Watch this clip, recorded by the R1’s main camera, showing the drone following Mr. Bry. When he runs, it immediately follows him, ducking behind trees, speeding up to catch him, then slowing when he slows. Much of the rest of the clip goes like that; every step he takes, the R1 is watching him.

Facial and Target Tracking: as the name suggests facial tracking allows the drone to recognise an individual’s facial features and track them, meaning that if it has your face in its system, it can follow you to make sure you’re always in sight. Target tracking allows you to lock onto anything and have the drone either hover, follow or orbit it. Great for creating visually dynamic videos and getting awesome panoramic moments.

Most selfie drones are controlled using an APP you install on your smartphone or tablet, with programmed flight modes. Like “selfie mode” to make taking pictures and videos easy for anyone. Great for newbie pilots who want to focus on getting that perfect selfie “DRONIE” rather than worry about positioning the drone.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration of many drones flown in the US, for hobby or commercial purposes. To learn more about drone registration requirements, visit our Fly Responsibly page.

Solange man die Quadrocopter mit Bedacht einsetzt und die Gesetzte (Flughöhe/-ort etc). beachtet, bin ich ein total Fan davon! Und man kann super Dronies damit machen. Aber die Filme, die damit für Hobby-Flieger auch möglich werden, sind das Beste! Sobald ich das Geld zusammen habe, werde ich mir die Parror Bebop Drone holen! Die hat eine super Reichweite! Habe hier geguckt: . Da wird auch die optionale extra Fernbedienung (Sky Controller) genannt, die dem Quadcopter … weiter

Another third option is to combine the two modes above, using the controller and your phone at the same time. You see, the DJI Mavic controller has a built in holder for a smartphone and you connect the two with the built in wire within the controller, providing you with live feed to your smartphone and more complex autonomous modes and camera settings. The remote in the meantime will display more fine-grained control.

It comes in a foldable compact design and is only about 1 pound in weight. You can also get an FPV (first person view) feed from your camera to your smartphone, so you can see what the camera is seeing in real time.

HAFTUNGSAUSSCHLUSS: Im Vergleich zu Bildern, die auf dieser Website gezeigt werden, können zukünftige Versionen von AirSelfie geringfügige Änderungen am Produktrahmen darstellen, obwohl Form und technische Spezifikation die gleichen bleiben werden.

After the pilot selects this function, the drone will then follow the target without needing to use the pilot’s input for control, by use of sensors, and software that allows the device to lock in on certain objects. While this feature is activated, the individual flying can focus on their own choice of creative photo and video elements, not having to worry about the duties of stabilizing flight.

Wer hat sich nicht schon einmal gedacht: “Schade, ich habe gerade keine Drohne für ein Selfie dabei”? Wohl nicht allzu viele Menschen. Für diese Zielgruppe gibt es nun aber eine Selfie-Drohne, die sich zu einer Smartphone-Hülle zusammenfalten lässt. Die Selfly Camera sammelte auf Indiegogo 1,3 Millionen Dollar – Prozent des Zielbetrags. Nun wurde sie auf der CES präsentiert.