Even though some people would lament over and over that “You get what you pay for”, some of the cheap drones with camera on the market are excellent ways to immerse yourself in the hobby of piloting, and having a less expensive drone on hand is a good way to just get out and fly, and not worry about the possibility of damaging an expensive investment.

When it comes to the resolutions the good old rule “the more, the better” works like a charm. With that in mind, here’s the list of all resolutions you can expect to see from drones costing mere $50 all the way to $1000:

This is so much fun. I’ve bought a few drones that were a bit complicated and easy to crash. This one, however, is a trooper. It is easy to control and even if you have a crash it tends to just bounce back unlike other drones that sputter out and have to be repositioned to start back up. Very durable and the lights look so nice at night.

Stands for Bind and Fly. These drones come with receivers and batteries (and everything else) but lack transmitters. BNF are the majority in high-end FPV racing drone market where users already have top tier transmitters and only need the actual drones.

The DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Spark are three drones that sport all the features listed above. The all have mechanical gimbals, gesture recognition, mobile device controls, vision positioning systems, and decent cameras. Plus, they’re portable and easy to use.

Yakın zamanlarda bildiğiniz gibi Türkiye 4.5G’ye geçti. Artık mobil cihazlarınızdan internete girmek on kata kadar daha hızlı hale geldi. Yani 3G ile maksimum 28 Mbps olan hızınız 4.5G ile hızınız saniyede maksimum 375 Mbps olacaktır. 3G ile bir dosyayı indirmek süresi dakikaları buluyorsa 4.5g ile saniyeleri bulacak. Fakat SIM kartınız 4.5G’ye uyumlu değilse SIM kartınızı değiştirmeniz gerekecektir. Eğer isterseniz 3G kullanmaya devam edebilirsiniz. 4.5G’ye geçmek siz kullanıcıların tercihine kalmış bir husustur.

You need a special smartphone holder to attach your mobile device to the transmitter (included). Once fixed, start the WiFi and open the Syma FPV app. That’s about it. You’re now ready to take to the sky.

Interestingly when you first set up the drone you are not allowed to fly it indoors! Your first few flights you locked into novice mode which means that the drone needs to be flown outdoors with a GPS signal lock. After you have flown for 20 minutes the more advanced indoor mode is enabled, which also enables the dobby to land on your palm as well to take off by voice control.

720p cameras are a common sight in the low-end side of the market. In addition to that, there are also high end models that have 4K ready cameras but rely on 720p for FPV and VR purposes. Live streaming 720p is not nearly as demanding as FHD or 4k so heftier models can even record in 4K and live stream in 720p simultaneously.

If you are a first-time flyer and you are finding it difficult to get used to standard drone controls, perhaps headless mode will give you a better chance of getting things right. However, think of headless mode as a learning mechanism and don’t use it all the time since it will skew your muscle memory and you won’t be able to learn proper controls in the long run.

Capturing the perfect selfie with Yuneec Breeze is a piece of cake, and it’s not even surprising considering Yuneec are marketing the Selfie feature everywhere they can. So, what exactly do you need to do to get the best results? Well, first things first, before heading into the selfie mode, I’d advise you to fully calibrate the compass. Second, ensure your image quality and resolution are set up according to your plans. Lastly, enter the selfie mode and initialize takeoff which will make Breeze hover on approximately 2-4 meters away from you.