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Other drones are more autonomous and have the ability to actively track you once you have selected yourself as the subject. It will then follow and record you or focus on you and then fly upwards and outwards, revealing where you are.

I began by unpacking the Rova. About the size of a dinner plate, the 8×8-inch quadcopter is bigger than I expected, although it’s by no means large by drone standards. But my fantasy of packing the wife and kids onto the couch for a quick photo shoot was dead as soon as I removed the drone from its carrying case. Covered by a skeleton that keeps the Rova’s rotors from scratching up walls or other objects, the drone also comes with four foam protective bumpers, two eight-minute batteries, and a 16 gigabyte microSD card for capturing your photos or videos.

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle 720P HD WIFI Camera- Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range

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น้องเล็กจิ๋วของซัมซุง ด้วยงบราคาประมาณ 4,xxx บาท ได้เป็นหน้าจอขนาด 5.0 นิ้ว ชิปประมวลผล Quad-core RAM 1.5 GB กล้องหน้าความละเอียด 5 ล้านพิกเซลแถมมีไฟ LED สำหรับถ่ายเซลฟี่ในที่แสงน้อย รองรับใช้งาน 4G LTE

Being the first real consumer drone from DJI the logic built in the camera software is different from other DJI drones. All DJI drones have auto focus allowing you to concentrate on flying, the Mavic however requires you to choose your subject first. This is because the concept of the DJI Mavic drone is to be more of a selfie drone rather than a more general drone. So to get the best picture you need to tell the Mavic who is the star of the show and to focus on him.

is the most recent product released by DJI. It aims to be the perfect autonomous drone. It comes with its own 12MP photo, 4K and HD video, 94º FOV camera, installed on a 3-Axis gimbal. Many people will say this is the best drone with HD camera. Capture your best moments easily with this high-quality camera produced by DJI itself. Phantom 4 is rich in features, many useful and simple to use for photography and videography. Features such as Obstacle sensors (drone will autonomously avoid obstacles when flying, TapFly (you tap the screen if your tablet on a map and the drone will fly towards that position), Visual Tracking, Smart Return Home, Dual Satellite Positioning System, Vision Positioning System and of course Auto-Pilot flight. The 4S 15.2V 5350mAh Intelligent Flight Battery powers up to an amazing 28 minutes of flight time! Phantom 4 also has an astonishing control range of 3.5 to 5km. All this makes Phantom 4 best drone with live camera.

In terms of features this birdie brings to the table, there’s altitude hold and one key return, but don’t get your hopes up since they are not GPS based. Still, such a thing would be just too much to ask from a tiny toy-grade model such as this one.

Being targeted at the average consumers, controlling the Dobby selfie drone is not very hard. For this, you can use an app installed on your smartphone (which luckily is available in English) and it also responds to hand gestures. Getting it airborne in the first place is cool and so high tech, you can either tap it 3 times or you can use your voice to command it to fly. Feels like I am Robocop or something!

ล่าสุด LG เผยได้รังสรรค์มือถือต้นแบบนี้สำเร็จแล้ว ไม่ใช่แค่เพียงมือถือในฝัน เตรียมวางตลาดเร็วๆนี้ LG U+ มีฟีเจอร์เด่นก็คือเป็นสมาร์ทโฟน 2 in 1 มีโดรนภายในตัว สามารถใช้เป็นโทรศัพท์ แต่ในบทถ่ายภาพใช้เป็นโดรนเพื่อเก็บความประทับใจได้ วิดีโอคอลตอนทำธุระอย่างอื่นอยู่ก็ได้ โดยจะเป็นโดรนลอยอยู่ใกล้ๆ จะถ่ายตอนทำกิจกรรมเอ็กซ์ตรีมอย่างโดดบันจี้จั๊ม ปีนเขาก็ได้ หรือแม้จะถ่ายภาพเซล์ฟี่ก็สามารถถ่ายแบบกว้างเพื่อเก็บบรรยากาศโดยรวมได้ ถือว่าเจ๋งมากๆเลย เราไปดูวีดีโอ Concept กันดีกว่าครับ

Agile Colorado delivery DJI DoWhatYouCant drone freediving inspire Mavic Motivation NLP padi Phantom 3 review Run Spark การศึกษา ทดสอบ บริการ มือใหม่ รีวิว ร้านอาหาร ลิงรู้เรื่อง สุขภาพ อไจล์ เรียนเมืองนอก โดรน ไม้เรียว

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แอลจี (LG) แบรนด์สินค้าอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ชื่อดังจากเกาหลี ตกเป็นข่าวเตรียมเปิดตัวสมาร์ทโฟนรุ่นแรกที่สามารถบินได้เหมือนโดรน เบื้องต้น ยังไม่มีรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม แต่มีการระบุว่า สมาร์ทโฟนรุ่นนี้จะมีโหมด Flying Face time ให้ผู้ใช้ที่มือไม่ว่างสามารถคุยวิดีโอคอลกับปลายสาย โดยที่สมาร์ทโฟนนี้สามารถลอยมาจับภาพใบหน้าผู้ใช้ได้ชนิดไม่ต้องเมื่อยมือ

