“Pocket Drone Hong Kong”

The UDI U818A is a fun and easy beginner quadcopter with a camera. This is a good choice if you are looking for a toy-grade drone to shoot some video for fun, and the quality of the footage is not that important. I’m sure most of you have already heard about Holy Stone. They are one … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Hong Kong””

By Colette Kirk on May 20, 2018 • Russian

“Selfie Drone Pakistan”

This is a sleek and powerful option for affordable drones: many customers are calling it their favorite for the price. This one actually has quite a bit of speed, and is a blast to fly around at the drop of a hat. Carve a steady path through the skies with this easy-to-fly drone, which uses … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Pakistan””

By Tom Cooley on May 18, 2018 • Russian

“Pocket Drone Iphone”

GPS is always a big plus to any drone out there. If not for its ability to give your drone more stable movements in midair then surely because of all those supporting features that are implemented alongside it. However, for beginners,  paying extra for a GPS-ready drone doesn’t really make sense since they’ll mostly be … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Iphone””

By Ilene Huff on May 16, 2018 • Russian

“Selfie Drone Indiegogo”

The Phantom 3 has been seen for as low as $400 brand new in the last few months. Unheard of not long ago. At this price, a beginning pilot can enjoy some of the basics of assisted flight along with respectable cameras for your aerial photography. As consumers look for options for the best camera … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Indiegogo””

By Ilene Huff on May 11, 2018 • Russian

“Selfie Drone Hk”

This model, the U818A, boasts altitude-hold and a first-person-view (FPV) screen, so you can see exactly what the HD camera of your drone sees…in real time. Great practice for those of you looking to get into FPV racing. DJI Mavic Pro brings no compromises to the table with amazing 7 kilometers of range and 27 minutes of flight time, … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Hk””

By Tom Cooley on May 9, 2018 • Russian

“Pocket Drone Ii”

It’s worth noting there’s another version of the X4 that comes with a camera attached and usually isn’t much more expensive. It’s a shoddy camera, sure, and taking video with it shortens the X4’s already brief battery life, but it functions. Just be sure to buy a spare microSD card first. Arabic – مشاهدة الهاتف … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Ii””

By Tom Cooley on May 9, 2018 • Russian

“Drone 720x Specs”

You’ll get there but you want to start out in the stability mode and then slowly work your way up to the agility mode and when you’re in the agility mode you’ll see that the LED on the craft is red, so pay attention to the color of the LEDs blue is stability red is … Continue reading ““Drone 720x Specs””

By Tom Cooley on May 7, 2018 • Russian

“Selfie Drone Jumia”

[[VIDEOID:a4e90d2f0ac98da5b36615795c3ef19e]] This is a great small drone with camera, and the camera with 2MP is good enough for this price and size. The camera can also be used to record video during the flight. Although it takes some time to get used to the controller, it is pretty easy to connect the drone and control … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Jumia””

By Ilene Huff on May 2, 2018 • Russian

“Selfie Drone Wiki”

The VKWorld Z3310 is a basic cell phone that brings along great connectivity. It supports two SIM card slots and Dual-IMEI numbers. This means that you’ll be able to be connected to two network providers at the same time. Therefore, you’ll always be reachable on two phone numbers while using merely one mobile phone. With … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Wiki””

By Jessie Moss on May 1, 2018 • Russian

“запасные части для запасных колес Fq777-124”

The Bangkok Post reports that guards at the Khao Bin Prison in Thailand took possession of what appears to be a DJI Phantom drone laden with cell phones and accessories. The drone was snagged on a tree limb inside the prison compound. Well, even though drones are technically allowed to use in public places, there are still … Continue reading ““запасные части для запасных колес Fq777-124””

By Colette Kirk on April 29, 2018 • Russian