Como en los últimos años el Syma X5C ha seguido siendo el drone más vendido de Amazon. Su gran calidad precio, su estabilidad y resistencia han hecho que  los usuarios hayan seguido apostando por este drone. El Syma X5C va equipado con una cámara HD de 2 mp que graba vídeos y realiza fotografías de una calidad bastante buena si tenemos en cuenta que el Syma X5C lo puedes comprar sobre los 40 euros. Uno de los factores que hacen del Syma X5C el drone más vendido es la gran cantidad de repuestos y piezas disponibles, así como el bajo precio a los que los puedes encontrar. Durante el 2016 la empresa china Syma nos sorprendió con el lanzamiento de un nuevo modelo llamado a suceder al Syma X5C, el Syma X5UC. El Syma X5UC se nos presenta con un diseño totalmente renovado y con grandes novedades.

Such a price will not drive away professional aerial photographers who know what they are looking for. If you are one of them, here’s a quick overview of Inspire’s main specifications and features so you can know in what you are investing such a huge sum of money. Lastly, Inspire 2drone with video camera also comes with all the standard features such as GPS navigation, obstacle sensing, auto return to home, follow me and many more…

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Let’s get one thing clear at the very start – there are 2 versions of Force1 F100 available on the market. The cheaper one will get you only the drone itself with a transmitter. The more expensive one, on the other hand, will also get you a nice little action camera drone. Of course, if you already own one, there is no need to purchase the more expensive versions. For those who don’t, you will be happy to know that the included camera is pretty neat. It records FHD videos (obviously) and the image quality looks absolutely brilliant.

Short story – Drones equipped with a GPS module will return back to their starting location if they happen to go out of range. Keep in mind that this is not present with all drones. Plus, on some of them, you will have to manually set this feature up if you want it to work.

Update: DJI has announced the new Mavic Pro Platinum, an iterative update to the Mavic Pro, but a powerful one. New flight controllers and updated propellers make for longer and quieter flights. Stay tuned for more on the new Mavic Pro Platinum as we go. 

The Spark is a great starter drone if you have the budget for it. Its advantage over the DJI Phantom series is the size, it fits in the palm of your hand. This makes it extremely portable. The price you pay is less flight time and not quite as good a camera as on the later Phantoms.

Back to the big boys now. The AirDog is a foldable drone that is meant to take selfie videos of action sports. This is quite apparent when you consider that it has five dedicated flight modes each customized for a certain action sport, like surfing, bicycle riding, windsurfing, etc.

It takes two hours to charge and can then stay in the air for 20 minutes before needing to be plugged in again. The device will fly a maximum of 15m and a minimum of 1.75m above its owner’s head, to avoid accidents, with an average speed of 15 miles per hour.

Desde el mando radio control del Syma X5HC podrás activar el vídeo y la fotografía y elegir entre varios modos de vuelo dependiendo de tu pericia. Hay una versión con cámara equipada con WiFi para que puedas ver en tiempo real las imágenes que capta la cámara del drone en un dispositivo móvil. Sólo tienes que descargar la app gratuita de Syma y sincronizarlo con la cámara.

This guide is the kind of high-level direction we wish we would have had when we first got into the space. We encourage you to use it as a beginner’s walkthrough of all the steps to take and factors to consider when buying your first drone.

Landing gear: some quadcopter models are compatible with advanced landing products that are wider and more stable than the original. Customized landing can also help you improve picture/video quality.

This sounds perfect for a realtor who wants to show some special views of a home. Of course there are plenty of cheap quadcopters that can do that already. But this thing is tiny and convenient to carry.

This model is infact another extremely popular drone model for those who just want to experiment with a selfie drone. It is extremely affordable, being less than $50 while still having all of the features one would need from a selfie quadcopter.

Quick. Unpredictable. Unwilling to sit still. Kids really are the ultimate test for a camera’s autofocus system. We’ve compiled a short list of what we think are the best options for parents trying to keep up with kids, and narrowed it down to one best all-rounder.

Currently available for $80 (AU$200 or £100), flying the Aura is a bit like playing with a flying yo-yo. It’s so easy to learn, too, that I had my 6-year-old flying it on his own in less than a minute. Which is good because the battery only lasts about 5 minutes, though it is removable and extras are inexpensive.

This is another entry in the cheap quadcopter category. This model has throw-in-the-air startup capabilities, and a pretty cool searching light for flying in the dark. When it arrives it’s ready to fly after a full charge and getting the batteries ready, and the flight time is around 7 minutes after an hour-long charge.