สืบเนื่องมาจากกระทู้ก่อนหน้านี้ คือ ทำไมโลกนี้จึงมีความมืด ความสว่าง กลางวัน กลางคืน ความดี และ ความชั่ว และคู่ตรงข้ามอีกหลายอย่าง ทำให้ผมคิดเรื่องหนึ่งขึ้นมาได้ เลยอยากจะตั้งเป็นคำถามให้ลองทายกันนะคร

The biggest, and most awesome, pro that this selfie drone has to offer is the Owner Mode paired with Gesture Control. The drone literally scans your face into the application and automatically finds you, follows you, and records whatever you want, whenever you want.

It’s true guys, come on, just think of it… Think of the global phenomenon called selfies. They’ve shaken the world with their popularity and have established themselves as a daily activity in our lives. It’s true! Realistically speaking, I’m sure most of you reading this have taken at least 1 selfie in the last few days. Perhaps not your proudest achievement, right?

“It defies reason that unmanned aircrafts are putting the lives of thousands of passengers in danger without clear consequences,” Joe Sitt, the chairman and founder of the alliance, said in a news release. “It is past time for the F.A.A. to step up and protect the nation’s most crowded airspace for the 117 million passengers who use it every year.”

We cannot start this list without mentioning our favourite selfie-drone of all – the drones whose arms fold into to fit right in your pocket. If you want to see what this technology can do without spending a lot, this would be the perfect buy. Foldable & flexible aerofoils make the palm-sized drone compact, small and portable.

With this budget drone you can watch the footage you get from a VR headset, and the live feed accessibility is quite a bit better than what you get when you use drones that cost just half as much as this one. You can also be warned when the battery is getting low, and you’ll enjoy the fact that this comes with an extra 3.7v LiPo battery.

Next up we have a brand new drone with camera that just hit the market. I am talking about none other than the new Holy Stone drone. It goes by the name HS100 and aims to deliver GPS-powered aerial photography option to the masses. It does cost quite a lot but has a lot to offer as well. Overall, the price/performance ratio is good although I’d like to see a slight price cut down the road. Anyways, let’s see what exactly are you going to get for this much money:

Then start to pitch the drone away from yourself for a few seconds and elevate slowly, keeping the pitch and elevation equal. Some selfie drones have built-in features that will perform this movement for you. This should result in a smooth, professional-looking capture of yourself and your intriguing surroundings. Time to share your first ‘dronie.’

This is a great way of taking pictures outside from above in 720p video, and enjoying the high-resolution pictures you can glean of landscapes, real estate, seasons changing, and any other sites that strike your interest.

ในที่สุดก็มาถึงวันนี้ วันที่โทรศัพท์มือถือแบบที่เราคุ้นเคยจะถูกเปลี่ยนประวัติศาสตร์อีกครั้งหนึ่ง หลังจากปลายปีที่แล้ว ที่บริษัท LG แบรนด์สินค้าอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ชื่อดังจากเกาหลีได้สร้างความฮือฮาด้วยการเผยนวัตกรรมบนโลกมือถือที่เป็นทั้งมือถือสมาร์ทโฟนและโดรนในเครื่องเดียวกัน ภายใต้ชื่ออย่างไม่เป็นทางการว่า LG U PLUS (LG U+) LG Drone phone

The Phantom 3 was released in mid 2015 with a longer range than previous Phantom versions as well as a better vision positioning system, allowing the Phantom 3 to maintain its position better in lower altitudes or anywhere the GPS signal was weak (even indoors).

This is a great choice for the cheap drone with camera category: It has features such as a return home function, HD camera, and the standard 6-axis gyro stability that helps many cheap drones fly with ease.

First person view. Also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, it is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle (such as a drone with live camera in this case) from the driver or pilot’s view point. The live image is directly displayed in a screen, monitor or FPV Goggles.. All best drone 2017 comes with FPV.

Such a price will not drive away professional aerial photographers who know what they are looking for. If you are one of them, here’s a quick overview of Inspire’s main specifications and features so you can know in what you are investing such a huge sum of money. Lastly, Inspire 2drone with video camera also comes with all the standard features such as GPS navigation, obstacle sensing, auto return to home, follow me and many more…

Available in six colors, the S6 can be customised with the addition of compatible accessories like a search-light and a harmless but hugely entertaining toy gun attachment that you can use to launch projectiles targets.

So, if you’re not only looking for a good selfie drone but for a sophisticated aerial platform that can be used for various other things, then DJI Mavic Pro is defintiely an option worth looking into. [redirect url=’’ sec=’0′]

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