“Pocket Drone Follow Me Mode”

This model is infact another extremely popular drone model for those who just want to experiment with a selfie drone. It is extremely affordable, being less than $50 while still having all of the features one would need from a selfie quadcopter. Return policies on the cheapest drone options out there tend to seem strict, … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Follow Me Mode””

By Darryl Hines on September 8, 2018 • Portuguese

“Ultimate Selfie Drone”

The race has been on for the past year to find the ultimate FPV drone under $100: many pilots know how awesome and drones such as the Dji Phantom 4 are, but they are in a completely different price range. For these types of drones, the craft is driven or piloted remotely from a first-person … Continue reading ““Ultimate Selfie Drone””

By Darryl Hines on September 6, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drone Business”

★WIFI App control & remote control function: This cell phone drone supports any IOS and Android phones.The mobile phone connected to the wifi of quadcopter,then the quadcopter can be controlled by the APP, wifi just as a pure signal to transfer the hotspot that doesn’t waste the traffic of the phone.Unique remote control function of … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Business””

By Clyde Foster on September 6, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie With Fallen Drone”

This will give you full control of your E50 as well as the ability to view exactly what the quadcopter is capturing via a video downlink. You can also store the pictures and the videos that you take onto your smartphone. Vito Dronelli is a tech enthusiast, blogger, and a father of two. During his … Continue reading ““Selfie With Fallen Drone””

By Jack Burris on September 5, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drone Auto Follow”

While there are few drones that accept your smartphone as the only input method, don’t forget that you can enhance or augment most flying experiences by adding your phone or tablet into the mix. DJI is a primary player in this setup, most of their drones are made to be control by remote, but then … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Auto Follow””

By Gregory Barlow on August 31, 2018 • Portuguese

“Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Unboxing”

The ingredients to make a good movie were all there but in the end Drone is just an average movie. Not awful though but certainly not great either. The cast and the acting were not bad, just not award winning acting let us say. I was expecting a lot more action but besides the first … Continue reading ““Fq777-124 Pocket Drone Unboxing””

By Clyde Foster on August 31, 2018 • Portuguese

“Selfie Drone Jumia”

Baby CareBaby Diapering, Baby Feeding, Baby Gear870 Bedding & BathBaby & Kids Bedding, Baby & Kids Blanket…212 Books, Music & MoviesFamily & Parenting Magazines, Kid’s Musi…462 Boys FashionBoys’ Accessories, Boys’ Clothing, Boys’…1273 Furniture & DécorBeds & Cribs, Changing Tables, Dressers…624 Girls FashionGirls’ Accessories, Girls’ Clothing, Gir…1867 Thinking better of making my first test flight indoors, … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Jumia””

By Jack Burris on August 28, 2018 • Portuguese

“Cell Phone Controlled Drone”

What can I say? am I a sucker? hmmmm you be the judge.. I was about the head out to Aruba on a cruise, thought it would be cool to some sky footage of the mountains.. or at least a few selfie pics…. So lets start with the arrival of my drone…. Its debut makes … Continue reading ““Cell Phone Controlled Drone””

By Clyde Foster on August 26, 2018 • Portuguese

“Pocket Drone Update”

Since their inception, smartphones have been confined to only two dimensions – limited to roam the earth at ground level.  It’s time to set your smartphone free! Grant your smartphone access to the third dimension with PhoneDrone! The PhoneDrone is a remarkable device that gives your smartphone wings, allowing you to deploy your iPhone or … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Update””

By Darryl Hines on August 22, 2018 • Portuguese

“Drone 720x Price”

The Altair company is based in Lincoln, NE. We actually did a full review of this drone and you can read about it here. The founder Matt Cookson and I spoke on the phone and he explained his plan to offer excellent customer service as one of the primary perks for the Altair drone. It … Continue reading ““Drone 720x Price””

By Jack Burris on August 22, 2018 • Portuguese