Now that being said it would appear that there is really no way of using this as a camera by any stretch.. Not sure if I got a faulty one or not really? but this is a first impression review.. Now it was cheap and I may change my review later as if I can use it as just to fly around my house.. but the controls are pretty tough to master, so I would not recommend for children as they would have a tough time controlling it..

Regardless, things still get broken sometimes, particularly racing drones. A good model will offer a ready supply of cheap parts like rotors and struts to replace the broken ones, and will make it easy to swap these parts out when required. The same is true of batteries.

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AirSelfie is a revolutionary pocket-size flying camera that connects with your smartphone to let you take boundless HD photos of you, your friends, and your life from the sky. Its turbo fan propellers can thrust up to 20 meters in the air letting you capture wide, truly original photos and videos on your device. The anti-vibration shock absorber and 5 MP camera ensure the highest quality images. And its ultra-light 61g form that slips into a special phone cover and charger means you can keep AirSelfie on you at all times. Say hello to the future of selfies.

If you have children or nieces and nephews that seem interested in electronics and engineering, this is one of the coolest things you could ever present as a gift. When you do learn to use 8a cheap drone with a camera, your skill set could grow as you graduate into more advanced drones, and you could pursue careers such as pipeline surveying and delivery.

The camera resolution is 1280×720. You can take still photos and record reasonable video. The image quality is nothing to get excited about. Still, it’s more than acceptable for a drone at this price.

I bought this drone for my little niece who has failed many flying toys, flying unicorn, flying princess, you name it. So we purchase this, we were hoping the drone would be better than flying toys although we didn’t expect it to be much better. To our surprise, it turned out significantly exceeded our expectation. Not only it flies, it flies really high and last for the entire 10 minutes. This is a wonderful and solid drone, super cool. It is neatly packaged and great stabilization. It is the best models available for this price range. The controller is easy to use – pretty neat to lift off with the button and land using the same button which is easy for kid to control. I played it in my backyard, it flied very high and I can still be able to control it with ease when it was high up. I highly recommend this drone, it is a solid one. Our whole family had a lot of fun with it. Best toy for the year.

Specifications are nicely finishing off Force1 F100’s story… and are going so with style. Starting off with the powerhouse, you will be happy to know this camera drone runs on powerful brushless motors. Combined with a hefty 2S LiPo battery, Force1 F100 can endure 10 to 15 minutes of flight time with ease. 10 is with the camera on and close to 15 is without it. As for the operating range, you can expect around 250 to 300 meters. A damn fine number coming from Force1 F100, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced users.

AEE Aviation Technology’s Selfly is a phone case that turns into a drone. Your first question is probably “does it fly with the phone in the case?” The answer is no. Which is undoubtedly for the best, since I don’t think it would do a very good job of protecting your phone when its battery runs out after four minutes. Even though it is a case.

Compatible with VR goggles, this is another FPV flyer. Offering up remote control or control by smartphone, the DBPower UDI U818A is a little less capable than the U842, but offers a smoother flight for better aerial footage. The live video stream works up to 100 feet away and can be viewed on your smartphone, just place your phone in the holder on the remote control for easy usage.

This is a sleek and powerful option for affordable drones: many customers are calling it their favorite for the price. This one actually has quite a bit of speed, and is a blast to fly around at the drop of a hat.

Do you have need for a 10-ship squadron of PhoneDrones? Maybe you have a big drone-loving family, you’ve upgraded your smartphone a few too many times, or you plan to program a choreographed aerial ballet. We don’t ask questions – but we do want to supply your bulk drone needs. Get the Mini-Swarm package of 10 PhoneDrone Ethos’ (White or Black) for the low price of just $1650.

And because this is meant to be used by regular people who have no interest in learning all the tech stuff related to flying a quadcopter this quadcopter does not come with a controller, but like the Dobby it is completely controlled by an App you install on your smartphone.