Le Parrot Swing est compatible avec les smartphones sous Android 4.4 ou IOS8. Pour utiliser le smartphone, il faut télécharger l’application Freeflight mini.  Dans cette application, vous avez accès aux réglages des paramètres de vol, au témoin de la battérie et au bouton qui permet de faire des accrobaties.

The best part about this drone is the in built GPS which allows it to hold its position a lot better other drones. It has a 520 TVL camera (again with a very powerful 600mW transmitter) that transmits video in real time.

A cheap mini drone can be a super fun way to get kids interested in engineering, have fun indoors during the winter months, and learn the controls before you take charge of a much bigger drone. Finding a cheap micro drone on the market will take you a bit of research, and reading reviews beyond this one can help you analyze if there are some that just don’t cut it in terms of how well they are built.

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It does not have a “return to home” function, but for the price, has a decent camera, and high ranking reviews from many users. The transmitter will warn you of low battery, and the weight of this inexpensive drone is around 3.8 ounces. Here are some of the key features that will allow you to make the best purchasing decision:

What this means is ubiquity. As I watched the R1 tail Mr. Bry, I played the scene forward in my mind: What happens when dozens or hundreds of runners and bikers and skiers and hikers and tourists begin setting out their own self-flying GoPros to record themselves? Our society has proved in thrall to photography; if you can throw up a camera and get a shot of you reaching the summit, who’s not going to do it?

So, with everything stated above, the conclusion is basically coming on its own – with the massive popularity of selfies, it was just a matter of time before first selfie-oriented drones hit the market. And it did not take them a lot of time. First, there were those tiny toy-grade drones with awful cameras which were marketed like selfie drones. Then, there was an uprising on the market with the introduction of Zerotech Dobby, Yuneec Breeze, DJI Spark and so on… This revolution is still going on and it does not seem like it will end anytime soon, especially with talks of DJI Spark 2 hitting the shelves next year!

Très performant en vol, le Parrot Swing peut atteindre une vitesse de 30km/ h. Cette vitesse peut encore être améliorée. Pour cela, il suffit de d’incliner le drone. Plus il est incliné, plus la vitesse est décuplée. Pour encore plus vitesse, vous pouvez activer le mode Boosta

L’autre intérêt est que l’utilisateur peut, à loisir et grâce à son téléphone, choisir un plan de vol que l’appareil respectera ensuite. Si un autre smartphone est à disposition, il peut éventuellement servir de télécommande Wi-Fi ou de point de référence. Le drone suivra ainsi son propriétaire partout. Pour l’instant PhoneDrone n’existe qu’à l’état de projet mais il pourrait bien voir le jour si sa campagne sur le site Internet de financement participatif Kickstarter s’avère être une réussite.

DreamQii’s PlexiPack® HS carries everything you need to fly & film in one rugged & well organized hard shell backpack.  High grade composite materials & textiles provide protection while keeping you comfortable.

C’est un peu bizarre au début, mais je m’y suis habitué assez vite je dois dire. En mode As, le stick de droite se transforme en contrôle directionnel; en le touchant et en le déplaçant via votre pouce droit, vous pouvez faire tourner le drone de 90 ou 180 degrés dans n’importe quelle direction.

Now that you know everything there is to know about camera resolutions, it is time to take a look at the actual cameras. More precisely, a closer look at their sensors and the main 2 types that are available on the market. CMOS and CCD are their names, and today we are going to tell you more about them. Before going into details, I just want to let you in on a secret –  CMOS technology is much newer, but it doesn’t mean it’s better than the good old CCD. For once, it is cheaper to mass product, but has several key differences (or should I say, limitations?) when compared to CCD. Let’s check them out and see what are the key differences.

