-in camera, it is able to capture high-quality aerial footage… and most importantly – crystal clear selfies that will be the main talking point of your next … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 One Key Return””