What if cell service from a drone could save lives? Earlier this summer Verizon tested to see if they could provide cell phone coverage from an airborne drone to first responders in case of an emergency, i.e. right after an earthquake or hurricane. The tests were being conducted in Belleplain State Forest under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Association, which had granted special permission to Cape May to conduct the exercise. The FAA did require a special chase plane to follow the drone.

In the end, I would just like to point out one more thing and that’s weight. Believe it or not, Yuneec Breeze weighs less than a pound and is rather compact (when folded), allowing it to fit into virtually any type of backpack or purse. That makes it ideal drone for travel. All in all, Yuneec Breeze is definitely one of the best selfie drones available on the market.

Prisons spokesman Chris Gautz said drones have twice been used to bring contraband into prisons but the drone flyers were not found. He said that the three who were arrested were relatively close to prison fences.

Walaupun kamera drone yang rata-rata kualitasnya jelek, paling tidak sudah dapat merekam dengan video sampai dengan mengambil foto selfie. Apalagi bila terdapat fitur kamera FPV atau first person viewdimana dapat melihat secara langsung gambar video dari drone tersebut seolah-olah anda menjadi pilot dari drone yang anda miliki.

This is a very small bundle of fun. This is a blue and white smaller model that we rank high for it’s toughness in design: for the size, it may be about the most durable on the market. There is also a built-in gyroscope for stability, and the flight time is right at 5 minutes.

It is safe to say we are slowly moving to the top half of the list. At the 7th spot, we have the Wingsland S6 pocket selfie drone. It is a beautifully designed foldable cheap selfie drone with solid characteristics and a great camera. It’s quite more expensive than GI Follow, but has great specifications to come along with the price.

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It’s has been receiving a massive amount of publicity through various forms of media so it’s quite a household name. With that said, is it really that good as everyone claims it is? Well, why don’t we find out!

It’s a car, nope, it’s a quadcopter? Parrot is not offering both in one device, but the MiniDrone Rolling Spider has large wheels that can spin along, adding a new level of fun and safety to indoor flying. These are not powered wheels, but they do protect the drone from crashing, allow you to scoot along the floor when there is not battery life left to take off, and have fun ‘crawling’ up walls when there is power.

Similar incidents have been happening around the country, and now, it has happened in the Valley. Keeping contraband out of prisons is a top priority for the state’s Department of Corrections, but technology presented a new challenge at Lewis Prison.

Once you start attracting clients, make sure you do your work on time and keep up with the marketing. Making a website featuring some of your work could be worth a shot too. Word of mouth will give you a lot of credibility so make sure your communication with clients remain both friendly and professional at all costs. Rinse and repeat until you’ve gained somewhat of a consistency in terms of clients. Congratulations – you’re now a successful aerial photographer. Thank me later! 😊

Mavic Pro dibanderol seharga USD999 (Rp13 juta). Harga ini termasuk dengan remote control. DJI juga menyediakan Mavic Pro tanpa remote control seharga USD749 (Rp9,8 juta). Baterai tambahan dapat dibeli seharga USD89 (Rp1,2 juta). Juga tersedia paket lengkap sehingga Anda tidak perlu repot membeli perangkat lainnya secara terpisah. Dalam paket ini, selain drone dan controller-nya, juga dibawakan dua baterai, baling-baling cadangan, charging hub, adaptor, car charger, dan tas bahu, semuanya dibanderol seharga USD1.299 (Rp16,9 juta). Harga tersebut adalah harga pasaran di Amerika, dan mulai beredar secara global

Pastikan drone sudah siap terbang dan tidak ada yang tertinggal. Periksa baterai transmitter, baterai drone dalam daya yang penuh, membawa baterai cadangan hingga prop guards (pelindung baling-baling) sudah terpasang.

There are two basic ways for computers to process the visual world. They can use cameras alone, or they can also use depth sensors, like lasers or radar, that precisely determine where objects are in space.

  WLTOYS DV686 yang versi tanpa kamera sangat cocok untuk pemula. Drone ini merupakan RC Quadcopter dengan frekuensi kontrol 2,4GHz dan 4 chanel 6 axys Gyro. Drone ini juga dibekali dengan fitur Headless Mode dan One Key return.

Umumnya drone berkualitas mampu terbang sekitar 15 menit. Dengan waktu yang singkat tersebut Anda diharuskan mahir dalam mengambil gambar semaksimal mungkin. Hal ini yang membuat penguna drone harus memiliki keahlian khusus.

My first drone. Picked this one because of consistent reviews as a top performer, especially for the price. Hasn’t disappointed. I had an issue when I got the first drone so I emailed the company. They emailed me right away and sent a replacement that very day as well. Unbelievable customer service. I saw some reviews complaining that the home and headless functions didn’t work. I haven’t had that problem and the flip feature is very cool. I would definitely purchase this again.

But these selfie drones are only the beginning for casual drone photographers — more will undoubtedly hit the skies soon. DJI’s just-announced Spark drone could be a great selfie drone, for example. While the Rova and Breeze were fun for a few flights, I’m not sure I’ve found an airborne camera crew for my family’s adventures yet. Still, I did discover the one thing more annoying than a dad with a camera: A dad with a camera drone.

Yang menarik dari drone ini adalah desainnya yang sangat baik dan terlihat moderen. Selain itu kemampuan terbang yang sangat mudah dikendalikan. Sangat kami rekomondasikan untuk pemula yang ingin belajar menerbangkan drone.

       Sekarang sudah banyak drone yang memiliki fitur – fitur yang bagus. Nah salah satu dari fitur yang sedang booming terutama bagi pemula adalah fitur auto take-off dan auto landing. Nah, jika anda tergolong sebagai pemula dalam dunia drone, pastikan anda membeli drone yang memiliki fitur tersebut. Sehingga ketika anda belum benar – benar bisa take-off dan landing sendiri, anda sudah bisa menerbangkan drone anda menggunakan fitur tersebut.