Esta no la usamos, pero está co-diseñada con Leicia, y un teléfono inteligente que es capaz de correr la aplicación DJI GO. Se sabe que el iPhone 6 va a ser el favorito de muchos en esta área, pero queremos dar otra opción para aquellos pilotos que quieren usar un teléfono en vez de una tableta.

These options such as TapFly, ActiveTrack and QuickShot let users send it into the air and take amazing pictures and video with pre-defined flight paths, like circling, following, or filming from straight up.

The Nixie is a drone you wear as a bracelet. Once you launch it, it flies off, snaps a picture with its built-in camera and flies back to you in boomerang fashion. Co-founder Christoph Kohstall demonstrates a prototype at CES.

Introduced at CES 218, the new Uvify OOri is a mini drone that ignores the stereotypes of size, offering things previously only found in larger machines. In specific, we’ve never seen a drone this small that hovers so well, nor have we seen a drone this that can fly as fast. In beginner mode, you’ll be safe to fly OOri in your living room, as you grow as a race pilot, you’ll be able to keep up with some serious machines. OOri is not headed to any professional race circuits, Uvify has the Draco and Warp 9 for that, but OOri can scoot along at over 50 mph. 

There’s a bit of a blank space left in terms of features of this drone with video camera. Considering the possibilities with that cool 1080p action camera I was really expecting at least GPS and altitude hold. However, Force1 F100 decided to lower the price tag and only include one key flip button and adjustable flying speed. The overall stability is good though, so the lack of altitude hold is not that big of a downside after all…

I also find it interesting to watch tour groups cycle through cameras. Each person in the group photo has to have their camera used to take the picture. 15 people in the group = 15 cameras passed to the front. + add time for the photographer being assimilated into the group..

This is a pretty awesome little guy that has a friendly blue color, and controls that remind you of the original 8-bit Nintendo system. The flashing lights on it are unique enough to provide a cool night time’s journey, and you can engage in stunts such as 360 degree flips.

Este Drone tiene entre sus accesorios una carcasa que encaja sin problema con tu smartphone y, al mismo tiempo, carga su batería de 240 mAh mientras viajas con él, por lo que es práctico e ideal para llevarlo contigo a todas partes.

If you want your drone to offer up more than just aerial footage, the design features of this one should make it the number one choice for playing around. There’s a cannon accessory which allows you to fire up to 6 pellets at a target, giving you ammo for a competitive game. There’s also a claw that can grab objects up to 4g and it’s suitable for internal use. Parrot say that beginners should get on with flying the drone via the app, which provides operation through a virtual joystick or you tilting your phone. 

Yes! Blade Nano is an excellent choice for beginners, even more so for beginners with FPV racing tendencies. This birdie is a fully stabilized model that can easily be equipped with a lightweight FPV camera. Something like the popular Eachine TX01 should do the trick for you. It’s a micro all in one FPV system (camera, vtx, and antenna) that will do you a world of good with these lightweight brushed models. Try it out and you’ll realize what I’m talking about. By equipping those tiny cameras (and combining them with a solid VR goggles) you will get to enjoy thrilling FPV experience that is bound to teach you the basics of flying.

When folded, It’s not bigger than a regular bottle of water. Such a small size allows you to carry it around wherever you go. Combine that with an absolutely amazing 4K camera and you’ll realize that Mavic Pro is the perfect solution for photographers who are constantly on the go.

Ahh… Selfies… I really hated them back in the day when they first became popular. Truth be told, that’s mostly because all those “popular” chicks became so obsessed with them that it simply killed all the selfie fun for me.

Pero si algo hace único al Phantom 4 son sus increíbles prestaciones como el ActiveTrack. El ActiveTrack es una función avanzada de la típica función Follow Me que incorporan algunos drones en la actualidad. Mediante la función Follow Me el drone sigue al portador del mando radio control gracias al posicionamiento GPS con el ActiveTrack sólo tenemos que tocar con el dedo en la pantalla de nuestro dispositivo móvil por el cual estamos recibiendo las imágenes en tiempo real que capta el drone, cualquier persona u objeto y el Phantom 4 lo seguirá gracias a su sistema de visión artificial a donde quiera que se desplace sin tener que utilizar el posicionamiento GPS. Esta función es perfecta ya que aunque no tengamos cobertura GPS el drone seguirá a la persona u objeto a donde se dirija.

El ‘Airselfie’ es un pequeño drone de cuatro hélices que se guarda dentro de la funda de tu smartphone. Es la mejor opción para tomar fotos de lejos de ti y tus amigos sin que salga tu brazo. Solo es cuestión de sacar tu teléfono, expulsar el drone, encenderlo y podrás manejarlo directo desde la pantalla. ¡Es tan pequeño que cabe atrás de la funda de cualquier smartphone!

