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Hey, we can’t mention selfie-drones without mentioning the drone which made selfie-drones popular. The Mavic. The great thing about this drone though is not only is it portable, it’s also great if you’re actually a pro-photographer or videographer. This is a professional-level drone – but yes, it does take selfies too!

We will regularly update this list with new and excited drones for beginners, or just when we find less expensive purchasing options. We were happy to add the Uvify OOri the new DJI Mavic Air to the list, otherwise, a few price adjustments this month.

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If you already own a spectrum transmitter they sell a bind and fly version which doesn’t come with this transmitter and you can bind this model to that transmitter that you already own so it’s great for spectrum owners people who already own spectrum products and just want to fly the quad it reduces the cost a bit and you can get a better radio system.

Moreover, Mavic Pro represents the breakthrough when it comes to flight duration. While all of its miniature competitors offer up to 15 minutes of airtime, DJI took it one step further and doubled it to almost half an hour. If we are to be more precise with our numbers here, the exact measure goes somewhere around the 27-minute mark. That and amazing 7 kilometers of flight range are the true selling points of this little fella who is, at least in my honest opinion, the best all-around drone with video camera for shooting breathtaking scenes.

When you press the video record button on the JJRC app, the button will become red and flash, the recording time will show up as well. Press the record button again, the recording will stop and the recorded video will store in the app. If you follow the normal steps, it still not work, please visit our blog for more details: JJRC H37 ELFIE RC selfie drone camera issues fixing guide

GDU Byrd Premium 1.0 is the first in the huge lineup of foldable drones we have in store for you today. With a sleek appearance and great packaging that includes a high-quality controller, spare props, and several other accessories, it tries to make a name for itself in the upper tier brackets. Can it do so with style? Let’s find out!

Among the unique attributes of this particular quadcopter is the controller includes an LCD display. Therefore, you can see what is exactly record as well as make the changes you require to have that ideal video.

The buttons on the remote control are relatively simple to master and straightforward making this mainly model perfect for both drone beginners plus more experienced RC flyers. A great feature is that you can turn on your camera once the aircraft has flown an appropriate height, extending the flying time and saving precious battery power.

Then start to pitch the drone away from yourself for a few seconds and elevate slowly, keeping the pitch and elevation equal. Some selfie drones have built-in features that will perform this movement for you. This should result in a smooth, professional-looking capture of yourself and your intriguing surroundings. Time to share your first ‘dronie.’