See the world from new heights with this versatile GPX Eagle Pro drone. The built-in Wi-Fi camera takes clear still images and video that can be saved to your smartphone for storage and sharing. A 2.4GHz remote control allwows you to operate this GPX Eagle Pro drone with precision from up to 260 feet away. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

The camera specs and the gimbal are quite similar to what the Mavic’s big brother, the phantom 4 offers, except in a smaller form factor. The two camera shoot brilliant 4K videos and 12 megapixel stills. The only downside of the Mavic’s camera is that it is not as wide angle as the Phantom 4.

Bir kutu koladan daha hafif (270 gram) ve beş farklı renk seçeneğiyle piyasaya çıkacak olan Spark’ın öne çıkan özelliği ise bir nebze de olsa el/kol hareketleriyle kontrol edilebiliyor olması (Gesture Mode). DJI tarafından yapılan basın açıklamasında bu özellik hakkında detaya girilmese de anlayabildiğimiz kadarıyla DJI’ın diğer dronlarında bulunmayan bu özelliği sayesinde Spark’ı sağa, sola, aşağı, yukarı yönlendirebilecek ve direk olarak avcumuza inmesini sağlayabileceğiz (Bir Jedi gibi hissetmek içten bile değil!). Bunun haricinde telefona indirilebilen uygulama ve DJI’ın kumandaları ile de yönlendirebileceğimiz Spark’da ani şekilde dikey bir şekilde yukarı çıkmasını sağlayan Roket Modu (Rocket Mode) ve bir cismin etrafında dönerek yukarı çıkmasını sağlayan Helix modu (Helix Mode) gibi Spark’a has özel uçuş modları bulunurken Phantom 4 ve Mavic Pro da bulunan TapFly ve ActiveTrack gibi özellikleri Spark’da da görmek mümkün.

KIMON Mini Drone , It has about 12 minutes of flight time. Its Shoot images in 6 selfie modes including the paranormal. In this mode, it shoots photos while recording the background. Uncommon features include a 16 MP HD 4K camera, GPS feature for creating a travel path.

Some reviewers report how this is not so easy to fly at the beginner level. Looking deeper into these gripes, it seems that impatience and a failure to read the instructions is the cause of most complaints.

The pinnacle of DJI’s drone-manufacturing ability is definitely their second generation of DJI Inspire. It’s one of the drones with camera that are not meant for everyone. With its advanced features, groundbreaking camera technology and above all – second to none build quality, it comes as no surprise it is decorated with an incredibly high price tag. So, with all that bearing in mind, in the next couple of paragraphs, I will do my best to portray you the excellence behind DJI Inspire 2. Let’s kick it off, shall we?!

In terms of features, Holy Stone F181W has access to the likes of adjustable speed and one key flip. Furthermore, you can also get the benefit of altitude hold and headless mode, both of which provide a great experience for beginner pilots. Let’s not forget about the fact this bugger comes with an extra battery. You do realize this will practically double your flight time, right?

Now the technical stuff. The specs of the Hover Camera Passport drone are similar to those of the Dobby Selfie Drone; they both have a 13 MP camera that shoots 4K videos. However, the camera in the Passport Drone is meant for selfies and close up photos more than that of the Dobby, this is because of quite limited control range of 60 feet. Another similarity is that both are based on the Snapdragon chipset giving them great processing power to handle all the advanced features they both have.

İsrailli bir diş doktoru olan ve esas tutkusunun dişler değil de ilginç cihazlar yaratmak olduğunu keşfeden Hagay Klein tarafından geliştirilen Selfly; 9 mm inceliğinde bir akıllı telefon kılıfı ama kendi kendine uçabilmek, uçarken de fotoğraf çekmek gibi bir özelliği var. Üstelik bunu bir dron’dan bekleneceği üzere karmaşık bir biçimde değil; herkesin kolayca becerebileceği bir şekilde yapıyor. Kolaylığı, hafifliği ve ekonomikliğiyle de hem dron dünyasına, hem de selfie teknolojileri alanına yepyeni bir soluk getiriyor.

We will start with the big boy of the group. The DJI Mavic is the most interesting drone we have seen from DJI to date. DJI is pushing its drones more and more into the mainstream by making them friendlier, but what makes it so special?

Selfie çekmeyi seven, fakat aynı açılardan çekilmiş fotoğraflardan sıkılan kullanıcılar için İtalyan geliştiriciler AirSelfie adlı cep dronunu yarattı. 5 MP lik kameraya sahip küçük cep dronu 3 dakikalık uçuşu sağlayan 260 mAh güç kapasiteli pil ile donatılmış.

The specifications are nowhere those on Mavic but are still respectable nevertheless. If you ask me, this is pretty much the second try for DJI to squeeze themselves into the selfie drone market. Even though the initial job of Mavic Pro was just that, with such a huge price tag the majority of selfie market was driven away to cheaper alternatives… But it did not last for very long before DJI came up with the perfect solution of their own…

is one of the most recent products by Hubsan, it currently is the lowest cost ready-to-fly out of the box GPS equipped quadcopter with follow me mode and a very nice camera. Packed with a 2MP camera capable of recording video and taking photos in 720p resolution. It is a FPV best drone 2017, meaning you can watch in real-time the live video recorded from its camera and displayed directly to the FPV monitor. Live video transmission is done in 5.8Ghz frequency. It includes such features as position hold (altitude holder), headless mode, follow me and return to landing. Has an amazing flight time ranging between 12 to 13 minutes and a control distance of 200 meters! All in one package ready to fly out of the box.

Specification-wise, the battery kind of disappoints with its up cca 8 minutes of juice. This is not a huge downside considering other new selfie drones out there (10 minutes on average), but generally speaking, I was expecting a bit more. On the bright side, the flight range is much better, hovering around 100 meters which is way more than you will ever need for a proper aerial selfie. Also, this sort of a standard for this drone market section so there’s no need for complaints. [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′]