Cep telefonu satın alırken dikkat etmeniz gereken en önemli özelliklerden biri ekran boyutudur. Tercih yaparken taşıma kolaylığı, kullanım amacı ve avuç içinde kullanma kolaylığı gibi kriterleri göz önünde bulundurmanızı tavsiye ederiz. Eğer oyun oynamak, video veya film izleme gibi alışkanlıklarınız var ise büyük ekranlı telefonları tercih etmenizi öneririz. Ancak cebinizde büyük ekranlı bir telefonun sizi rahatsız edeceğini düşünüyorsanız daha küçük ekranlı bir telefon tercih edebilirsiniz. Baş parmağınızın erişebildiği en son noktaya göre ekran boyutunu tercih etmeniz daha fazla kullanım kolaylığı sağlayacaktır. Yapılan araştırmalara göre en çok tercih edilen cep telefonları 4.7” ve 5.5” arasındadır.

UPDATE: We called and emailed Holystone and they have delivered! Their customer service is outstanding! This is one of the reasons why after shopping for different quadcopter brands by reading the product reviews, the customer service factor was a huge consideration for me. So, we got the replacement 3-4 days after we called and emailed them about a problem on the trimmer with the first quadcopter sent. It definitely worked and performed way better. It took awhile before we figured out how to make it fly and try different things with it. So for those who almost or about to give up on their quadcopter, please call their customer service and they will be very happy to help you. I’m glad we did. It pays to be nice too.

The story here is similar to that of the Hubsan above: It isn’t super precise to control, you’re still best off keeping it away from any and all wind, and the battery only lasts 6-8 minutes on a charge. It looks and feels like the $45 toy it is.

The Mavic Pro is an excellent drone for selfies. It is definitely the most qualified to take all sorts of selfies and to take them in the  best quality of all the selfie drones listed in this review .

Important Note: Recently we find some sellers sell this product on our listing without permission. We LHISHOP will take any legal action necessary against those unauthorized sellers on the listing. In the meantime, we suggest customers choose LHISHOP’s products. Products from other seller might be fake and cannot enjoy the warranty provided by LHISHOP.

Totally great to have so many options and possibilities. This is like the best of the best in drone world. The range is insane and I can do all kind of stunts, it’s mind blowing the flips, turns and rolls they can do. Responsiveness is great and there’s a really good battery life to go with it. And it comes with a bunch of protective add-ons and extras so you always a high functioning drone.

Yuneec Breeze Drone With 4K Camera (Bluetooth Controller Included). Introducing Breeze, the flying camera designed with you in mind. Now capture aerial photos and video of your daily adventures effortlessly and do it in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition.

Günlük hayatımızın ve değişen dünyamızın vazgeçilmez teknolojik ürünlerinden olan telefonlar için tasarlanan ve üretilen aksesuarlar sayesinde, hem daha geniş bir kullanım alanına sahip oluyor hem de daha çok eğlenebiliyoruz. İlginç telefon aksesuarları sayesinde cihazlarımızı daha verimli hale getirmemiz de mümkün oluyor.

We’ve discussed cheap drones, the ones that you can afford to crash, but we’re taking a different perspective here today, these are the drones, regardless price, that are the best drones for beginners.

Stands for Almost Ready to Fly. ARF drone packages do not contain transmitters or receivers. In some cases, even the batteries have to be purchased separately. They are meant for more advanced users who know their way around drone parts.