“Cep Telefonu Drone X Craft”

Hover Camera boasts with a miniature (tiltable) CMOS imaging sensor that can shoot outstanding 4K aerial videos. Unsurprisingly, the frame rate has been capped at 30 frames per second. Salt to the wound, HD and FHD are also capped at 30fps which means you’ll have to be satisfied with console-friendly framerates. If that’s not a … Continue reading ““Cep Telefonu Drone X Craft””

By Jack Burris on May 20, 2018 • Turkish

“Kamera ve Wifi ile En İyi Drone”

is one Syma’s most recent products, it is the upgraded version of the X8. Syma X8HG comes in different packages with different types of camera all produced by Syma. On this list we focus on the 8MP camera version as it has the best quality. The included camera is HD 8MP, capable of recording at … Continue reading ““Kamera ve Wifi ile En İyi Drone””

By Colette Kirk on May 18, 2018 • Turkish

“Selfie Drone Kıvılcım”

We cannot start this list without mentioning our favourite selfie-drone of all – the drones whose arms fold into to fit right in your pocket. If you want to see what this technology can do without spending a lot, this would be the perfect buy. Foldable & flexible aerofoils make the palm-sized drone compact, small … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Kıvılcım””

By Jack Burris on May 18, 2018 • Turkish

“Selfie Drone Au”

Quadcopters typically have an X or H square frame and are known for their stability and reliability. The four propellers on most quadcopters can generate enough lift to carry 1-2 pounds and can maneuver quite fluidly, even at wind speeds of 10-15 mph. One complaint is the low battery life, so make sure you order … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Au””

By Colette Kirk on May 18, 2018 • Turkish

“Kamera Forumu ile En İyi Drone”

Spec wise the Dobby Selfie drone has some nice features considering its price, for a start, it has an HD camera shooting stills at 4K resolution and giving you 1080p HD videos with its 13 MP camera. This camera produces some great quality photos and videos, while not comparable to the quality of the DJI … Continue reading ““Kamera Forumu ile En İyi Drone””

By Colette Kirk on May 18, 2018 • Turkish

“En İyi Selfie Drone? 100 altında”

To see if ShippingPass is right for you, try a 30-day free trial. Also, with ShippingPass, there is no need to worry about commitment. If you decide you want to discontinue the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No matter what your shipping needs, Walmart’s got you covered. Sign up for ShippingPass … Continue reading ““En İyi Selfie Drone? 100 altında””

By Colette Kirk on May 18, 2018 • Turkish

“Opvouwbare Cep Drone”

We have come to the end of our list of best drones with camera, best 2017 drones! So have you found the best drone for your budget and needs? The market is filled with amazing choices and the best have been added to this article. Please leave a comment below telling us what you thought … Continue reading ““Opvouwbare Cep Drone””

By Jane Romero on May 17, 2018 • Turkish

“Selfie Drone 720x İnceleme”

Regardless, things still get broken sometimes, particularly racing drones. A good model will offer a ready supply of cheap parts like rotors and struts to replace the broken ones, and will make it easy to swap these parts out when required. The same is true of batteries. Another thing is how they fly and the … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone 720x İnceleme””

By Jack Burris on May 15, 2018 • Turkish

“Selfie Drone Online”

1. Usually, motor with red and blue wires is usually a forward motor, while the reversed motor presents black and white wires. Diagonal direction motors have the same steering, adjacent motors have opposite steering. This is a very cool drone under $100 that is equipped with an HD camera, and does a great job of … Continue reading ““Selfie Drone Online””

By Jack Burris on May 14, 2018 • Turkish

“Selfe Drone Kaufen”

The ROVA is another drone for selfies which is priced at just under $300. Contrary to the selfie quadcopters we’ve seen above though, this drone is not foldable and is larger in size when compared to the ones we’ve seen so far. The best way to learn more about the UAV industry is to pilot … Continue reading ““Selfe Drone Kaufen””

By Jack Burris on May 13, 2018 • Turkish