Single battery cell voltage imbalance is a normal phenomenon. Large current discharge will usually lead to voltage difference. This may be caused by poor contact between battery and charger, and the customer should adopt balance charge mode to charge the battery.

Lo habitual en este tipo de entrada es empezar hablando de aerodinámica (si estás intrigado pasa por aquí) mecánica de vuelo y demás … y lo cierto es que estos chismes, aerodinámicos, lo que se dice aerodinámicos … como que no son. En realidad son un ladrillo (la batería) a la que se le pegan cuatro motores, dos pares de hélices contrarrotantes (para eliminar el efecto del par de la hélice) un GPS lo que unido a una electrónica que hace 10 años pensaríamos que era magia y que permite hacer maravillas sin mucha experiencia. Encima, estéticamente, recuerda a una araña que hace ruido (aunque los hay que han mejorado mucho estéticamente últimamente) Así que no te agobies. El chisme, si quieres, despega solo (no es que sea muy complicado hacerlo) y puede aterrizar solo (tampoco es que sea muy sofisticado) y lo mejor que tienen es una función de Return To Home que te lo deja a escasos dos metros del punto de despegue ¿que no te lo crees? Pues mira:

As the technology continues to improve, Drone Manufacturers are getting better at cramming all those sensors and chips into smaller packages, these improvements have made it possible to produce a more portable and consumer friendly drone that offers needed features and convenience. They have control options that make taking pictures and videos easy for anyone.

While smartphone powered drones are good for children and people looking to get into drone hobby, their high-end RC powered counterparts are good for professional work and more experienced users. So, depending on that, make sure you get this decision right before your purchase as it will greatly affect your drone piloting experience.

JJRC H42 Butterfly RC Drone LED Quadcopter. Type: Quadcopter. DJI Spark Drone & Access. Xiao MI Drone & Access. YUNEEC Drone & Access. Drone Battery: 3.7V 600mAh. Simulation butterfly shape: clever combination of butterfly and aircraft.

Currently most Selfie Drones use a companion app on your phone for control, the new trend “gesture control” seems to be a more user friendly option and the next improvement will probably be more voice control options.

Capture all your moments with the DJI Spark Drone. It remains stable so you don’t get a shaky video or image like you would with a hand held recording device. It is easy to control with your smartphone, hands or a controller designed specifically for the Spark.

It is going to also incorporate shields to look after the rotors and electronics from harm. Additionally, it makes an exceptional product due to its 29mm major rotor diameter and it might go as far as 40 meters in distance. The quadcopter can keep going for as long as there’s a battery, although the real engines and rotors may just last for few months before you must replace them.

Otro problema de la adicción al FPV es que pierdas el control del dron y este aterrice (por ejemplo, por batería baja) en un punto alejado (ya no hablo de kms) y tengas que ir a buscarlo son saber dónde. Vamos a hacer un cálculo rápido. Suponte que has perdido el dron y sabes que estaba a unos … 400 metros. Sabes la dirección aproximada, pero no con precisión, vamos a darle un ángulo de 15º a cada lado (30º en total) Pues si le damos un margen de 30 metros más adelante y atrás de esos  400 metros resulta que tienes un área de búsqueda de 60×200 metros de lado … 12.000 metros “tan solo” para buscar tu aparato. Si es un área despejada, pues bien, pero si es una zona con monte bajo, matorral, helechos, etc …la cosa no es tan sencilla ¿crees que exagero? Pues mira lo bien que lo encuentra éste piloto y mira que sabía con bastante precisión dónde podía estar su aeronave (sobre el minuto 7)

There are still risks present around completion of the app and beta testing. One concern is the large number of Android devices and the amount of testing that must be performed. We understand new challenges can, and do, always arise in design, validation, tooling, assembly, and delivery. But we’re ready for the challenges.

Speaking of future pro drone pilots and value. You don’t have to spend $200 plus dollars to pass the UAG Exam. There are plenty of low cost and event free online tutorials. In my case, I used a GooglePlay app call UAS107. Used it for 70% (30% FREE YouTube sectional chart videos) of my prep for the exam; and the app only cost me $4. Passed on my 1st try with an 85%. My total cost to pass the exam:

Between July 1, 2016 and the end of June this year,  officers seized 9,379  cell phones from inmates and visitors at all 67 Georgia correctional facilities, which include secure prisons and lower-level facilities. 

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Came on time and in good packing conditions.. Thus the two stars… Now lets get on with the rest of the stars, as you can see there aren’t any…. That is because I took it out of the box, read the page instructions.. charged the battery and got it to lift off as it shows.. however this is not stable, by the time I was able to stabilize the drone enough to take my hand off the controls to take the picture, the battery died and it lands.. getting a great shot of my knees.. Thanks but I have one… So as it come with two batteries I had already charged up the other one.. Started it up, and after all the adjusting I did to get it stable.. It was once again floating all over the place… I did try and make a video where I tried to stay in front of it but it just wansnt happening… And just so you know I am not an amateur, I fly FPV Racing drones and have my own aerial photography Business…

The Justice Department micro-jamming test is the agency’s latest effort to crackdown on phone use. In August, the Justice Department asked Federal Communications Commission regulators to come up with a way to stop inmates from using contraband cellphones, according to the Associated Press. Currently, the FCC can only give permission to block public airwaves to federal agencies, not to state or local ones—and telecommunication companies oppose such an action because jamming could interfere with legitimate cell users, the AP reported.

With all that information about phone controlled drones with camera coming to an end, it is time to wrap things up. Even though I’m clearly standing tall on the side of smartphone + RC controlled drones, don’t think that “smartphone only” models are useless. As you already had the chance to see, they’re all incredibly inexpensive (with the exception being DJI Spark which is sort of a hybrid between these 2 types). With that said, it’s only logical to expect they’re not going to be as “perfect” as those premium models from the second list. Both of them have unique uses.

While we had fun flying Dobby outside the IFA grounds (and taking the awkward selfie above), the first thing my colleague asked was, what is this for? It’s a good question. I enjoy flying drones generally, and shooting smooth high quality video. Dobby can’t really match something like a DJI in that regard. Of course, you can’t shlep a DJI around with you everywhere, which is the key selling point here. But, the number of times I’ve been caught drone-less when I needed one are few. That said, no one needed selfie sticks at one point (and I’m still not sure they do). Still, at $400, like I said before, put this one firmly on the executive toy list.