First up, know your local laws. In the United States all drones over 0.55lbs will need to be registered with the FAA before you fly. You will also have to follow a strict set of guidelines that ensure the safety of others. Update early 2017: FAA registration has been suspended. Update December 2017 (current): You have to register your drone before you fly! Check out the following:

And now we have come to the four heavyweights in the new selfie drones market. The first model that fits in the top 5 drones in ths list comes from XIRO, a company which got famous for their XIRO Xplorer V model that had quite good specifications and a relatively moderate price tag to its name.

Why not Hubsan H501S ? One of the best quality/price drones with a lot of interesting features! Brushless,GPS, Follow me, FPV with monitor inseted in trasmitter, good battery about 20min, Altitude holder, RTH… About 220€ on gearbest

Er wordt niet actief op gecontroleerd in die zin zoals er op foutparkeren wordt gecontroleerd, maar als er meldingen binnenkomen zal je vanzelf een bezoekje krijgen van de plaatselijk politie… en zeker de gebieden waar het een groot risico is zullen meldingen doen.

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The official specifications are somewhat of a trivial matter. You see, brands aren’t lying when they say, f.e., their model has up to 30 minutes of flight time, but in reality, that flight time is actually 25 minutes. There’s a lot of variables that affect the airtime of a drone, and they all need to be taken into consideration when presenting us with a number. Unfortunately (for the customers of course), brands usually measure official specifications in optimal environments to create a better picture of their product. In other words, they don’t necessarily lie to us, they just skew the truth slightly in their favor. And everyone does it. I’m not name-calling here for that simple reason – everyone does it… and it seems as though we, as customers, already came to terms with that since we are merely silently protesting on various RC forums instead of doing something about it.

This quadcopter  hasn’t been designed for lengthy expeditions, instead, it is a perfect solution for those who wish to quickly capture high-quality photos and videos of themselves, their families and activities. 

GoPro Karma has great specifications too. Although many people were disappointed when they saw the difference between this one and DJI Mavic Pro. Needless to say, Mavic Pro sports incredible performance that Karma just doesn’t live up to. Despite that, you can still expect up to 20 minutes of airtime and 2 kilometers of operating range, neither of which are bad by any means.

This model is infact another extremely popular drone model for those who just want to experiment with a selfie drone. It is extremely affordable, being less than $50 while still having all of the features one would need from a selfie quadcopter.

If you want to get the best selfie game out of GI Follow, then your best method would be via the Selfie Mode. This will turn the drone towards you and you will be in the center of camera focus. Of course, to improve this scenario you can turn Facial Tracking on too. Even though some users have claimed this feature to be buggy at times if you manage to get it right I am positive it will provide you with a top tier selfie.

With the tagline #myflyingcamera, it’s obvious this is aimed at those wanting to take selfies with a difference (“dronies”, apparently). It comes with a “follow me” mode, for the real narcissists among us, which allows you to catch yourself from every angle.

Naast nieuws vind je ook video’s , bedrijven, events en forum over drones, oftewel de kleine vliegtuigjes zonder piloot ook wel aangeduid als multicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, helikopters, UAV en andere onbemande luchtvaartuigen en op afstand bestuurbare vliegtuigjes.

Ideally, you want your drone to fit into your backpack or purse so that it’s as convenient to carry around as your smartphone. Drone manufacturers have done this by creating relatively small foldable drones, as well as mini drones.

Dit soft frame hoesje is speciaal gemaakt voor de Samsung J530. Het beschermt uw smartphone tegen beschadigingen. De Samsung J530 Shock Proof hard case met TPU rand, is voorzien van de benodigde uitsparingen voor knoppen camera en toegangspoorten. Het ho

De DJI Inspire 1 wordt vooral voor professionele doeleinden gebruikt. Deze krachtige quadcopter beschikt over een intrekbaar landingsgestel waardoor de camera 360 graden kan draaien. De DJI Inspire 1 beschikt echter nog niet over het ontwijksysteem en mede daarom wordt er mogelijk binnenkort plaats gemaakt voor de DJI Inspire 2 drone.

