I suppose I must conclude, if you will never fly a different drone, or at least stick to drones that are as capable as the Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 and up, the Mavic Pro is a fantastic beginner’s drone. However, if you plan to try other drones, save the Mavic Pro until you’ve learned some basics of flight on a less flight-assisted machine.

The ingredients to make a good movie were all there but in the end Drone is just an average movie. Not awful though but certainly not great either. The cast and the acting were not bad, just not award winning acting let us say. I was expecting a lot more action but besides the first ten minutes where there is a bit of action the rest is all a bit too slow and sometimes a bit boring. It could have used a bit more suspense to keep it interesting. Also the story was too far fetched to make it believable, like there is no way a guy would just find out who exactly from the CIA would bomb his family. Not even an advanced spy would come with that information, let alone a random guy. The story was just too slow and not believable enough to make it a great movie.

On top of all that, there are also great futures to play around with. In addition to the standard ActiveTrack and TapFly, the Spark is equipped with a special feature called PalmControl which lets you control it with your bare hands. How’s that for an innovation, eh?! There is also another one called PalmLaunch which works in a similar way to PalmControl but instead of controlling you get to launch it from your hand.

One of the most exciting trends in drone circles is the rise of FPV, or first-person view, flying. Just like it sounds, this has you strap on a headset and see through the eye of a camera attached to the drone itself. It’s like using a virtual reality helmet, except not virtual.

If you have never owned a drone up to this point, then there is no doubt that you need a good practice. You need to hone your piloting skills and truth be told, Syma X5C is one of the best drones for beginners. There are more than few copies of this birdie available on the market which just goes to show what a good job the hardworking folk over at Syma did with it. So, having that in mind, let’s take a closer look and see what’s this highly popular entry level drone all about!

JJRC H37 Elfie was a major toy-grade pocket selfie drone success  that must have brought JJRC a ton of profit. Encouraged by just that, they’ve decided to up their game and have come up with Baby Elfie, an even better toy-grade flying selfie camera drone that could give you a couple of clues on what the aerial selfie game is all about. Driven by those words, we couldn’t resist but to take a closer look at it!

Now what is unique about this quadcopter is the inclusion of a watch that you can use to control the 7 Hawk4K Folding drone. The watch is cool, in principal at least, you do feel like James Bond when controlling a camera drone with your watch. However in reality things are a bit different. The watch has a total of 11 buttons some of which have dual functions along with the fact that the small buttons are not very responsive things get a little weird trying to fly this drone, which basically ruins this drone.

It has got an updated camera it also includes a power bank which I think is interesting and also has the ability,  if the drone happens to get lost in you can press a button and it will turn back to home.

It’s also worth noting that there’s been something of a history of customer service complaints directed at DJI over the years. Take a look at the user reviews on this model, for instance, and you’ll see 30% 1-star reviews, despite the device holding a 4.1 rating. Again, we’ll just stress that you truly understand what you’re getting into before you make any huge investments in drone tech.

An inexpensive UAV can still take a good battering. The most important thing here is the availability of spare parts should you need them. Breaking something is less of a problem when you can replace it.

We have a new entry of a foldable drone from a company called 7 Senses. The basic principle is the same as other selfie drones in the round up (except for the Elfie of course); foldable arms, small, easy to transport and a decent 4K camera which is mounted using a 3D brushless gimbal giving you great and stable photos and videos. The 7 Hawk4k folding selfie drone also has the typical follow me mode found in all other selfie drones. So by now you should be familiar with what you get when buying this quadcopter.

Whether that’s a good thing depends on who you ask, but from a consumer standpoint, it’s easy to see why such a passionate community has developed around these little machines. Their raison d’etre is aerial imaging — armed with YouTube and a GoPro, anyone can use a good drone to take sublime shots at angles that just aren’t possible any other way. With them, you can tell stories, gather research, or simply gawk at the world’s beauty. A smartphone camera and DSLR have their uses, but taking to the sky is its own kind of majestic. And even if amateur cinematography isn’t your thing, simply flying around is just pure fun.

Just like the question above, this one can also be divided into 2 drone categories and be further explained.Starting off with cheap (toy-grade) drones, when they completely run out of battery, they will, unfortunately, drop down from the sky.

