When you take a closer look at its features, then you’ll begin to understand that Yuneec Breeze is a proper flying selfie camera drone. With 5 smart flight modes including a Selfie Mode, you’ll be able to take all sorts of magnificent aerial selfies that’ll amaze everyone following you on social media.

And if the drone was just hovering, it probably wasn’t hard to hit. Those things hover perfectly stable… But only an idiot would fly one of those above people. Any number of failures and you now have a 3+lb object falling straight out of the sky… God, the stupid is going to ruin these amazing toys for the rest of us…

Interesting, could you please take another picture from under the car showing exactly where the hole was cut and the resonator was welded in? I’ve got a little bit of drone and will give the synapse ND’s a shot.

Despite of its relatively moderate price the Dobby Selfie Drone even has GPS built in so you can use your smartphone with the installed app to draw flight path for the quadcopter to follow allowing you to shoot some sweeping videos of you or other objects. It also has downward facing sensors allowing it to hold its place and hover while taking that great shot.

Now the technical stuff. The specs of the Hover Camera Passport drone are similar to those of the Dobby Selfie Drone; they both have a 13 MP camera that shoots 4K videos. However, the camera in the Passport Drone is meant for selfies and close up photos more than that of the Dobby, this is because of quite limited control range of 60 feet. Another similarity is that both are based on the Snapdragon chipset giving them great processing power to handle all the advanced features they both have.

As far as specifications are concerned, there is no doubt Yuneec Typhoon H is on top of the drones with camera food chain. This massive hexacopter, even though bulky, can still achieve good speeds. To top it off, it can also fly for quite awhile. 25 minutes for those of you looking for exact numbers. So yeah, almost half an hour of flight time nicely poised with 1.5 kilometers of operating range. All in all, the folk over at Yuneec definitely outdid themselves with this one. Yuneec Typhoon H is everything I thought it would be… and then some!

This Quadrone E-Merse Streaming Drone with FPV (first person view) Headset and 720P HD Camera gives you breathtaking, birds-eye views of the world around you and captures high-flying adventures with high-resolution videos and photos. Use the included remote with your smartphone to get live stream feeds via Wi-Fi and store videos on your mobile device or SD card. Perform aerial stunts like 360º turns, flips, twists and rolls, or take advantage of Flight Assist features to simplify operation. The drone has a charging time of 90 minutes and a flight time of 8 minutes. Measures 12.5in. dia. x 3.25in.H with a 14.75in. wingspan. Comes with a 4 GB memory card, 1 SD card recorder, a smartphone mount, 1 rechargeable drone battery, 1 USB charger, 4 extra blades, and a screwdriver. For ages 12+. Remote requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

When traveling to remote destinations, satellite positioning may not always be available, and your selfie drone will be prone to drifting. Not only can this be dangerous, but it’s also no good for the perfect selfie! Choose a drone that has vision sensors and hovers precisely in place, even without GPS.

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Model: DJI Mavic-Pro-PLATINUM-FlyCombo. DJI GO App-Based Control and Monitoring. 4 dB Quieter Than Mavic Pro. 2x Mavic. Looking for the DJI Mavic Pro PLATINUM?. Mavic Battery Charging Hub. Mavic Car Charger.

– Although I didn’t show an example, the camera has a “beauty mode” that records two photos when a picture is snapped. The first photo is an uncorrected photo, and the second photo is an automatically enhanced photo. This feature seems to be intended to enhance indoor low light photos. However, outdoor sunny day enhanced photos look washed out. As such, the samples shown in the video are of the original uncorrected photos.

This is definitely unique, and stands out among other micro drone choices available. This is one of the coolest controllers out there, and the fact that it is for such a micro quad makes it that much more awesome. The drone itself is an orange and white color, and has a flight time of around 5 minutes.

hey, you have bad phone. I has iPhone 5 and same troubles. Laggy, low resolution, freeze, … Now I have iPhone 6s, everything is good. And try set record resolution to 720, then fpv will be 720 too. If you have set record 1080, fpv video is only 480.