Lo interesante es que puede volar de forma autónoma, pre-programar la ruta de vuelo en el smartphone o bien podemos controlarlo a través de otro teléfono. En este último caso podemos hacer que el dron nos siga por donde vayamos caminando e incluso, tome fotografías y video.

The force has awakened with Propel’s new Star Wars drones, including the X-Wing, a TIE Interceptor, and an Imperial speeder bike (complete with Stormtrooper). All the drones are outfitted with IR blasters and receivers, so you can do battle with each…

The Dobby is controlled by a smartphone app, just like most of the drones we’ve seen here, it has a good battery life of around 9 minutes, plenty of time to get yourself a few good selfie drone shots.

Otra de las marcas punteras durante este año es la marca china Syma. La marca Syma tiene en el mercado los drones más vendidos. El más vendido de todos es el Syma X5C. El Syma X5C es un drone de iniciación buenísimo y que no está en lo más alto de las ventas por casualidad. Es un drone de iniciación perfectos para todos los quieran empezar en este mundillo y que viene con una cámara HD incorporada para grabar vídeos y fotografías aérea de una calidad muy buena en un drone de este precio (lo podemos comprar por menos de 50 euros). La marca Syma ha sacado a la venta este año su serie X8. La serie X8 se caracteriza por tener la suficiente potencia para poder adaptar al drone una cámara de acción tipo GoPro o SJ4000. Son tres los drones de esta serie. El Syma X8C es un drone con cámara HD la cual podemos desmontar fácilmente e instalar nuestra cámara de acción. El Syma X8W es el mismo drone pero su cámara HD la podemos conectar vía WIFI con nuestro dispositivo móvil y ver en tiempo real las imágenes que está tomando el drone.

When you take a closer look at its features, then you’ll begin to understand that Yuneec Breeze is a proper flying selfie camera drone. With 5 smart flight modes including a Selfie Mode, you’ll be able to take all sorts of magnificent aerial selfies that’ll amaze everyone following you on social media.

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This is a fun drone in the cheap drones category that is in the higher end of the low-priced element. What’s pretty cool about this one is that it is where you begin to be introduced to the awesome things you can do with a partner app, and see what the inexpensive drone sees on the mobile device of your choice.

Now it is back to you, what did you think? Do you agree with my recommendations or did we miss a great drone that we shouldn’t? Please tell us in the comments below and do not forget to share this article on social media.

720p started an era of HD. At first, it got the nickname HD but was called that way for a short period of time. After the big brother, 1080p, took the mainstream scene by surprise, good old 720p was renamed to HD Ready. Even to this date, there are TV and monitor manufacturers who still name their 720p panels HD ready and 1080p ones Full HD.

Be the first to use the most innovative flying camera on the market. Designed by an international team, at just 94.5mm long, 67.4mm wide and 10.6mm thick, AirSelfie is the thinnest and lightest HD flying camera integrated in your mobile cover.

What the drone lacks in camera technology, it more than makes up in coolness. Offering vertical take-off and landing and loop the loop and barrel roll technology, whizzing this ‘drone come plane’ around promises to be exciting and hair-raising. With the Boost Mode, you can achieve high speeds, while the user-friendly interface viewed on your smartphone aims to make the drone easy to control. There’s also a landing button which you can press at any point you think it’s heading into a tree. The negatives are it’s 7 minute flight time and its light build means it’s not suitable to fly in high winds. 

In addition to its awesome CGO3 camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilization (4K capable at 30fps) with 12mpx sensor, Q500 comes equipped with a bunch of additional features we’d expect from a high-end drone.

Some of the most spectacular blowups, like that of the drone start-up Lily, involved overpromising and never delivering on autonomous features. Skydio’s founders say they’re keen to avoid that mistake. The company showed me the assembly line in its headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., where teams of technicians are finishing production-ready R1s by hand. The small-scale operation is meant to ensure quality, but it comes at a price. DJI’s latest feature-packed drone, the well-reviewed Mavic Air, sells for $800, a third of the price of the R1.

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The DJI Mavic Pro is top of the line when it comes to selfie drones. It is also the most expensive, able to take all sorts of selfies in the best quality of all the drones listed. The Mavic Pro will fold down to a small compact size, It won’t, however, fit into your pocket and is not as portable in relation to the smaller models.