Equipped with Obstacle Avoidance that combine 4 vision sensors telling it’s flight control system what’s below and in front to increase flight safety and reliability. These vision sensors also work indoors giving it the smoothest flying and hovering of any drone to date. A 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.

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“Camera. Reinvented.” claims the website for Lily, the latest consumer drone to capture people’s attention. Although “selfie drone” seems to be a more popular phrase among the media covering its launch.

But it really does seem to be fulfilling a need. Now we no longer have to interact with strangers. We can stay in our own private bubble and get a group shot. I jest, but it’s true. So many group shots without a person.

This original JJR/C H98 quadcopter is equipped with 0.3MP camera, allows you to take photos and record video. What are you waiting for?. Just come and get it! Item name: H98. 1 JJR/C H98 RC Quadcopter.

As I’ve said at least a couple of times above, serious drones with cameras (not those petty toy-grade models) tend to have awesome operating range. It all depends on the price point though, but generally speaking, they really do. Just look at Bugs 2W below and you’ll realize what I’m talking about. HS300 perhaps isn’t the longest reaching camera drone out there and it doesn’t go near Bugs 2W. Despite that, it still has a decent operating range that clocks in at over 150 meters. Continuing in the same tone, Holy Stone HS300 weighs around 635 grams (1.4 pounds) and the majority of its weight is due to a hefty LiPo battery. More precisely, I am referring to the provided 2S 2000mAh LiPo pack. It’s great though – capable of giving around 10 to 12 minutes of flight time.

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Moving forward to the specifications, you will be amazed by the fact that this monstrosity (yeah, it’s really big) can go as fast as 67mph. Likewise, it can also be up in the air for half an hour and go as far as 7 kilometers away from its controller. And finally, battery duration. Don’t worry guys – DJI Inspire 2 continues in the same brilliant fashion. No drawbacks here for sure since it produces around 27 minutes of flight time. Just like DJI P4Pro and Mavic Pro.

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Record your kid’s sporting event, a wedding, or majestic landscapes from a unique aerial perspective with this drone’s built-in HD camera. The gimbal-mounted camera records smooth video, even when the drone is keeping pace with rambunctious kids, and can also take sharp photos in the camera’s hovering mode.

Good !…The best…It was nice to be able to go into Best Buy and find Phantom 3 drone propellers in a store and not just online I am very satisfied with this product product…Bought these to use on my Phantom 2- oddly enough these Phantom 3 props work better on the 2 than the ones designed for it.

Now, its selfie successor, the XIRO Xplorer Mini selfie drone aims to take the market by storm with similar tactics. So, what does it have to offer to selfie lovers from all around the globe? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out…

Uno de las marcas que más ha apostado por este tipo de aparatos controlados desde dispositivos móviles es la marca francesa Parrot. Todos sus drones son controlados desde un dispositivo móvil de forma exclusiva.

Otro mini drone totalmente recomendable es el Parrot Mambo. Este mini drone de la empresa francesa Parrot incluye como novedad el que se le pueden añadir accesorios modulares. Con el drone vienen dos módulos. Uno de ellos es un cañón que dispara pequeñas bolas con el que puedes organizar competiciones con tus amigos. El otro accesorio que trae son unas pinzas para coger y soltar pequeños objetos. El Parrot Mambo es controlado desde un móvil o tablet. Sólo tienes que descargar la app gratuita de Parrot en tu smartphone y posteriormente sincronizar el móvil con el drone. El Parrot Mambo tiene una cámara incorporada en su parte inferior con la que puedas hacer fotos que almacena en la memoria flash del drone. El Parrot Mambo es un drone muy divertido y fácil de pilotar.

More expensive drones, like the Mavic Pro, have more advanced features. With the Mavic Pro, you can select the WiFi mode and put your controller away. Then you can use the ‘Gesture Sense’ feature to instruct your drone to perform certain activities. To instruct the Mavic to take a selfie, simply create a picture frame with your hands, it will recognize this shape and take a photo of you. This is about as autonomous as it gets with selfie drones.

A bonus of the Hubsan X4 is its Advanced Flying Mode. Still, you won’t have to worry about advanced flying in those early days. But it’s useful to have once you’ve perfected your flying skills in Basic Mode.

The camera snaps photos, of course, with a burst mode to make sure you “trap” the perfect picture. Video is grabbed at 1080p/30fps. Zerotech told me the camera is similar to that found in phones like the Xioami Mi 4. The idea being, a mobile-style shooter takes better personal photos — no fisheye, or wide angle weirdness. The similarities with a phone don’t end there, as there’s also a Snapdragon 801 processor running the show. Those brains aren’t powering apps, though, instead it’s put to use to drive the smart features, of which there are a few. Maybe too many?

There’s built-in obstacle avoidance features, which of course, is always a plus for newbie-drone fliers. There’s also optional bumbers which you can add to the casing of the drone, to ensure that you don’t damage anything, if you’re really an absolute beginner. [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′]