“Selfie Drone John Lewis”

So why should dronies be any different? Once again, for all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together, dronies need to be something which is not exclusive to the techies, or the geeks. This needs to be tech which is usable by the man on the street – the ones who will make … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone John Lewis””

By Ilene Huff on March 2, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone Iot”

Yavuz Ornek, profesor de la Facultad de Ciencias Marinas de la Universidad de Estambul, y quien dice que es un científico que habla por la ciencia, hizo estas audaces revelaciones “científicas” en una reciente aparición en un programa de entrevistas en el canal turco TRT que fue traducido por Hurriyet Daily News. Basó su narrativa … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Iot””

By MartenDavis on March 2, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone Helicute”

WIFI FPV REAL TIME TRANSMISSION: The live video will be shown on your phone ,you can see what the camera see at the same time . Seeing the world and Taking the pictures, video of the scenery ,famaily in various angle. The pictures and video store in your phone ,it`s easy to share them with … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Helicute””

By Jack Burris on February 27, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone Jumia”

We will start with the big boy of the group. The DJI Mavic is the most interesting drone we have seen from DJI to date. DJI is pushing its drones more and more into the mainstream by making them friendlier, but what makes it so special? Despite of its relatively moderate price the Dobby Selfie … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Jumia””

By Katheryn Conner on February 27, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone Price en Ghana”

Yep, that’s actually the price. And this is actually the cheapest model in DJI’s highest-end series. The DJI Inspire 1 costs a couple of rent checks, but it’s a better version of the Phantom, aimed at what some people call “prosumers.” In English, that means anyone grabbing this should be really into drones, really rich, … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Price en Ghana””

By Ilene Huff on February 27, 2018 • Spanish

“Selfie Drone Pocket”

With features such as GPS system, headless mode, altitude hold, auto return, follow me, and even an Android-powered controller, there is no doubt that this drone has all it takes for you to start off your drone piloting career. Ver producto • camara hd para video y fotos camra de 2mp y de gran angulo 120 … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Pocket””

By Eric Vang on February 27, 2018 • Spanish

“mejor dron con precio de la cámara”

Wingsland S6 will rise up in the air and start following you around, allowing you to take the perfect selfie whenever you want. Orbit option is good too, but I suppose it’s more oriented toward selfie videos instead of mere photographs. Los drones para hacer selfies están de moda. Lo que se ha dado en … Continue reading ““mejor dron con precio de la cámara””

By Barbra Ware on February 27, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone de Odyssey”

However, do not think these drones have some limitations due to their simplicity. Quite the contrary, pricier models such as DJI Spark or Wingsland S6 offer most (if not all) features that are popular with full-sized models. So basically, what I am trying to say here is that selfie drones serve as great learning platforms … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone de Odyssey””

By Jack Burris on February 25, 2018 • Spanish

“Best Drone con una cámara para principiantes”

The Rotolight Neo 2 is an LED light panel with the capability to fire its LEDs fast enough and bright enough to act as a strobe. Is it enough to make stills photographers re-think their old-fashioned speed lights? Read on and find out. The Fair Information Practices Principles are the foundation of the data protection … Continue reading ““Best Drone con una cámara para principiantes””

By Barbra Ware on February 25, 2018 • Spanish

“Pocket Drone Fq777”

1″ 20MP CMOS Sensor. NEW DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Drone Quadcopter with 1″ CMOS Sensor 4K 60fps Camera Gimbal. DJI GO 4 app. Control the drone from up to 4.3 miles away. Capture 4K Ultra HD video at 60 fps. If you desire to start your piloting career indoors, or just want to test the … Continue reading ““Pocket Drone Fq777””

By Barbra Ware on February 24, 2018 • Spanish