“Selfie Drone Au”

Soar over the skies with the Yuneec Typhoon H drone. The gimbal camera mount rotates a full 360 degrees, capturing all the action from the air, while the six rotors and the carbon fiber build lets you fly it smoothly. The Yuneec Typhoon H drone has a failsafe system that stabilizes it, preventing it from … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Au””

By Francis Mason on September 11, 2018 • Romanian

“cel mai bun drone cu camera GPS”

This heavily depends on the type of work you do and how prepared you are as a pilot/photographer. It can range between enough money to barely make a living to living life on easy mode… It all comes down to a whole heap of variables, many of which under your command. If you’d like to … Continue reading ““cel mai bun drone cu camera GPS””

By Ola Dickson on September 10, 2018 • Romanian

“Pocket Drone Germania”

This data privacy statement was set up in order to inform concerned persons how their “personal data” (now termed PII to “Personally identifiable information”) is used on the internet. PII, according to US data protection laws and information security, identifies information that solely or in connection to other information, can be used to identify, localise … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Germania””

By Charlie Ramsey on September 3, 2018 • Romanian

“Pocket Drone 124 Fiyat”

2) The other thing I didn’t care for was that it only has auto level mode there is no rate mode, of course, no toy Quadcopter that I know of actually has a rate mode so maybe I shouldn’t count on it but everything else about this vehicle is excellent. Other than that, it is … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Fiyat””

By Francis Mason on August 29, 2018 • Romanian

“Duel Drone”

Built-in Blade Guards: The VIDIUS HD features a new and improved blade guard design which securely fastens the blade guards between the top and bottom body components, ensuring that they stay on during impact, providing greater protection for your drone, while still remaining removable for those that like a good thrill. The drone knows your face, … Continue reading ““Duel Drone””

By Sallie Kane on August 19, 2018 • Romanian

“Cel mai bun Drone cu camera Ebay”

Can we extend that to the rest of the states, not to mention Roman amphitheaters in the French countryside? As an admirer of travel videos, I am wowed by the capabilities of the selfie-drone. That doesn’t mean I care to watch play-by-play footage of my vacation. Or spend that vacation hauling a drone in my … Continue reading ““Cel mai bun Drone cu camera Ebay””

By Sallie Kane on August 19, 2018 • Romanian

“Selfie Drone la Ces”

The second method is a delayed photo mode in which the drone will fly off and then capture an image after the timer runs out. This will give everyone enough time to snap the perfect pose, there’s no doubt about it! Every good selfie is based on an interesting location. Whether we are talking about … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone la Ces””

By Francis Mason on August 18, 2018 • Romanian

“Stiri Pocket Drone”

The Holy Stone Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone is a good choice for drone training. It offers headless mode, 3D flip and roll, three different speed modes, ultra-responsive motors, and colorful LED lights for night flying. It uses a six-axis gyro stabilization system and low-interference 2.4GHz technology for six to eight minutes of flying time … Continue reading ““Stiri Pocket Drone””

By Sallie Kane on August 17, 2018 • Romanian

“Pocket Drone Camel”

Compared to the first two picks, the Syma X5SW-V3 has a few extra features. It’s still a great beginner’s drone at an affordable cost. Keep reading to see if these extra characteristics appeal to you. I love the selection but I also would recommend the Cheerson CX-10WD CX10WD MINI. It’s price is a bit high … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Camel””

By Gregory Barlow on August 16, 2018 • Romanian

“Pocket Drone aparat de fotografiat în India”

If you are interested in buying the DJI Mavic Pro, you can do so with the Gestures feature. Initialize takeoff from your hand and position Mavic Pro on an altitude higher (and away from you) than 10 meters. When positioned properly, simply signal with your hands (make a frame with both of your hands in … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone aparat de fotografiat în India””

By Sallie Kane on August 16, 2018 • Romanian