Capture aerial views smoothly in Ultra HD with this DJI Mavic Pro camera drone. Its FlightAutonomy technology uses ultrasonic range finders and vision sensors to proactively detect and avoid obstacles for safer, obstruction-free flight. This compact and foldable DJI Mavic Pro camera drone has a 7km transmission range thanks to its FCC-compliant remote controller. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

Met de komst van drones is het mogelijk om luchtbeelden te maken. Met een drone kan je van de grond en binnenruimte tot in de lucht filmen. Met een helikopter is dit over het algemeen niet mogelijk. Buitensporten kunnen van dichtbij gefilmd worden. Vroeger werden in de particuliere en semi-professionele markt hier veelal GoPro-camera’s voor gebruikt. Echter zakte, met de komst van drones met ingebouwde camera’s, het aandeel van GoPro camera’s in de drone markt. Tegenwoordig wordt in dat segment veelal gebruikt gemaak van gepatenteerde camera-systemen als DJI’s Gimbal Camera, GoPro’s Karma Systeem of Yuneec’s CGO Camera.

De Phantom 3 SE heeft een camera die beelden in uhd-resolutie kan schieten met 30fps. In de drone zit een 1/2,3″-sensor met een twaalfmegapixelresolutie en een bereik van 100 tot 1600 iso voor video’s. Bij foto’s is het bereik 100 tot 3200 iso. De lens heeft een beeldhoek van 94 graden en de camera maakt gebruik van een drieassige gimbal. De maximale videobitrate bedraagt 60 Mbit/s en de maximale elektronische sluitertijd is 1/8000s.

 Well..I was going to wait a few more days before reviewing this drone, but I just had to give my first impressions…Its GREAT!! This makes my third Holy Stone drone (I also have the HS171 and the X300c), and while I’m still pretty new to this hobby I have learned some things. Of the three, this is the one you can easily fly in the house. Just in case, make sure you have some room with no breakable family heirlooms nearby! On my first flight, I started it inside, flew it a bit and made some trim adjustments. Then I left it Hovering (altitude hold is amazing!) while I opened the front door and latched open the storm door. I picked up the transmitter again and flew it outside! The control is precise and responsive. Outside, the wind does affect it somewhat. I found that adjusting the speed button to a higher level made it aggressive enough to take on a steady breeze…but don’t take chances if it is what you would call windy! Now even though this little guy can move right along, if you’re looking for a stunt flier this ain’t it.(Try the X300!) It won’t do flips, and it probably won’t get your heart pumping too fast. But if you want to check your gutters, or get a nice aerial photo of your house and neighborhood, and some fun videos of a family reunion, the HS160 is a good pick. Easy to learn, fun to fly,and a nice camera that will do stills and videos (you need to download an app to use the camera & FPV functions). All this and the best packaging I’ve ever seen! Oh, BTW, if you’re wondering about customer support, Holy Stone is simply the best! I’ve never seen a company do more to make sure their customers are happy. The attached video is my second flight. It includes a crash about four minutes in when I made a newbie mistake and panicked. I picked it up and carried it back to to the deck rail for a restart. My favorite part was the landing on my car roof!

DJI Mavic Pro is an excellent aerial photography platform thanks to the amazing 4K ready camera with its own dedicated 4-axis gimbal. Smallest one in the world actually. Needless to say, it’s capable of delivering professional-grade footage… toe to toe with Phantom 4 which is a full sized flagship quadcopter by DJI. That’s all thanks to the 1/2.3-inch 12MPX sensor found inside. It does its job in an astonishing manner.

De upgrade van de Phantom 4 Dit nieuwe model van DJI is een upgrade op de vorig jaar uitgebrachte Phantom 4. De grootste veranderingen zitten in de extra sensors die zijn aangebracht waardoor je nog minder snel ergens tegenaan zult vliegen en de upgrade i

This quadcopter  hasn’t been designed for lengthy expeditions, instead, it is a perfect solution for those who wish to quickly capture high-quality photos and videos of themselves, their families and activities. 

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If you are looking for a titan of the drone world which can take some of the highest quality selfies, photographs and videos, while offering a myriad of versatile features, then this is precisely what you are looking for.

Before  I start splashing you down with numbers, you should know that Hover Camera is built specifically for selfies and nothing more than that. It cannot do any sort of exploration and the suggested maximum operating distance is 20 meters. More than enough for selfies but nowhere near any exploration capabilities. Furthermore, the flight time of this birdie goes from 8 to 10 minutes which is just below the standard. However, the package gets you 2 batteries which means you’ll have roughly 15 to 20 minutes of flight time with 1 pit stop.

