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Such a price will not drive away professional aerial photographers who know what they are looking for. If you are one of them, here’s a quick overview of Inspire’s main specifications and features so you can know in what you are investing such a huge sum of money. Lastly, Inspire 2drone with video camera also comes with all the standard features such as GPS navigation, obstacle sensing, auto return to home, follow me and many more…

Spesifikasi drone memiliki durasi lama terbang hingga 7 menit, dengan kualitas kameranya 1 MP memiliki relatif gambar yang lumayan bagus dengan kecepatan terbang hingga 8 meter/detik dan jangkauan terbang mencapai 80 meter.

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On the other hand, there are models on this list that rely on both RC and smartphone controls. These types of drones are usually much more expensive than “smartphone only” models… but the price is a proper measurement for quality. You see, these types of drones use RC controllers for accurate tasks such as manual flying, aerial photography… and basically everything that includes human factor. On the other hand, these drones also come with dedicated apps that allow you to use more advanced (frequently fully autonomous) in-flight features. This includes various smart flight modes, GPS settings, telemetry and is generally very helpful in the long run, especially when you get accustomed to the app and you want to get the very best out of your drone.

Let’s get one thing clear at the very start – there are 2 versions of Force1 F100 available on the market. The cheaper one will get you only the drone itself with a transmitter. The more expensive one, on the other hand, will also get you a nice little action camera drone. Of course, if you already own one, there is no need to purchase the more expensive versions. For those who don’t, you will be happy to know that the included camera is pretty neat. It records FHD videos (obviously) and the image quality looks absolutely brilliant.

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Even though over 80% of modern day drones rely on RC controllers, there are some of them who work solely through dedicated smartphone apps. This new way of controlling devices over short distances brought new opportunities and ideas to drone market. But, is it an ideal approach to, what seems to be, an already well-established RC technology? Well, in order to find out we need to take a closer look at the differences between RC and phone controlled drones with camera!

Setelah mengetahui begitu banyak keunggulan drone dan fungsinya yang bisa mempermudah berbagai aktifitas harian kita, tak ada salahnya terbuka dengan teknologi yang satu ini,  bukan? Tertarik untuk memiliki drone dan menggunakannya? Jangan lupa, drone butuh keahlian khusus saat menerbangkannya. Membuat drone terbang memang mudah, tetapi yang sulit adalah menjaganya supaya tetap stabil di udara dan bergerak ke kanan ke kiri, memutar atau melakukan gerakan lainnya dengan halus, itulah yang paling sulit. Karena itulah pemilik drone biasanya juga memiliki sertifikat pilot drone sebagai tanda bahwa ia sudah menguasai tata cara menerbangkan dronenya sendiri.

Saatnya untuk menerbangkan drone. Pertama hidupkan quadcopter lalu transmitter. Hubungkan quadcopter dengan menggerakkan throttle kiri pada mode 2 (sesuaikan mode yang tersedia berdasarkan mode dari produk rc drone anda), tunggu hingga lampu pada transmitter berkedip dan qudcopter berbunyi. Selanjutnya dorong throttle sebelah kiri hingga motor dan baling-baling berputar. Setelah terlihat motor hidup dan propeller berputar, angkat rc quadcopter keatas dengan mendorong throttle kedepan secara perlahan dan rc drone pun akan mulai take off. Perlahan saja dan jangan terlalu tinggi. Anda dapat mencoba menerbangkannya secara vertikal kira-kira setinggi badan Anda kemudian turunkan kembali secara perlahan. Lakukan hal ini selama beberapa kali hingga Anda dapat merasakan dan memahami bagaimana caranya menerbangkan drone keatas dan turun lagi.

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