With this drone, your days of unintentionally cropping someone out of your photos are over. Once you sync it up with your smartphone, you can steer it to a picture-perfect angle. Air Selfie’s drone can ascend about 30 feet in the air, so it’s great for stunning aerial shots, sprawling landscapes, and, yes, group pictures. 

Even for the novice, it’s easy to handle, via the controller provided, using your phone or tablet for first-person view. It’s the Phantom’s impressive set of tricks that set it apart, however. Tap an object in the view of your phone and the drone will lock onto it as you fly around to capture footage from all angles. It can also track moving objects. Battery life is a respectable 25 minutes and the range is 5km, though we never got to test this last statistic.

There are other cool options when buying as well. If you buy two of them, you can get them for only $64 each. And if you buy three of them, they are only $57 each. When buying four the price drops down even further. Ten drones are even cheaper, and again at 15 and finally 20. When you pick up 20 of the DroneX models, you get them for only $47 each. If you want to make money, DroneX also offers an affiliate program so you can resell them and make money from them as well.

Document your life in action with this Wingsland pocket drone. Its Follow Me mode lets you record 4K videos completely hands-free, and its stable rotating function provides reliable capture of 360-degree photos. This GPS-enabled Wingsland pocket drone flies nonstop for up to 10 minutes, and it has a convenient return-to-home function for safe retrieval. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

Delivery costs are based on the weight of your order as well as the delivery method. In order to find out how much your order will cost, simply add your desired product to your shopping basket and go to the check-out. Once you open the payment page, the delivery costs will be displayed. Additional delivery costs can be incurred if deliveries are made to remote areas or consist of larger or heavier objects. You will be informed of the fees on the payment page. The value added tax will be determined according to the province or area in which the product will be sent.

Start with Basics: In case, there is a thing which you should mainly concentrate it’s how well a product works. It is particularly essential for those practicing to fly these models as a past time activity. Many more costly ones have functions that allow for smooth flight. However, they won’t necessarily build up strong fundamental skills. Although quadcopters which lack stability system might be much hard even to keep their flight position, those could be more thrill and many thrills for entry level flyers. After the fundamentals have been perfected on any of these best starter drone with camera or best racing drones for beginners after that adding more features and controls will improve your experience. It is the greatest means to build up your skills and interest in this hobby.

Op de Holloman Air Force Base in Nieuw-Mexico worden de operators van de drones opgeleid. Hun aantal overtreft sinds 2011 ruimschoots het aantal conventionele piloten dat de luchtmacht van de Verenigde Staten opleidt.[154] Per 2013 worden er in de USA aan 32[155] universiteiten of colleges opleidingen aangeboden waaronder de Universiteit van North Dakota[156] (UND) en de Kansas State Universiteit.[157] De Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) doet het aanbod geheel online waarbij naast cursussen ook een master of doctoraal gehaald kan worden.[158][159] Men verwacht dat er in de VS in de komende 3 jaar 70.000 banen worden gecreëerd.

SYMA X22W Whole of the world at your fingertip Syma X22W in klein formaat met een wifi live camera en een hoge resolutie camera beeld.Naast deze heeft de Syma X22W ook veel andere mogelijkheden waardo

The average range of flight stunts are quick to perform, 360-degree flips can achieve by pushing the one button or with the directional control flip. One useful ability of this product style is the producers have been cautious to create a front couple of propellers a unique color compared to the bottom props. It makes it easy to maintain the UAV hovering in the way you would like. No more fly away when you want it coming back in your direction.

New pilots want to get as much flying time in as possible. Well, the ‘Fly More Bundle‘ gives you two extra batteries and a charging hub. There’re more goodies, but the batteries alone are worth the extra.

Daar waar RC vliegtuigjes altijd Line of Sight hebben (want je bestuurd hem vanaf de grond en in principe geen live feed) kan je met drones of extreme hoogtes komen voor die killershot van het dorp of de stad. [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′]