It isn’t as stable, speedy, or sturdy as the Nano QX, but for half the price, it’s close enough. It’s about the same size, and its controller is similarly simple to get around. Its battery is about the same, too. It’s another popular model, so replacement parts are plentiful and easily available. And while it can’t pull off sharp turns and dives as easily, its beginner and “advanced” flying modes get you something around the same idea as the Nano’s.

Next up we have the Blade Nano. We are talking about a micro-sized ready to fly drone with awesome firepower. It sports tiny brushed DC motors and works on 1S batteries. However, those tiny motors are rather powerful and, due to Nano’s featherweight it allows insane throttle and speeds. But, is this little birdie good beginner drone?

Using this information, the quadcopter can automatically (and individually) adjust each of the four motors, enabling it to hover in place. The pilot uses a transmitting controller to pilot the quadcopter. It can either gain or lose altitude, move left and right on horizontal plane, or spin 360 degrees.

So, long story short – if you are a beginner but you still want a great drone that can do a lot (in terms of features) and still remain intuitive and easy to use, then MJX Bugs 3 is a great choice! With a fine array of supported action camera models and great flight stability, I am positive that there are not many better drones in this price range… only 4 of them to be more precise!

This drone is sold a numer of different names. In essence, the manfacturer produces this same drone for a number of different companies, with one of tem being JJR/C, the other being licensed as the Selfie Drone 7s. You can even see that the apps are actually identical.

Once you have downloaded the app from either Google Play or the App Store, you will have access to various features. On the screen you will be able to see your drone’s battery life, the number of satellite connections and strength of the signal. You will also be able to use the auto take-off and landing function or access settings, joystick control options and the smart functions.

Adından da anlayacağınız üzere bu, Phantom un 2. versiyonu. Şu sıralar 3. versiyonu da piyasaya çıkmak üzere. İlk versiyonuna göre en büyük avantajı daha uzun uçma süresi. İlk versiyonu yaklaşık 10 dk kadar havada kalabiliyor.-Gece vakti sahil kenarında ilk versiyonunu denize düşürerek bu süreyi test ettik 🙂 Bir dost kışın ortasında suya dalarak dronu ve Go-Pro yu kurtardı ama tabi ki drone çalışmaz haldeydi. Go-Pro suya dayanıklı olduğu için kullanmaya devam ediyoruz.-

Fotoğraf çekmeyi de çektirmeyi de çok seviyorsanız kamera sizler için önemli bir husus olmalı. Arka kameranın 13 ve 16 megapikselden az ön kameranın da 5 megapikselden az olmamasına, 4K çekim yapabilmesine özen gösterilmelidir. Şuna dikkat çekmeliyiz ki bir kameranın megapikselinden çok o kamerada lens kullanılıp kullanılmadığı, lens markası, sensör kalitesi de önemlidir. Dolayısıyla orta segment bir telefonda da yüksek çözünürlüklü kamera ve yüksek kalitede sensör yer alabilir. Eğer aklınızda almayı düşündüğünüz bir akıllı telefon varsa o telefon ile çekilmiş fotoğraflara bakabilir ya da en yakın Vatan Bilgisayar mağazamıza giderek istediğiniz akıllı telefonun kamerasıyla fotoğraf çekerek test edebilirsiniz.  Çok fazla fotoğraf ve video çekmeyi seviyorsanız kameranın çözünürlüğüne, gece çekim modlarına, flaşına, hd video kayıt özelliğine, özçekim modlarına dikkat etmenizi öneririz.  Eğer Apple marka bir akıllı telefon tercih ediyorsanız iPhone 7 Plus ve sonraki serilerinde bulunan Portre modu muhteşem portre fotoğraflar çekmenizi sağlar. Bu mod odağınızı netleyerek arka planı flu hale getirir. Doğa harikası bir manzarayı çekmek istiyorsunuz fakat ekrana sığmıyor mu? Pano modu ile ekranın ortasından fotoğrafınızı çekebileceğiniz bir kılavuz çubuğu ile geniş açılı doğa fotoğrafları çekebilirsiniz.  Ayrıca videolarınızı hızlı ve ağır çekim modlarında da çekebilirsiniz.