Though agile in the air, drones can be bulky and cumbersome when on land. Not so with the Spark from DJI, which won’t hold you back no matter what the adventure. This compact quadcopter features an integrated camera with motorized stabilization to capture 12MP photos, 1080p Full HD videos, and even aerial selfies.

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Update: DJI has announced the new Mavic Pro Platinum, an iterative update to the Mavic Pro, but a powerful one. New flight controllers and updated propellers make for longer and quieter flights. Stay tuned for more on the new Mavic Pro Platinum as we go. 

Three station DJI Charging stand – charges one battery at a time. DJI ND Filters. DJI factory case. DJI Forum – Landing Doors. Consecutive charger – charges three batteries and the controller all at once.

This drone ranks high on my list of favorite drones ever made. It has everything a casual drone user could wish for. What’s even better – it sports all of it in a beautifully compact package that’s incredibly easy on the eyes.

GoPro Karma has great specifications too. Although many people were disappointed when they saw the difference between this one and DJI Mavic Pro. Needless to say, Mavic Pro sports incredible performance that Karma just doesn’t live up to. Despite that, you can still expect up to 20 minutes of airtime and 2 kilometers of operating neither of which are bad by any means.

The last thing we want to do with our drones is crash, but it’s going to happen. Beginner pilots have a lot to learn, flying a quadcopter or similar drone is fairly easy, but mastering it can take some time.

Drones are becoming more and more popular these days, but to many people committing to one still seems intimidating. Buy a low-quality drone and you’re likely to have a poor experience. Buy a high-end drone and you may just be setting yourself up for expensive beginner mistakes.

The first in line of drones with camera capable of recording in full HD (that’s 1080p for all non-tech savvy people reading this) is coming from Force1’s labs. It goes by the name F100 and sports a bulky appearance and gorgeous graphics. But, what else does it have to offer in addition to its flashy design? Luckily, a lot of things… almost to the point of me not knowing where to start off. I’ll stick to the usual script though and get things going with camera and features before moving to the number-game. So, let’s start our journey into Force1 F100… Shall we?!

De drone is makkelijk mee om te gaan. Zelfs iemand die nooit een drone gebruikt heeft zou ’t zonder moeite kunnen besturen. je weet hoe ’t eraan toegaat. Je vliegt ‘t, ’t maakt opnames voor je en laat ’t naar je terugkomen.

The Spark, a brand-new miniature by DJI has just been officially unveiled. Now, even though you still cannot buy it (UPDATE : you can order it now), it still deserves a special spot on this list just because it’s so damn awesome. It’s practically the size of a phablet and it fits into virtually all backpacks, handbags and even smallest purses. Is size the only thing the Spark excels at? Not by a long shot…

De module Drone-Technologie gaat in op luchtvaartwetgeving en meteorologie. Maar ook programma’s schrijven voor zelfstandig vliegende drones en het samenstellen, ontwerpen & bouwen komt aan de orde. Bij de ontwikkeling van de keuzedelen wordt landelijk samengewerkt met andere mbo-instellingen, waaronder ROC Twente.

Onlangs presenteerde de Nederlandse dronebouwer Atmos UAV ook een dergelijke hybride drone, maar die is bedoeld voor het fotograferen van stukken land en hoeft dus geen menselijke lading van tegen de 100 kg te vervoeren.

Like we said above, GDU Byrd Premium 1.0 is much more than a simple new selfie drone… but if you are eager to capture awesome selfies with it, you’re up for a fun time. Obviously, GDU Byrd Premium 1.0 doesn’t have a dedicated Selfie mode, but even without it, I am sure you won’t have any difficulties. That’s mostly thanks to the outstanding 3-axis gimbal combined with a GoPro Hero 4 camera.

“DJI Spark mini selfie drone” has access to ActiveTrack and TapFly among other smart flight modes available from the DJI GO App. However, it supports gesture control too. More precisely, PalmLaunch and PalmControl features seem like great finishing touches, allowing you to control this birdie with just your bare hands. If that’s not enough to drive you towards buying DJI Spark, then I don’t know what else to say…

Fly and pursue with this WebRC XDrone HD. This drone can get up to speeds of up to 20 mph so that it can pursue even running subjects, and when you’re bored, simply set it up to perform aerobatic flips. Fabulous HD image quality ensures this WebRC XDrone HD gets you the images you want. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and