It has got an updated camera it also includes a power bank which I think is interesting and also has the ability,  if the drone happens to get lost in you can press a button and it will turn back to home.

Though the selfie stick is a great accessory that can be used anywhere and anytime, it only provides a very limited field of view. The vantage point is fixed at an arm’s length from the user, and its tough to get too creative with it. The selfie drone, however, is new technology that lets you capture shots from unique aerial perspectives.

Most self-driving car systems use expensive laser sensors, known as lidar, a spinning disk that sits on the car’s roof like a propeller beanie. Lidar was the key technology at issue in Waymo’s now-settled trade secrets lawsuit against Uber. The trial surfaced a note from Travis Kalanick, Uber’s former chief executive, that underscored lidar’s importance: “Laser is the sauce,” he wrote.

The Polaroid PL300 comes fully assembled with a 1000 mAh 3.7V Li-Poly battery and a 4GB memory card. Image resolution: 6000 x 4500, 2.7 Megapixels. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Pilots must be 14 years or older. FAA registration NOT required. Care: Wipe clean with dry towel/cloth and keep dry.

Si ponemos nuestro teléfono en posición horizontal accederemos al modo Flight, que convertirá la pantalla en un mando para controlar totalmente los movimientos del dron. En cualquiera de los tres casos, una vez encontremos la posición deseada y dejemos de pulsar cualquiera de los controles, AirSelfie permanecerá quieto a la espera de la foto.

In terms of specifications, it was too much ask for them to be anything close to the Mavic Pro. Of course, at this price range, such a thought would be nonsense. Still, the Spark is paring pretty well against similarly priced competitors.

El Syma X5HC es la actualización que Syma ha puesto a la venta de su mítico Syma X5C para este 2016. El Syma X5HC tiene como novedad principal  un sistema de mantenimiento de altitud. Es muy práctico para la toma de vídeos aéreos ya que al mantener estable el drone a una determinada altura facilita y mucho la grabación de vídeos aéreos. El Syma X5HC viene con unos protectores de hélices que te van a venir muy bien en los primeros vuelos sobre todo en interiores. Una vez que ya tengas más practica y vueles en exteriores se los puedes retirar. El Syma X5HC viene con una cámara HD de 2mp que almacena las imágenes y vídeos en una tarjeta SD.

You know when you’re taking that selfie, but you just need that little bit more background? Or maybe you just want to catch a bit more of the surroundings? And that selfie-stick just won’t give you that perfect shot for your Facebook feed? You know what you need right?

Let me stop you right there, if you have never flown before, this is probably not the drone for you. This is a high-speed flier, made for a race course at the hands of an experienced pilot. That being said, it is also one of the easiest racing drones to get into the air.

On the 4th spot of this list, we have an interesting premium grade aerial photography drone coming from the labs of Autel Robotics. Currently, they have 2 models available, X-Star and X-Star Premium. The latter will be the focus of this list as it provides with better value for money in the high-end market. So, let’s cut with the introduction here and see what is this beauty all about!

Yes! Pretty much all selfie drones fall into the beginner-friendly category meaning they are insanely intuitive and easy to use. However, this is not an accidental case – selfie drones are aimed at a much broader audience (with plenty of first-time flyers) than standard ones meaning they have to provide an encouraging learning curve.

Breeze is basically Yuneec’s entrance to the mini selfie drone market. This gorgeous little fella is not only blessed with an excellent design but with lightweight and foldability too. Specifications should not be left out of the equation since they’re more than decent, especially for the price this little fella goes for.

Una de las señas de identidad de los drones Parrot es que son controlados desde dispositivos móviles. Cuando abres la caja de un drone Parrot no vas a encontrar ningún mando radio control. Para controlar los drones Parrot tienes que descargar una app gratuita (para Android e iOS) y una vez descargada sincronizar tu móvil o tablet con el drone.