We know some of you are a little worried about sending your precious smartphone up into the air.  That’s why we’ve developed several safety features that will protect your phone in the event of the unexpected.

Weight and the size was the first thing we considered. Weighing under 200g (7oz) with 170mm (6.7in) of diagonal distance, PITTA is as light and portable as a smart phone that is easy to hold in one hand – which makes takeoff & landing easy even with just one hand.

Cara agar lolos tes keperawanan polwan?? Polisi menyangkal ada tes keperawanan dalam proses seleksi calon polisi perempuan (Polwan). Tudingan terdapat tes keperawanan terhadap calon Polwan dikatakan Human Rights Watch (HRW). “Tidak perna terdapat istilah kita cek kperawanan,” kata Kepala Pusat Kedokteran dan Kesehatan Polri, Brigjen Pol Arthur Tampi di Mabes Polri, Jakarta, Jumat (21/11/2014).

As for the specifications, you will be happy to know Holy Stone F181W continues in the same fashion. Just take battery duration as the perfect example. Holy Stone F181W can endure up to 10 minutes. More precisely, 7 to 10 minutes, depending on if you’re pushing it too aggressively. Operating range stands tall at around 80 meters. Nice, huh? FPV range is, unfortunately not that good. I didn’t even expect anything more from a WiFi system. It can only go up to 30 meters… Despite that, I still firmly believe Holy Stone F181W is one of the best drones with cameras in this price range. The 720p resolution of its aerial footage looks sharp. That’s why, if you want a cheap but viable aerial photography mode, Holy Stone F181W is a good choice.

Jika pertama kali mencoba belilah drone kecil dan paling penting anda tidak khawatir atau sayang jika jatuh nantinya. Karena dapat dipastikan anda bakal mengalami drone jatuh atau nabrak beberapa kali sebelum mahir menerbangkannya.

4th spot belongs to another one of Holy Stone’s models. After giving the brand new HS100 a go, now we’ll focus on the old champ – HS300. This big bulky drone with camera still hasn’t lost its charm and can definitely pose a threat in this section of drones market. That’s why we will first take a look at its camera. Afterward, you will get a glimpse into its features as well as specifications. So, I don’t see a reason why we should beat around the bushes any longer. Let’s go!

  Dengan transmisi di frekuensi 2,4GHz dan 6 axys Gyro. Untuk memudahkan pengendaliannya drone ini juga terdapat fitur One Key Return dan Headless Mode. Dan dengan baterai 3,7 kapasitas 350 mAh drone ini mampu terbang selama 12 menit dengan jangkauan maksimal 80 meter. Untuk haga drone ini sekitar 400-an ribu rupiah saja.

The DJI Mavic Pro Combo includes everything you need for ultimate portability. In this offer, you receive the Mavic Pro quadcopter along with a spare battery, spare propeller set, charging hub, car charger and shoulder bag.

Despite all the not so good points mentioned above this is a great little drone that does have a lot of good things going for it, for a start it is very easy to control using your smartphone or tablet, it also has a headless mode which in this case is a very good addition because of its target market. And the standard feature of every selfie drone it can automatically hover midair so you can take that great selfie shot.

This is a neat and fun to use number that is cloaked in black, with a cool looking black and blue transmitter that mounts a smartphone on top for viewing. This drone has a lot of the same functions as the one we just reviewed, but the look is honestly quite a bit more modern.

You will then notice 2 subfeatures available, follow and self-circling. Select the latter and start recording – when the process is completed you will have a brilliant 360 selfie video all for yourself!

After some failed launch attempts, a new gadget has finally arrived to make sure everybody in the frame: Selfie drones. Small, camera-equipped drones typically controlled with a smartphone app, they’re like selfie sticks on steroids.

In this mode, you switch to WiFi mode and connect your smartphone or tablet to the Mavic. This will of course take away some of the fine grained control that you get with the controller but makes things easier to manager by new pilots.

For video selfies, there are not many better drones than AirDog ADII. Thanks to impressive speeds and sophisticated Follow Me modes (with plenty of advanced options which are not present with any other drone models on the market), ADII can be your sophisticated aerial selfie platform. To capture the best selfie, you will have to tamper around with a ton of settings. There’s no one-method-fits-all scenario when it comes to this drone so I am afraid you will have to keep adjusting the settings until you find the perfect one!

Moving forward to next drone, we have the AR 2.0 by Parrot, a worldwide popular drone manufacturer. This drone looks incredibly sleek and incorporates thick, durable prop guards that are built in around the drone’s frame.

A video from February shows the device in rural Georgia, tethered to a base of solar panels and connected to fiber. Art Pregler, director of the company’s drone program, explains that the drone is well-suited to disaster recovery after a hurricane or tornado, as it is easily deployed to establish connectivity.

Drone adalah suatu perangkat canggih, yang dapat terbang di udara menggunakan Remote control sebagai pengendali jarak jauh, dan belakangan ini banyak digunakan bersama dengan perangkat Kamera untuk mengambil Foto dari udara.

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In terms of performance, the Spark is nothing short of spectacular, at least in the price/performance ratio. You see, with roughly 15 minutes of flight time and up to 2 kilometers of operating range (only when you’re controlling the Spark with the dedicated controller. List of drones with best flight range is here), It’s quite clear the folks over at DJI exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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Drone ini memiliki sistem yang powerful dengan body yang stylish. Inspire 1 dilengkapi dengan dual operator control dengan 2 transmitter, yang memungkinkan pengontrolan drone oleh 2 orang. Satu orang fokus pada flight control, dan satu orang lagi fokus pada camera control. Tidak hanya itu, kamera pada drone ini juga bukan sekedar kamera 4K biasa. Kameranya dilengkapi dengan 9 layar lensa. Didesain dengan 13 inch quick release rotors, drone ini memiliki tingkat kestabilan yang sangat tinggi. Selain itu, drone ini juga dilengkapi dengan fungsi easy and safe flight dimana Anda hanya perlu men-tap layar kontrol Anda, drone akan bergerak dengan sendirinya dan langsung siap untuk merekam. Praktis bukan?!

At the moment, the best drone with a 720p camera is surely UDI 818Plus. This magnificent little drone with camera stands great across all departments and is portraying itself as one of the best value for money packages out there. And it really is true – for the money you will end up paying for this little bugger, it sure has a lot to offer. So, let’s skip wit the introduction and head straight to the reasons why you should go for UDI U818Plus!