Being targeted at the average consumers, controlling the Dobby selfie drone is not very hard. For this, you can use an app installed on your smartphone (which luckily is available in English) and it also responds to hand gestures. Getting it airborne in the first place is cool and so high tech, you can either tap it 3 times or you can use your voice to command it to fly. Feels like I am Robocop or something!

The Nixie is a drone you wear as a bracelet. Once you launch it, it flies off, snaps a picture with its built-in camera and flies back to you in boomerang fashion. Co-founder Christoph Kohstall demonstrates a prototype at CES.

Equipped with the CGO3 camera, Yuneec Q500 is a serious contender for the best value for money drone on the market. In addition to that, it can also boast with adjustable image factors such as white balance, light exposure, resolution and so on. Is this enough to get it into the top 5? Well… Almost!

El Parrot Rolling Spider es un mini drone que viene equipado con unos protectores que además de proteger las hélices te va a permitir subir paredes y caminar por el techo. Además viene con un juego de hélices de repuesto. El Parrot Rolling Spider trae una cámara en su parte inferior que realiza fotografías que almacena en una memoria flash. El Parrot Rolling Spider lo controlas desde tu móvil o tablet mediante unos controles virtuales muy intuitivos y que responden a la perfección.

At $779.99 and with so many features, the X-Star Premium is a bit closer to an intermediate-level drone. The larger format lets your drone handle winds better, but larger drones are typically harder to control for beginners. It’s also more expensive than the other drones we’ve featured here, but the the smoother video (thanks to the gimbal), the 4K camera, as well as the long range and battery life make it worth it.

Anyone on the hunt for a best beginner drone will enjoy an item that is ready to fly, and provides a solid opportunity to check out what it’s like to get a drone in the air, land it, and see what type of models they prefer.

The quadcopter’s visual positioning system allows it to sense its surroundings and make indoor flight more safe, and its GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning ensures accuracy and safety during outdoor flights.

Unfortunately, cheap drones that are not equipped with GPS usually end up just like mine did. It flew away into the distance and I haven’t had much luck finding it. And I’ve looked everywhere. That’s probably because the drone remembered my last command input (which was full throttle and pitch forward) and flew further away for God knows how long.

The Breeze by Yuneec isn’t classified as a selfie drone, but it works just as well as one that is! At this time of writing, it’ll cost you around $500, which is great for all that you’re getting.

Podemos entrar en un menú de ajustes y configurar algunos parámetros, aunque particularmente yo no he tocado demasiado y funciona bien. Si que hay dos muy importantes, uno que es de ajuste horizontal y tendremos que pulsar siempre antes de empezar a volar para que se calibre el AR Drone y otro que nos activa el modo para volar en exteriores, ya que no es igual que si lo usamos en interior.

Fortunately, a number of companies are putting together ready-to-fly (RTF) or almost-ready-to-fly (ATF) drones, making it very easy to get started. When I bought the DJI Phantom 1 quadcopter, I was able to build and calibrate it within 45 minutes, and when I bought the Hubsan H107L quadcopter, I flew it within a few minutes of opening the box. Talk about instant gratification.

Slowly but surely, we are reaching the most expensive drones in this list. This beefy little fella is one of Hubsan’s top models, ready to make a proper name for itself out there on the market. It sports a sleek design and looks (feels) pretty damn sturdy. But, what else can Hubsan H109S provide us with?

The other difference here is in the camera. The Inspire can also shoot up to a 4K resolution (with a max of 4096 x 2160) at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second, and it uses a sturdy 3-axis gimbal to keep your shots steady.

One problem with this drones often happens when you reduce the throttle of the quadcopter/drone begins to fall if you suddenly kick on the throttle attempt to recover often wobbles often out of control and we’ll still crash, this doesn’t do that it simply snaps upright recovers and keeps ongoing.

Swiss Olympic skier Lara Gut wiped out on a run last week, and slid straight into a group of photographers shooting the action from the sidelines. Getty photographer Sean Haffey kept on shooting as Gut slid towards (and eventually hit) him.

If you’re an Apple fan, you will really like this drone. The build quality (and design) is nothing short of spectacular. It sports a minimalistic, clean white finish and awfully resembles DJI Phantom series. The controller breathes the exact same qualities as well – with its huge 7 inch LED display for FPV monitoring it will surely stand out from the crowd. What else stands out? Let’s take a closer look and see!

Personally, I think selfies are silly, but I can’t help being impressed by the tech and the design of this little thing. So tiny and that sharp design with the recessed blades… very cool. The 3 minute flying time seems like a real limitation though…. I think that’s where the tech really needs to go; better batteries.

This is the most technically advanced selfie drone today. If you are looking for a small drone you can bring everywhere, that still takes great photos and video or if you are a beginner who loves taking videos and photos I think this is the best selfie drone on the market.

This original JJR/C H98 quadcopter is equipped with 0.3MP camera, allows you to take photos and record video. What are you waiting for?. Just come and get it! Item name: H98. 1 JJR/C H98 RC Quadcopter.

Por último hablar de mini drones con un coste inferior a los 20 euros y que son perfectos para regalar o para empezar a volar por poco dinero. El mejor mini drone calidad / precio es el Eachine H8. El Eachine H8 es un mini drone perfecto para empezar a volar que por unos 18 euros lo puedes comprar en Amazon y que no te va a defraudar.