“Pocket Drone Anura”

The Yuneec’s photos downloaded automatically to my smartphone’s photo library (Rova offers this too, or you can store them on the airborne microSD card), and they came out crisp and colorful. I’d put the quality of the shots around the same level as my iPhone 6S, though it’s certainly easier to use the manual controls … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Anura””

By Eric Vang on July 18, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone S7 Review”

Finally, I should also mention Karma Grip, a nice little addition which will transform your aerial photography platform into a handheld or body-mounted one. It keeps the same image stabilization capability but adds an extra capturing method which is a great solution for outdoor activities. Un artículo que se utilizó anteriormente El artículo puede poseer … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone S7 Review””

By Ilene Huff on July 17, 2018 • Spanish

“Drone 720”

The DJI Mavic Pro is top of the line when it comes to selfie drones. It is also the most expensive, able to take all sorts of selfies in the best quality of all the drones listed. The Mavic Pro will fold down to a small compact size, It won’t, however, fit into your pocket and … Continue reading ““Drone 720””

By Eric Vang on July 15, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Wiki”

Even though DJI Spark brings forth an admirable set of features nicely poised with great battery duration and compact form factor… it is just too damn expensive. MJX Bugs 2W offers a lot of the same but at just a fraction of the price. It even has superior flight time and range (although this is … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Wiki””

By MartenDavis on July 15, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Blog”

This 100 bucks easiest drone to fly sports an HD+ camera which is, with help from its 6-axis gyro stabilizer, capable of shooting decent photos and videos. Combine that with headless mode and return to home functions and you will understand why this drone is so popular days. It’s very popular during winter and rainy days because of its … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Blog””

By Jack Burris on July 14, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone 124 Test”

It takes two hours to charge and can then stay in the air for 20 minutes before needing to be plugged in again. The device will fly a maximum of 15m and a minimum of 1.75m above its owner’s head, to avoid accidents, with an average speed of 15 miles per hour. The Hover Camera … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone 124 Test””

By Barbra Ware on July 14, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Air Selfie”

Only nuclear power can do it. The most promising method would be to shoot it in a kind of cannon. But – the G-forces will probably convert it into a solid piece of neutron matter. Which then will gladly just pas through the building, making a neat hole. El proceso de reparación toma, en cualquier … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Air Selfie””

By Eric Vang on July 14, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Cheap”

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By Ilene Huff on July 13, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone con mayor tiempo de vuelo”

Bastante tiene tecnóloga G que hace que mantenga la altitud así que a la altura que tu lo lleves se queda ahí sin necesidad de que tengas que estar ajustando esto lo hace muy estable y sencillo de usar Unfortunately, cheap drones that are not equipped with GPS usually end up just like mine did. … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone con mayor tiempo de vuelo””

By Eric Vang on July 8, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Nederland”

Now that you know everything there is to know about camera resolutions, it is time to take a look at the actual cameras. More precisely, a closer look at their sensors and the main 2 types that are available on the market. CMOS and CCD are their names, and today we are going to tell … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Nederland””

By Eric Vang on July 8, 2018 • Spanish