So this is a super cool Quadcopter Drone. I ordered it for my husband who has been wanting one for a while. This drone does so much. Not only is if fun to fly but it also has a camera on it too. The camera the can take pictures, record video, and it can send live video to his phone through the app for it.

And because this is meant to be used by regular people who have no interest in learning all the tech stuff related to flying a quadcopter this quadcopter does not come with a controller, but like the Dobby it is completely controlled by an App you install on your smartphone.

DBPOWER U818A Quadcopter is WiFi compatible, First Person View with your app on your phone and also 3D headset FPV with a HD camera. You have 3 modes, low speed, high speed and headless mode. This drone requires less assembly than most, the propeller guards and landing feet are already in place. To get the drone ready to fly you just have to plug in the battery and install the SD card in the back of the camera.

Now, its selfie successor, the XIRO Xplorer Mini selfie drone aims to take the market by storm with similar tactics. So, what does it have to offer to selfie lovers from all around the globe? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out…

Weighing only 7 ounces and with foldable propeller arms this selfie quadcopter will easily fit in your backpack or pocket so you can take it anywhere with you. If you’re looking for a quality selfie drone that can take 360 photos and video, this is what I recommend.

Like I said above, this is not a one size fits all scneario meaning altitude hold is not essential for every selfie drone out there. However, mid to high end models all come equipped with them. This draws to a conclusion that altitude hold is somewhat of a huge deal, right?

EASY TO USE no flying experience necessary to take dramatic aerial group photos and video, simply pick from 5 automated flight modes to get the shot of your choice: Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey, Follow Me.

Smartphone photography has undergone some incredible transformations over the past decade. With high-resolution front-facing phone cameras and selfie sticks, the days of needing to mount a DSLR onto a tripod with the timer on is well truly over. The selfie game continues to evolve as aerial imaging has become increasingly accessible. In fact, the most recent selfie craze is the ‘selfie drone’ – selfies on a whole new level.

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In drone world, 480p cameras are most frequently seen on the lowest end models out there. Still, there are pricier drones that use 480p as well, although not for recording video but for the popular FPV live streaming.

In der Oberliga zwischen 800 und 2000 Euro finden Sie Drohnen für professionelle Luftaufnahmen, weite Reichweiten, stabile Flugeigenschaften und verschiedene Flugmodi wie autonomes Fliegen und Objektverfolgung. [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′]

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  1. Curtis says:

    Aber mit der zunehmenden Popularität dieser Lösung begannen die Preise für Drohnen drastisch zu sinken, bis sie für eine viel größere Anzahl von Benutzern verfügbar wurden. So entstehen immer mehr professionelle Filme oder Spots mit Drohnen im Web und in Social-Media.

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