นอกจากยังมีได้มีการจัดแสดงโดรนเพื่อการเกษตร โดยการบรรทุกยาพ่นฆ่าแมลงได้ถึง 10 กิโลกรัม ในการใช้งานตามไร่นา โดยไม่ต้องใช้แรงงานคนเหมือนแต่ก่อนให้ได้ชมภายในงาน สำหรับผู้สนใจสามารถเข้าชมสินค้าต่างๆ ได้ภายในร้าน DJI 13 Store Thailand Promotion ที่บริเวณชั้น 2 ของโครงการ คริสตัล พาร์ค เฟส 3 ถนนประดิษฐ์มนูธรรม บนพื้นที่ 90 ตารางเมตร โดยราคาเฉลี่ยของสินค้า เริ่มต้นที่ 22,000 – 250,000 บาท หรือรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมที่: DJI 13 Store Call Center 086 331 1313

That’s right, this article is about the collision of two trending titans, the selfie world, and the drone world. The combination of ‘drone’ and ‘selfie’ has brought about a new viral sensation known as ‘dronies.’

Smartphone WiFi Remote Control – You can control your drone with wifi connection to your phone(ios or android),your phone will receive real-time transmission from the camera on the drone! The pictures and video store in your phone ,it`s easy to share them with your friend.

แกะกล่อง DJI Spark | ต่างยังไงกับ Mavic? | Third Nuntawat – […] ส่วน On field test ลองใช้งานในสถานการณ์จริงจะเป็นอย่างไร ได้ภาพประมาณไหน ตามไปดูได้ที่นี่เลยครับ DJI Spark | ทดสอบการใช้งานจริงด้วยมือถือ […]

Being small, lightweight and portable makes it very quick to get into the air. DJI realized that some people might be intimidated by drones and took steps to make Spark very user friendly.  By including the best technology and features of its bigger brothers and put them into a small, easy to fly package.

At first sight, the Mi Drone is not much different than your regular quadcopter: it features a fully-rotatable 4K camera (a cheaper version with a 1080p cam will also be offered) stabilized on a gimbal, and there is a remote with a holder to attach your Xiaomi smartphone and use it as a viewfinder.

The company does not expect Lily to spark privacy arguments. “Lily is always pointing at you and less than 100ft from you. Also, Lily’s motors make noise,” explains its FAQ, in response to a question about spying on neighbours.

While the exterior of the Mavic is vastly different from other DJI drones, the underlying components and software have a lot in common. For starters, they both have the downward facing optical sensors allowing the drone to stabilize itself and hover midair even when it is a bit windy around. This also gives the Mavic the ability to hold its position indoors where there is no GPS signal.

We’re going to cover not one, but  Six Outstanding Selfie Drones.  If you’re interested, read on and decide for yourself which of these flying sidekicks would be best at helping you take your next dronie.

In the end, I would just like to point out one more thing and that’s weight. Believe or not, Yuneec Breeze weighs less than a pound and is rather compact (when folded), allowing it to fit into virtually any type of backpack or purse. That makes it ideal drone for travel. All in all, Yuneec Breeze is definitely one of the best selfie drones available on the market.

But these selfie drones are only the beginning for casual drone photographers — more will undoubtedly hit the skies soon. DJI’s just-announced Spark drone could be a great selfie drone, for example. While the Rova and Breeze were fun for a few flights, I’m not sure I’ve found an airborne camera crew for my family’s adventures yet. Still, I did discover the one thing more annoying than a dad with a camera: A dad with a camera drone.

After more research I learned about helmholtz and side branch resonators. They seemed like a cure all for sure. If you’re not familiar with this, Google it, plenty of information out there. The only problem is finding the right length and size. I took the plunge and ordered a pair of 12″ no drone resonators from Synapse engineering for $50 each. Took them to a muffler shop today, and even the installer was skeptical. After the short ride home, I couldn’t believe my ears, NO MORE DRONE!!!

We cannot start this list without mentioning our favourite selfie-drone of all – the drones whose arms fold into to fit right in your pocket. If you want to see what this technology can do without spending a lot, this would be the perfect buy. Foldable & flexible aerofoils make the palm-sized drone compact, small and portable.