Une fois votre équipement pleinement opérationnel, vos LiPos chargées et une zone de vol adéquate trouvée, ne vous reste plus qu’à vous entrainer. Gardez toujours bien en tête les différentes règles à respecter dans le cadre du pilotage de drone et du vol en immersion, n’oubliez pas non plus de configurer vos FailSafe pour ne pas, au mieux endommagé, au pire perdre votre multirotor bêtement.

is one Syma’s most recent products, it is the upgraded version of the X8. Syma X8HG comes in different packages with different types of camera all produced by On this list we focus on the 8MP camera version as it has the best quality. The included camera is HD 8MP, capable of recording at 720p resolution with just a slight ‘jello-effect’. It’s an FPV camera and transmits live video via WiFi to a free to install app on your Android or iOS smartphone. It’s a camera made by Syma itself and it does compete with the low-cost sport action cameras. If you prefer to use another action camera the included mount also supports others. Syma X8HG has a very useful feature for photography and videography (Altitude Holder aka Barometer Set Height), basically the drone locks at a specific height, allowing pilot to focus on recording video and taking photos. Syma X8HG has a short range of 70 meters and an average flight time of up to 7 minutes. It’s definitely not the best live camera drone on the market, but for this price it’s good buy.

One of our biggest challenges was to connect the Flight Control Computer (FCC) and main CPU, which is in charge of vision recognition and cameras and connect it into a complete system. We are using the best middle-class CPU available which enable PITTA to capture high quality images despite its compact size, including digital image stabilization.

This has a few upper-end features that make it differ just slightly from the U818A defined earlier in this article. The drone is pretty much the same model, but this package includes a power bank along with the extra battery, which is quintessential for charging on the go.

The HD camera can swivel 90 degrees and has four preset positions. Offers 4k resolution and 13 megapixels producing 1080p HD videos. The Dobby uses 3 axis image stabilization software to help stabilize your videos.

2. Sometimes the item in your order is really a hot seller and it may be just sold out at that time. It will take us 1-2 more days to get it available in stock again. In this case, The processing time will be 3 business days.

Lorsque vous piloter votre drone à une distance de plusieurs kilomètres, il arrive assez souvent que vous perdiez le signal radio avec le drone, cela n’est généralement psa génant car le drone récupère le signal rapidement et reste contrôlable. Néanmoins il arrive que la perte de signal du drone soit permanente et dans ce cas la, la fonctionnalité de Return to home devient extrèmement importante pour récupérer son drone et ne surtout pas le perdre !

Grâce à sa batterie Li-Po de 100mAh, le petit drone à une autonomie de 5 mn environ, ensuite il faut 30 minutes de charge pour que la batterie soit de nouveau pleine. La recharge se fait par chargeur USB.  Il faut aussi prévoir 2 piles AAA pour la télécommande.

Another upside is that the camera on the Passport drone comes with a gimbal, but it is an entry-level one-axis gimbal. It even comes with a built it flash! Which is the first time I have even seen a drone with one.

At the moment, the best drone with a 720p camera is surely UDI 818Plus. This magnificent little drone with camera stands great across all departments and is portraying itself as one of the best value for money packages out there. And it really is true – for the money you will end up paying for this little bugger, it sure has a lot to offer. So, let’s skip wit the introduction and head straight to the reasons why you should go for UDI U818Plus!

Another cool thing about the DJI Spark, someone who never has used a drone before can fly it straight away. Within minutes of switching on the Spark you will be up and running, and taking dronies (drone selfies) with your hands.

Ces drones sont presque systématiquement radio-commandés. Aussi doté d’une caméra embarquée (rarement en FHD) afin d’avoir un retour vidéo direct et fluide grâce au mode FPV. (First Person View – Vision à la première personne).

This is for the drone only with all electronics installed so you can be back up and running in no time. Simply reinstall your camera, battery and props connect your remote to the aircraft and you will be back in the air.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition allows you to see the world from above and to share your photos and videos on social networks instantly. It maneuvers intuitively with a smartphone or tablet and offers exceptional sensations right from take-off. During each flight, an HD video is streamed to your smartphone or tablet to make you feel like you’re in the pilot’s seat. With AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition, you can take photos, make films and share your exploits directly on YouTube and social media with the dedicated free app. Never miss an opportunity to race, play, and challenge friends! The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition’s automatic piloting makes take-off and landing easy. Even a beginner can fly like a pro. With an exclusive, patented absolute control mode that adapts to your skill level, Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition inspires you to make the boldest loops. With a single button, you can even make your drone do flips.

You do receive replacement blades with the kit, which you may put to use immediately, since it can take just a bit to get used to the way that these handle. This would be a fun one for an experienced pilot to use that just wanted to blow some steam off indoors, or a great first purchase for someone who wants to really get into drones full-force during the future.